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Rollin Rollin Rollin

Modern Earth

Casterland has been commited to keeping you rolling since 1975 - they sell all kinds of chair casterswheels, chair glidesspecialty tirestrailer parts and accessories, tires and parts and a variety of material handling equipment.  A true Western Canadian success story - Casterland has 4 locations over 3 provinces to meet their customers' needs.  
No matter what wheel part or chair caster or glide or trailer part you need - Download a catalogue to find the part you need and call Casterland! They pride themselves on great customer service.
The site has online ordering capabilities as well as "spec sheets" to help their customer understand the mechanics of casters, wheels, and axles - and they deal with numerous manufacturers to provide their customers with the best selection. 
Don't discard a perfectly good office chair if the wheel breaks - Casterland can sell you the parts you need to keep rolling.  If you need a dolley, pallet jack, or specialty tire part or trailer accessory, Casterland is your one-stop shop for anything with a wheel attached to it.
Where there's a wheel, there's a way...

For over 20 years, when Manitobans have experienced fire, flood, other forms of environmental damage in their home or business, Priority Restoration has been one phone call away to repairfire, smoke, and water damage. Other servicesinclude mould damage repair, anddocument recovery using their freeze dry chamber - one of only two in Canada.

They needed a website that reflected their core philosophy that they provide a stress free experience while restoring their customers' property in a timely manner – with 24/7 emergency service. Priority Restoration has an unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction, "where a promise made is a promise kept." We hope you never need their services, but if disaster strikes, you know who to call.



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To Give is To Receive

Modern Earth

From your corner to the Four Corners of the world, and back again - Canadian Lutheran World Relief needed a website that connected those who can help withthose who need help. The website features many colourful photographs from countries around the world where CLWRis making a difference.

Modern Earth designed a custom donation management application to make it easy to give to those in need - either by making a donation (all major credit cards accepted) or by giving "Gifts from the Heart" - where the gift of a goat helps a family or a fishing net helps a village. The Four Corners online store features fair-trade items perfect for gift giving!

Gift ideas that change lives!

Dick Agencies needed a web design to present their core business principles - that they are both knowledgeable about all aspects of insurance, and that they offer a full range of professional insurance services to meet the needs of their community.
Modern Earth created a website design that makes it easy for the viewer to find the type of insurance they need - and that provides a wealth of information about why Dick Agencies is the right choice in insurance companies.
The "About Us" section introduces the individual members of the Dick Agencies team, and reinforces their collective commitment to their core values of knowledgeable, professional customer service.  Photos in the banner and on each page show both familiar images of their storefront in Brandon, of rural life, and of the dream of an exotic cruise or travel "away" from home.  
Insurance Service offerings are the key component of website, and are detailed in separate pages for HomeCommercialFarmAutopac, and Travel Insurance - for that cruise!  The Autopac section has downloadable versions of the most common forms needed - making it a great resource.
Find them beside the Big Licence Plate at 5th & Rosser, in Brandon.
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