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Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaFamily practice and primary care nurses work as part of a collaborative team alongside family physicians.  They provide support to patients and physicians alike by improving patient access and enhancing quality of service from both perspectives.  Family practice and primary care nurses also provide comprehensive patient care which in turn improves health outcomes. The Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association (CFPNA) was founded to connect the quickly growing number of nurses working in the family practice and primary care sector of Canada. 

The CFPNA was established by seven dynamic nurses who met at a conference in 2006.  After finding that they shared a deep interest in family practice and primary care nursing they found they had a shared vision as well; as you could say, the rest is history!  It was then that they decided to form a national association to help minimize the isolation regularly experienced by nurses working in the primary care and family practice sector.  The CFPNA was established in June of 2008 as a not for profit organization providing networking opportunities, shared resources and continuing education events to their members.  

The CFPNA offers an online primary care toolkit that was developed in partnership with other health care partners.  It provides family practice and primary care nurses with evidence-based knowledge on vital information including clinical practice guidelines, medical directives, patient education tools and care flow sheets and much more.  As a recognized associate group of the Canadian Nurses Association the CFPNA is a national voice that will be used to promote and advance the role of family practice and primary care nurses for years to come.  

Visit the new Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association website today!

The new Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association website features a custom website design, interactive foms, photo galleries, and a blog.



Claims Association of Manitoba - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaMost people will never have to endure the distress of a life or disability insurance claim.  For the unfortunate few that do, there is hope.  The Claims Association of Manitoba is a group of claims professionals from several major insurance companies who are focused on providing their clients with the best resolution possible.   They stay up to date on the cutting edge industry topics; with their client’s best interests in mind. 

Becoming a member is available to insurance industry professionals, and is offered in two tiers.  The Claims Association of Manitoba offers full membership for people working as a life or disability claims examiner, or who are case managers or officers directly associated with claims adjudication for any insurance company or provider in Manitoba.  Full members are given the opportunity to vote at meetings and run for office within the association.

Associate membership is open to anyone with a minimum two years claims related experience but who is no longer associated with the profession; it is also open to anyone pursuing an education in a life or disability claims related field.  Associate members are able to attend association meetings.  As an added benefit of membership, the association provides an opportunity for all of its members to find employment opportunities.         

The Claims Association of Manitoba meets four times a year to provide education opportunities to claims professionals from across the province.  Throughout the year, their board hosts several networking events giving members the chance to meet each other and hear industry expert guest speakers.  By providing exciting education and networking opportunities to their members, and their friends and families, they ensure each person is fully engaged and gets the most value from their membership possible.  As business partners with services organizations ranging from human resources consulting to occupational rehabilitation, The Claims Association of Manitoba is an integral part of the claims community.  

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The new Claims Association of Manitoba feature a custom website design, and a password protected administrative area.

Doing Double Duty

Modern Earth


Smartrend - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaIn an ideal world, everyone would be able to “shop local” and find everything they need.  In reality, the vast majority of the products we purchase are not made locally, but arrive in our stores after a long trip from their manufacturer, and chances are these items were shipped by truck or train.  The maintenance and service of these mass transport vehicles is not a trivial task.  Parts can wear or break; taking the vehicle off the road or track and causing increased shipping times.  To help minimize downtime, the Smartrend Group of Companies, comprised of Smartrend Mass Transit and Smartrend International Contract Manufacturing, offers quality replacement parts and great service to the mass transit industry. 

Established in 2004, Smartrend was launched to provide global sourcing of OEM-specific components with logistics and supply solutions.  As a trusted Canadian company centrally located in Winnipeg, Canada they are able to take advantage of being in the continents transportation hub.  Smartrend is committed to providing reliability and service to all their clients across North America.  With a strong focus on customer service Smartrend will do all that they can to accommodate your needs; they have a high standard for quality and will not move forward with a project until they have been assured that a factory is matched to the customer’s specific needs and expectations.

Smartrend Mass Transit manufactures and provides custom parts for the transit industry, including buses, RV’s, trucking, automotive, rail transport and specialty vehicles.  Their total service offering provides clients with a comprehensive solution, including finishing and supply chain management; Smartrend offers more than just quality products at a competitive price. 

Smartrend Mass Transit - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaCapable of custom engineering products to your specification; Smartrend International Contract Manufacturing and Smartrend Mass Transit provide a global solution to the need for high quality sourced products engineered to order.  Their staff of engineers, quality assurance inspectors, logistics professionals and commercial specialists are all committed to providing quality and value and developing lasting business relationships with suppliers and clients alike.  Through their growing network of factories and suppliers across the world, the Smartrend Group of Companies is able to provide superior quality, customer service and expertise no matter where you are. 

