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Last night, much to our mutual woe, we learned a visionary - a titan in our industry - had passed on. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, is no longer with us.

Here is what some of the Earthlings have had to say about their impression of Apple - and Steve himself.

“My first computer was a first generation Mac. It opened up the world. My iPod put music in my pocket, my iPhone connects me to the world. Thank you, Steve.”
Susan Hurrell, Director of Marketing
“Jobs and Apple singlehandedly invented the virtual economy, by changing the music industry with iTunes - and they haven’t stopped since.”
Daniel Alper, Account Manager
“Anyone who can surround themselves with giants like Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive - and yet tower over them without standing on their shoulders - deserves our praise and memory.”
Ian M Rountree, Online Marketing Specialist
“When I think of any serious multimedia - music, movies - I think of Apple. They defined the multimedia computing industry, and brought it to everyone.”
Stirling Netzlaw, Developer
“Thank you, Steve, for bringing beautiful typography to the digital world.”
James Robb, Developer
“Steve displayed an example of a lifestyle, and everyone bought into it. He was an impressive person.”
David Kelly, Developer
“I once sent Apple a very curt email about an error in iTunes, and got a long, warm response from an actual person - I was so surprised! I even apologized, by email, and was told ‘Nothing makes Apple happier than to hear that we have pleased our customers. […] your problems will always be addressed by a real person, because real problems deserve nothing less.’ I’m still speechless.”
Rob Rodgers, Designer

For the remainder of this week, we’ve dedicated the front page of our own website to the memory of Steve, as well as posting a tribute on our sign.

Goodbye, Steve - You Changed The world | Remembering Steve Jobs - 1955-2011

The Modern Earth Team extends its heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of Steve Jobs, and to the people at Apple Inc. He revolutionized the industry in which we work and play. He touched millions with his creative genius and his visionary leadership. Thank you, Steve - you truly are “insanely great.”

Update: If you would like to share your thoughts about steve, Apple has posted a page dedicated to his memory. Stop by the Apple website and share your memories with his team.