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Social Media and Elections - Online Marketing - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaYesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of talking with CTV Winnipeg's Jeff Keele about the power of social media to encourage younger people to vote in the coming provincial election - and get more involved in Canada’s political landscape as a whole.  Recently we have seen the political landscape, in both Canada and the United States, shifting its focus into online marketing - especially using tools such as social media to boost their causes.

This year’s federal election saw just more than 60% of Canadians at the ballot box - only a small increase from 2008’s record setting low.

One of the lowest demographics for voter turnout overall is youth, between 18 and 30 years old. A number of organizations, such as the University of Manitoba, want to change that by finding ways to use social media to encourage young people to vote. Initiatives such as "Vote Any Way" on facebook, take aim at engaging young people in choosing their next government at all levels.

See the clip from last night’s CTV News at 6, "CTV's Jeff Keele on new strategy aimed at getting young people to vote," for more information, and make sure you’re ready to vote in October!

Opinions? We have them Dan Belhassen on CTV News March 30 2011 - 3 Keys to Going Viral- hopefully based on solid business experience and some good entrepreneurial sense.  It is always an honour to be asked what I think about various hot topics in the news.  Yesterday was a double header of media inquiries about two very different topics.

I received a visit from CTV news reporter Laura Lowe, who wanted to talk about "what makes a video go viral" - as she is covering the current federal election and we've had various political leaders speaking in town recently.  You can find out the three keys to going viral by watching  the full video piece on CTV's website - which has all the social media options to help their news coverage go viral.  

Winnipeg Free Press

I also got a call from Martin Cash at the Winnipeg Free Press, to talk about recruitment challenges facing Winnipeg tech companies.  We are proudly Manitoban, and most of our team are graduates from Red River College or other Manitoba post secondary programs - we love home grown talent.  But when I do the math, 10% of our workforce are "new Canadians" - recent immigrants to Manitoba.

The workforce is changing, and the way we recruit is changing with it.  Read Employers Reaching Out for the full article.  We are currently growing our team again, so if you or someone you know is looking for work in the tech sector, please check out our careers page.