Visit the new Smartrend Mass Transit and Smartrend International Contract Manufacturing websites today!

The new Smartrend Mass Transit and Smartrend International Contract Manufacturing feature a custom website design, and the custom programmed contact form.


Randall Homes -  Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaWe’ve all heard the saying “home is where the heart is;” no matter where “home” is for you, everyone can agree it is where you feel most comfortable, where shared memories are made and where you find yourself longing to be after a hard day.  Randall Homes is a family owned business that has been building houses in the greater Winnipeg area for over 30 years.  They understand the importance of finding the perfect house to turn into a home, that comfortable and unique place where you and your family will create lasting memories for years to come.   

Randall Homes has built their business on the core principles of providing Value, Choice and Service.  They make every effort to ensure their customers are satisfied with their custom built home.  There are several different models of Randall Home, from bungalow, to two-storey, even multi-family homes; all with several customizable options from their exclusive design studio.  Their homes can be found in many of the new and desirable communities in and around Winnipeg.  Along with providing a variety of home styles and options, they also provide extraordinary customer service.  All their houses come complete with a Home Owners Guide that outlines all of the aspects of the house that are covered under manufacturers or Randal Homes Warranty. 

The redesigned Randall Homes website has several new features that increase its value to their existing and potential customers.  The website’s updated responsive design will automatically re-size itself to best fit any device, from smart phone to tablet to pc.  Viewers can also search for model homes, by type, number of bedrooms or square footage required.  Randall Homes has also gone social; they are now posting regular updates to their Facebook and Twitter profiles.  Join the conversation today to stay up to date on all news and happenings with Randall Homes!

Visit the new Randall Homes website today!

The new Randall Homes website features a custom website design, the Modern Earth blog system, and a custom programmed model home directory.



The Furnace Company - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaMurphy’s Law states “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”  Knowing this, it stands to reason that after you’ve had a long stressful week at work and the dishes and laundry have piled up, your in-laws will drop in for a surprise visit and the water heater will break at exactly 9:00 pm on Sunday.  In a situation like this, you need someone reliable to come to the rescue.      

Established in the fall of 2001, The Furnace Company has always had one mission: to provide unbeatable customer service and comfort at an affordable price.  Rapidly outgrowing their original location in a Forest Heights garage, The Furnace Company has had to move twice to larger locations.  First they moved to a 99th Street location with a showroom and ample warehouse space.  Shortly after that move they became a Lennox dealer, which was a turning point for the company and has continued to fuel their rapid growth.  In 2006 The Furnace Company moved to their current location at 8545 Coronet Road in Edmonton.   

As members of the Shell Busey HouseSmart program, The Furnace Company is committed to excellence.  They offer 24 hour emergency repairs, furnace and duct cleaning, and furnace and air conditioning installation.  Since 2008 The Furnace Company has offered complete installations of air conditioners using their sister enterprise The Electric Company.  They carry and service a range of products including furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters and air quality control equipment.  The Furnace Company also offers their customers with monthly promotions and Air Miles Reward Miles.   For over 10 years The Furnace Company has been accomplishing their mission, providing affordable, reliable service and earning their good reputation one satisfied customer at a time.

The new The Furnace Company website features a custom web design and custom developed contact form.


GNR Camping World - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaTraditional tent camping gets you back in touch with nature, literally.  You get up close and personal with the local minerals (stones under your sleeping bag), flora (avoid the roots and poison ivy) and fauna (the friendly bugs and curious bear that want to share your tent).  Leave the urban stress behind and naturally re-center and ground yourself; by the end of the night your air mattress will have lost all its air, despite your hard work pumping it up at bedtime so you’re left sleeping on the ground.

The great team at locally owned GNR Camping World are want you to have a better camping experience – the Recreational Vehicle camping experience.  They have been helping families for over 40 years find the right RV fit for their needs.  They have an onsite financing department, and can usually provide same day approval usually with zero down.  Their motto isn’t “Totally Committed to Enhancing RV Lifestyles” without reason! 

In addition to GNR Camping World selling RV’s, they offer RV Storage service on their completely fenced in 11 acre property and are Winnipeg’s largest RV Service Center.  Their master technician and certified technicians have over 100 years of combined experience, so you know your RV investment is in good hands.  They provide three levels of service to fit different budgets and offer a variety of parts and accessories for most makes and models of RV.  GNR Camping World is your most convenient one stop shop for all your camping needs. Visit the GNR Camping World website today!

The new GNR Camping World website features a custom web design and Wordpress integration.


Alliance Engineering Services Inc. - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaStarting a construction project, be it residential or commercial, is not a light-hearted undertaking.  Due to the vast number of firms out there, selecting an engineering firm to work with can be daunting.  Alliance Engineering Services Inc. was founded with one thing in mind: establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial long term relationships with clients.  Senior-level staff members hold the firm belief that the level of service and attention to detail provided by their staff will meet and exceed the expectations of any client.    

Art Gossen and Adrian Solomon, the firm’s principle employees, have a combined 40 years of experience in the mechanical engineering and project management fields between them.   The firm as a whole has experience in several fields including the industrial, commercial and institutional market sectors. Their services cover all aspects of each project from the preliminary stages of project administration and the use of design and analysis tools, to the final engineering and disclosure statements.       

Alliance Engineering Services Inc. has provided, and continues to provide, service to many clients ranging from Norampac to the City of Winnipeg Water and Waste Department.  Alliance project managers ensure all clients are up to date on the status of their project through the use of a secure online project log and staff members invest the time to become knowledgeable in each client’s operating procedures and technical needs.  All this is done in an effort to demonstrate proficiency, provide reassurance and instill confidence in the services provided by Alliance Engineering Services Inc.       

Visit the Alliance Engineering Services Inc. website today!

The new Alliance Engineering Services Inc. website features a custom web design, a custom developed project repository system, and our custom programmed blog system.

Bridging the Gap

Modern Earth


Bridge Road Developments Ltd. - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaAs the baby boomer generation gradually begins to transition into retirement, quite often they are also looking to move into a more manageable home.  Bridge Road Developments Ltd. has shown that their rural developments give the 50+ generation the chance to enjoy the unique community within a community experience they offer.

Since its establishment in 2007, Bridge Road Developments Ltd. has been utilizing the founding teams combined over 100 years experience in construction and entrepreneurship to bring their services to rural communities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Bridge Road residences offer tenants spacious suites, private balconies, heated parking with additional storage, meal programs and group activities.  Each residence has security controlled building access and is equipped with a common room with kitchen facilities for social and family events.

With new communities currently being developed in rural towns ranging in size from Brandon Manitoba to Redvers Saskatchewan, Bridge Road Development Ltd. is looking to expand their team with a variety of career opportunities.  Individuals who are interested in becoming shareholders can also contact any of the sales staff at Bridge Road Developments Ltd. to discuss the unique opportunity and family feeling offered by their communities.  As a shareholder, you are able to login and view each project and can stay up to date with an overview of the construction process, financial reports and a property management summary!

Visit the Bridge Road Developments Ltd. website today!

The new Bridge Road Developments Ltd. website features a custom web design with a custom programmed user login for shareholders.


Up By The Bay

Modern Earth


Churchill Northern Studies Centre - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaThe Arctic may seem like a cold, barren place to those who have only seen pictures of its vast expanse covered in snow and ice.  The Churchill Northern Studies Center aims to prove that the Arctic is vibrant and full of life by providing a year round destination for scientists, researchers and tourists alike.    

The motto of the Center is "To Understand and Sustain the North" and great advances have been made towards this goal; CNSC’s dedicated team has published a large variety of academic research papers as a result of their hard work.  There are several ongoing projects taking place and funding opportunities are in place for future researchers.  Founded in 1976, The CNSC has provided accommodation, meals, equipment rentals and logistical support to scientists and researchers since its inception.    

The Churchill Northern Studies Center is located along the coast of the Hudson Bay, strategically positioned at the meeting place of three major biomes: marine, northern boreal forest and tundra.  To the east of the Center visitors will find Wapusk National Park, which includes a protected denning area for the polar bear.  The Center’s location creates the perfect setting for students of all ages to learn about the History of Churchill, its wildlife and flora.  The Center also offers learning vacations and university courses.

Visit the new Churchill Northern Studies Center website today!

The new Churchill Northern Studies Center website features custom web design and a custom programmed blog.

Best Choice Foods - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg Manitoba

We’ve all been there, it’s the end of a busy work day you’re feeling worn out and stressed.  You know you should eat healthy but don’t have the time or energy to prepare a large dinner.  How can you solve this problem without falling back on boxed meals or over-processed fast “food”? Best Choice Foods is the answer you are looking for!

Best Choice Foods specializes in the distribution of high quality, hand prepared frozen foods.  From appetizers to full entrees, they are your one stop online shop for all your pre-planned meal needs.  Their product lineup has recently expanded to include vegetarian options, fresh ground spices and a variety of gluten free products, including pizza crusts and brownies.   

Best Choice Foods currently has authorized dealers located in Flin Flon, Thompson, Portage la Prairie and Snow Lake, as well as Winnipeg.  They are always looking to expand their service area and hope to service areas such as Dauphin, Winkler, Stonewall and Beausejour in the future.  The company motto is “Quality is Everything” and that doesn’t just apply to their products; they are focused on customer service, offering monthly specials and providing free delivery for all online orders.  Best Choice Foods strives to add convenience, quality and dependability to the lives of their customers.   

Check out the new Best Choice Foods website today!

The new Best Choice Foods website features custom web design and a custom developed online store.


Selkirk and District Chamber - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaEverything is online nowadays – if you want to check movie listings you go online, if you need a question answered you ask Google.  And if you need to know what is happening in Selkirk you find out at SelkirkBiz.ca.

The Selkirk and District Chamber of Commerce recently launched their new website to keep residents of the town and surrounding area informed on the local goings on and upcoming events.  The website also provides residents with a resource for staying connected with the Chamber Members and local businesses. 

With constant updates of information and events ranging from the latest flood forecast to upcoming public speaker events, SelkirkBiz.ca provides residents of the city of Selkirk and the surrounding RM’s of St. Clements, St. Andrews and West St. Paul with an ever expanding hub of information and news about their area.  The Chamber also uses their new website to promote the Chamber Dollar, a program that encourages residents to shop local and support Chamber Members.

Check out the new Selkirk and District Chamber of Commerce website today!

The new Selkirk and District Chamber of Commerce website features custom web design, a custom programmed blog and events calendar, and contact form.


Bennet Waugh Corne - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaAt some point in your life, you will need the help of a legal professional.  You will buy a new home – you will need to write your will – you may need some advice on matters related to Family Law – you may be drawn into a civil dispute or have a business matter needing legal counsel.

For more than 50 years, the family managed law firm of Bennet Waugh Corne have been helping Manitobans find solutions to their legal problems.  They offer a unique blend of boutique law firm focusing on family law with knowledgeable general practice lawyers able to meet all your legal needs.

When you need help with a legal issue, book your flat-rate initial consultation.  This consultation offers you a chance to meet in person and discuss your situation or requirements, with no obligation to continue. The lawyers at Bennet Waugh Corne are dedicated to finding the right solution to all legal issues that you may encounter in your personal or business life. 

Visit the new Bennet Waugh Corne website today!

The new Bennet Waugh Corne website features custom web design and a custom programmed blog system.


LB Safety Solutions - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg Manitoba

Some occupations are safer than others but more occupations have safety risks than you might think! You may not even be aware of the hazards that are part of your work place.  Sometimes outside eyes are needed to assess the risk, and trained professionals are required to properly train both management and employees about workplace health and safety issues.

That’s where LB Safety Solutions come in.  They have a great track record of offering affordable, knowledgeable workplace health and safety consultations and implementations of legally required best practices.  They are up to date on all current compliance requirements, and want to be your resource in implementing a program that reduces risk to people and property.

LB Safety Solutions works closely with the Provincial Workplace Safety & Health Division, with the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba and the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association.  LB Safety Solutions can help you create and implement a safety program, team training and education, or to achieve and maintain COR Certification.  Safety Assessments are their specialty!

Visit the LB Safety Solutions website today!

The new LB Safety Solutions website features custom web design and a custom web form.


Bressanté - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg Manitoba

When you look good, you feel better, the saying goes.  For women who have experienced life-saving surgeries that result in alterations to their physical appearance, such as mastectomies, feeling good about their appearance is a key part of their healing journey. 

Wendy Smith has devoted her professional life to building the prosthetics that help return a normal appearance to people who have lost hands, fingers, ears, noses and breasts through her practice at Lifeart ProstheticsBressanté was created to address the particular needs of women with breast cancer or other breast health issues who require a comfortable, attractive custom breast prosthetic.

The discussion begins with the question “What’s Right For You”  to help each client determine their requirements.  If a visit to a Bressanté professional is not convenient, then an “at home” casting kit can be mail ordered and sent to a client’s home.  The website features a wide range of Frequently Asked Questions to make the process as easy as possible.  While not everyone will need Bressanté’s services, for those who do, the opportunity to both look good and feel better is a key part of their health and well-being.

Visit the new Bressanté website today or sign up for their newsletter!

Bressanté’s website features custom web design, a blog, and a custom web form.


Storage Solutions

Modern Earth


Are you a business owner looking to reduce the cutter in your office space? Are you moving and need to find some temporary storage space or moving equipment? Whether you’re looking for short or long-term solutions to keep your valuables safe, storage facilities can provide you with worry-free storerooms. 

West Side Storage facilities offer units that are climate controlled, have automatic fire suppression and are sealed to protect your valuables from harsh weather conditions.  As an added benefit, West Side Storage also offers their customers packing supplies at competitive prices as well as 24 hour, 365 days a year access to their storage unit. 

Unsure how much storage you need? The new West Side Storage website offers you a customized calculator that determines your storage needs. The storage facility is very secure and is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week. 

For your next move check out the new West Side Storage website!

The new West Side Storage  website features a custom web design, by Modern Earth Web Design and custom programmed calculator.



Even though it might be the smallest room in your house, your bathroom can be as stylish as the rest of your home. Whether you’re looking for decor and fixtures that reflects a more practical bathroom or a more luxurious bathroom “in home spa” type setting, finding beautiful, functional competitively priced products is important. 

LaLOO Accessories carries a variety of proven, first-rate bathroom accessories perfect for a simple or a lavish bathroom design. The new LaLOO Accessories website showcases a variety of bathroom accessories, mirrors, shelving units with many colour palettes to choose from. The Canadian company was established in 2001 and the founders of LaLOO have over 2 decades of designing and consulting experience in the Home Building and DIY market place.  Today, LaLOO products are carried by dealers in five provinces across Canada. 

The new LaLOO website also features useful information for individuals and contractors by providing dealer locations, as well as product information with great photos that help you envision their products in use in your home. Guests and dealers can login to receive information about staff rewards, terms, packing and shipping information as well as warranty information.  

For your next bathroom renovation project check out the new LaLOO Accessories website!

The new LaLOO Accessories website features a custom web design, by Modern Earth Web Design and custom programmed portal for visitors to browse magazine advertisements, staff rewards, packing and shipping information. As well, the new website was also built using our SEO best practices.


In any form of travel we use we know that repair and maintenance costs will occur. Selecting the right maintenance shop is an important decision when planning for those inevitable impending costs - we want to be certain that we’ve selected skilled professionals to make these repairs. The aviation industry is no different – It’s important to source a good repair shop when an aircraft needs maintenance to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality product.

At Advanced Composite Structures (ACS), aircraft service teams of skilled engineers and expert technicians are dedicated to providing the best service to the aviation industry. With over 20 years of experience, ACS is an industry leader, providing aircraft service repairs in Canada and the United States. From helicopter repairs to Canadian Armed Forces aircraft, ACS has been executing repair solutions to aircrafts like the Hercules C-130 and P-3 Aurora Propeller Anti-icing Spinner Assemblies since 1993.

To increase durability and endurance, ACS has a dedicated research and development team to always ensure the highest quality in their workmanship.  ACS provides enhancements to guarantee a longer life for the aircraft which reduces maintenance and repairs costs in the future.

Check out the new Advanced Composite Structures (ACS) website and follow them on Twitter today!

The new Advanced Composite Structures (ACS) website features a custom web design, and was optimized using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


What's Up Yukon - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaEvery province and territory has its stars - whether those are spectacular people, stunning scenery, or amazing towns and communities. The Yukon is no exception; the northern territory has a diverse history including the Klondike gold rush, fascinating communities like Dawson City, and some of Canada’s most spectacular scenery. But how would anyone not familiar with the territory know about these attractions, without a current, detailed guide to the area?

What’s Up Yukon collects the best stories and features from around the territory, and publishes them in a monthly edition, available both in print and online. The magazine publicizes events and holds contests for Yukon residents and visitors, showing off all this diverse territory has to offer. The company behind the magazine, Beese Marketing, also works with Modern Earth Web Design as our Yukon Affiliate, to help provide businesses in the territory with excellent websites designed to fit their unique needs.

Check out the new What's Up Yukon website to learn more today!

Modern Earth has been working with Beese Marketing since 2007, when Tammy Beese and Modern Earth's founder Dan Belhassen were both recipients of the BDC Young Entrepreneur's Award for the Yukon and Manitoba respectively.

What's Up Yukon's new website features web design by Modern Earth, a custom programmed events system, and custom programmed client service features.

Reliance Products LP - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaBeing prepared is important, whether it’s for a camping trip or a natural disaster. When we think of preparedness, we usually consider food, shelter, and clothing the top priorities. What many of us may not think of, however, is ensuring we have access to clean fresh water. Storing any volume of water over a period of time requires special containers to keep bacteria and other contaminants out.

Reliance Products LP has more than fifty years experience designing and manufacturing reliable, safe plastic containers for a number of purposes. Starting with collapsible plastic containers, the company now makes hydration, sanitation, and emergency preparedness products for both the retail market and US government agencies. Containers created Reliance Products have even been featured on a number of television series including the documentary Expedition Africa, and science fiction hits The Walking Dead and Falling Skies.

Check out the new Reliance Products LP website today!

Reliance Products LP features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, an integrated blog system, and a custom programmed client portal for visitors to browse and order the company’s products.


Astro Parade Floats - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaEveryone loves a parade, and for businesses that participate in them, the visibility a parade provides is second to none in being seen as a dynamic, vibrant member of the local community. A well crafted parade float gives any organization the ability to be creative – dramatic – humorous – but ultimately visually engaging. A striking, well designed float can help your organization stand out crowd, and be seen!

Astro Parade Float Materials has been creating moving displays for parades and processions for more than forty years. Whether its float materials like vinyl fringe and floral sheeting - or even a fully built custom float - Astro Parade can help you make your event visible with colour and style. Not sure what kind of display you want? Astro Parade has a gallery of their unique float designs, right on their website.

Visit the new Astro Parade Floats website today!

The new Astro Parade Floats website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, a custom programmed blog system, and was built using our Winnipeg SEO best practices.

Guard Training - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaIn addition to gaining clients and producing excellent work, businesses of many types need to make sure their facilities and products are kept safe. Whether it’s a factory filled with valuable materials, or a public space where large crowds gather, security is a vital part of many businesses. Part of making sure your business is secure means relying on the knowledge and training your security professionals have received.

The Law Enforcement and Security Training Academy of Canada help prepare individuals for a career as a security professional. Their extensive catalog of courses adheres to federal and provincial regulations - and is always available online. By making their guard training program available online, LESTAC makes it easy for students to study when and where they are most comfortable - whether that’s at home, at a coffee shop or public library. In just 40 hours of online study, anyone can be ready to become a Certified Security Professional.

Check out the newly redesigned LESTAC website today!

The LESTAC website features a custom web design and custom web applications programmed by Modern Earth Web Design.

Third Quarter - Custom Programming - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaNo matter your field, your value in the workplace increases over time. Dedicated people, with two or three decades of real work experience, have a lot to offer potential employers in any industry. However, for many of these workers, the job search environment has changed significantly since they last explored it. Between individual company websites offering job applications, online classified ad systems, and larger job banks - the job search process can be labour-intensive, and uncomfortable.

So why not create a tool exclusively designed for connecting those with deep experience with potential employers looking for experienced workers?

Originally a pilot project involving a small list of communities, Third Quarter has been relaunched as an open platform for employers in select urban centres across Canada to match employers with experienced workers. In addition to providing information and resources for Canadian employers and workers over 50, the ThirdQuarter website makes the job matching process easy with a selection of specially developed tools for both employers and workers.

Check out the redesigned Third Quarter website today!

Third Quarter’s original and redesigned websites feature custom web designs by Modern Earth Web Design, extensive custom application programming, and multimedia creation.

Communication is essential in everything we do. Being able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people, in many situations, lets us get our work done more easily. Learning a second language helps you communicate more easily with more people. Being multilingual can mean finding new friends, and better job opportunities in a number of fields.

French for Life is a program focused on increasing awareness of opportunities to learn French as a second language. Working with public schools, and a variety of independent educational bodies such as Canadian Parents for French-MB (CPF-MB), the program provides learning materials, additional coaching, tutoring, and other services which compliment formal learning curriculums. FFL even facilitates games in French for students currently learning the language! C’est magnifique!

Check out the new French for Life website today!

The French for Life website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, has a custom programmed blog system, and was constructed using our Winnipeg search engine optimization best practices.


Lansard Bros. Roofing Ltd. - Custom Web Design - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaWhen purchasing a home, we often think about things like decorations, repainting the walls both inside and out, and making sure we’re staying on budget and being environmentally friendly with new and better appliances. Ensuring every part of your home functions just as it should for as long as possible keeps you safe and comfortable. It also helps you maintain - and even improve the value of your home over time. This is just as true for your home’s roof as it is for everything that you put under it.

Manitobans have trusted the experts at Lansard Bros. Roofing Ltd. to repair and resurface their roofs for more than thirty years. Not sure if your roof has asphalt shingles, or synthetic specialty roofing materials? Lansard works with everything from asphalt shingle to concrete roof tiles. Does part of your home have a flat or low-incline section? From high durability metal roofing for larger buildings, to the rustic cedar shingle and cedar shake - even environmentally efficient materials like synthetic or metal shingles. Lansard Bros. has the experience, and the materials, to make sure your new roof is attractive and safe.

Check out the new Lanard Bros. Roofing Ltd. website today!

The Lansard Bros. Roofing Ltd. website features custom web design by Modern Earth, and features a custom programmed contact form for potential clients to contact the company and request estimates.


When you think about the risks of off-road driving, we bet you don’t think about your driveway – or supermarket parking lot. Even the places we park can be hazardous; larger lots can be prone to ice in winter, and our driveways develop potholes and wear down just like any other paved surface. Your vehicles spend a lot of time on places that aren’t roads or streets. Keeping these driving surfaces clean, repairing cracks, and when necessary replacing them all together, helps keep people and vehicles safe.

Celebrating 30 years in business, Superior Asphalt Paving Co of Winnipeg provides installation and maintenance for a variety of paved surfaces. From new driveway paving, to parking lots - even removing snow from more than 200 commercial properties in winter - Superior Asphalt is committed to keeping Manitoba’s off-roadways safe.

Check out the newly redesigned Superior Asphalt Paving co. website today!

The new Superior Asphalt Paving Co. website is the second custom website design Modern Earth has provided for the company. It features a form for work estimates and an online employment application form, both custom programmed by Modern Earth.


Xpressions Corporate Promotions - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO Winnipeg ManitobaBusiness owners spend a lot of time and energy building a brand - a way to easily communicate the value and identity of their business. Using branding components such as logos, word marks, and easily identifiable colour combinations, a business can communicate its identity across many media. Brochures, websites, billboards, and even travel mugs and clothing are widely used as promotional materials, carrying a company’s image.

Xpressions Corporate Promotional Products creates promotional products for businesses, placing branded images and messages of all kinds on a variety of items. Creating a special look for the holiday seasons? Promoting your presence at a particular event? Whether its outerwear and imprinted clothes for company uniforms, or branded bags and travel mugs to give out as prizes at trade shows... Xpressions has an extensive catalogue of apparel and other items upon which your corporate branding and messaging can appear on.

Check out the new Xpressions website today!

Xpressions Promotional Products uses a customized ecommerce system and custom website design created by Modern Earth. The site was also constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

Many people don’t learn about money management until living as independent adults. Even then, money management is treated as a necessity, rather than a helpful skill. As with many life skills, introducing the ideas of money management earlier can drastically reduce the challenge of learning these life-building skills! More importantly, financial crisis may be averted for the newly independent adult!

Created by Certified Financial Planner Lorri Podolski, Wiz’s World of Discovery exists to help kids understand - and enjoy - the mysteries of financial literacy. The Wizard facilitates a number of events, such as birthday parties, to provide entertainment for children at the same time as introducing them to the basics of financial planning. Parents can also enroll their children in a series of spring and summer camps - or one of the ongoing after school courses - to help them learn about money management in an engaging, encouraging environment.

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Wiz’s World of Discovery features a custom web design by Modern Earth, and a custom programmed blog system. The site was constructed using Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices.

One of the biggest movements in health and diet in recent years has been the concept of localism. Those looking for a local diet seek to fill as much of their daily diet as possible from nearby sources and local providers. This has an effect not only on your health but also on the environment and the economy. By buying locally, you’re supporting the diversity of your local businesses.

The Yukon Agricultural Association helps the territory’s farmers grow their businesses in a number of ways - and has done so for more than thirty years. The Association works as an advocate with the government, raises awareness of the trade outside of the Yukon itself, and helps the trade’s people themselves improve their process and profitability.

The Yukon, with its many mountains and glacier-carved valleys, provides unique opportunities for diversity in growing crops. Elements such as a farm’s distance to water, elevation, and any shade from nearby mountains can dramatically affect the land’s crop potential. These differences in microclimate mean that a variety of crops can be grown in a relatively small area.

Check out the new Yukon Agricultural Association website today!

The Yukon Agricultural Association website features a custom design, as well as a custom programmed web application to allow board members and association members to access private information through the site.

Manitoba Ringette Association - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design Winnipeg SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaTeam sports are a great way to get out and be active, no matter your age. Winter sports like ringette are growing in popularity as alternatives to the more well-known sports. Like hockey, Ringette is played on ice rinks - and uses the same markings. The differences lie in the straight sticks used to play the game, and its signature hollow blue ring rather than a puck. These two changes create a great rink game that requires a different set of skills to skate – shoot – score!

The Manitoba Ringette Association aims to bring more Manitobans into the Ringette circle, by promoting events and raising awareness of the sport in the province. Their new website is a valuable source of information about the sport for players, coaches, and officials as well as fans of the sport. The Association publicizes tournament and championship dates, news from teams and local associations - and even covers games by way of social media tools like Twitter. Even if you don’t want to play – you can always become a fan and come out to cheer on your favourite team.

Check out the new Manitoba Ringette Association website and learn more about this exciting, fast-paced sport today!

The Manitoba Ringette Association website features a custom web design by Modern Earth, and was built using our Point & Edit website editing software.


Manitoba Naturopathic Association - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Site Design - Custom Programming - Winnipeg ManitobaOur health, just like every other part of our lives, needs unique attention. Whether it’s because of chronic illness, spiritual concerns, or personal preference - many people seek out holistic or alternative forms of treatment, or ways to maintain their health other than the allopathic western medical system. Practitioners of eastern healing techniques, massage therapy, acupuncture and other disciplines can address concerns in significantly different ways than medical doctors can.

For more than fifty years, the Manitoba Naturopathic Association has worked to raise awareness of alternative medicines in Manitoba. The MNA acts as a regulatory body for naturopathic doctors in the province, seeking to maintain and deliver the highest standards for personal care possible using natural systems of illness and injury treatment. Association member clinics can be found in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba - reaching as far north as The Pas.

Check out the new Manitoba Naturopathic Association to find a member clinic near you today!

The Manitoba Naturopathic Association website features a custom programmed blog system, and custom web site design by Modern Earth.

Camping is a great way to make friends, learn new skills, and spend some time doing something fun and different. For kids, it’s an exotic escape from routine. For parents and other adults, getting involved in a camp - either attending or acting as a coordinator or counselor - can be a highly rewarding experience. No matter your age, a summer camping experience can build memories and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Since 1937, the Manitoba Camping Association has helped make summers memorable by organizing children’s and family camps. The Association’s broad range of camps include retreats, bible camps, even day camps both within Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba - adhering to an accreditation process to make sure these special events are safe and fun for all those involved.

Check out the camps available this summer on the new Manitoba Camping Association website today!

The new custom designed Manitoba Camping Association website features a custom programmed blog system.


Quality Life Services - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Programming - SEO - Winnipeg Manitoba

Most of us have experienced periods of illness that keep us from doing what we want to do. Whether it’s a cold keeping us bedridden for a week, or an injury that limits our mobility, we all know how frustrating it can be, feeling trapped in our homes by a condition. For some people, however, conditions such as incontinence aren’t temporary. These kinds of conditions mean changing one’s lifestyle and limiting one’s activities - sometimes severely - for much longer period of time. It can be difficult to keep a sense of pride and purpose, managing a chronic condition.

For more than twenty years, Quality Life Services has been helping those dealing with incontinence maintain their dignity and live without limitations due to their condition. From locations in Winnipeg and Ottawa, Quality Life Services supplies hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions with a selection of leading disposable briefs including Tranquility and Tena products. Beyond acting solely as an institutional supplier, QLS also provides products and guidance for individuals managing their condition on their own. Products available for the general public can be found at the company’s QLS Medical website.

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The Quality Life Services website was built on Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices, and features a custom programmed secure log-in area for the company’s customers to access detailed information.

Stop The Presses!

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Manitoba Print Industry Association - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - SEO Winnipeg ManitobaBusiness is changing. In every industry, we’re seeing technological advances, consumer habits, and the effects of the shifting world economy create challenge and opportunity. The print industry is no different. New materials are developed, more efficient processes created, and suddenly - or not so suddenly - what used to be a top of the line product or service is yesterday’s news.

The Manitoba Print Industry Association represents a broad range of businesses, from printers and suppliers, to community newspapers and educational organizations. The association helps local printing and print supply businesses stay on the cutting edge by providing training, tools and resources. Visitors to the MPIA website can keep up with Manitoba’s print industry by subscribing to the newsletter or reading the blog. Anyone interested in the print industry will soon be able to browse the site’s job bank to look for opportunities to join the industry.

Check out the new MPIA website today!

The MPIA website features a custom programmed events and course listing system, member directory, and job bank. The site was constructed using Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices.

Crocus Credit Union - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing Winnipeg SEO ManitobaBuilding a community means more than planning roads and creating infrastructure. A growing community means people and businesses working together to support each other’s goals. No matter what you’ve set as your goal, chances are a firm financial footing is going to be an important part of getting you there.

For nearly sixty years, Crocus Credit Union has helped Southern Manitobans get where they need to go. With investment plans, loans for vehicles, mortgages - even commercial loans for small businesses - Crocus has the full range of financial services Southern Manitoba businesses need. Their dedication to building the Brandon area community is second to none - in addition to financial solutions tailored to Southern Manitoba’s needs, the Credit Union’s staff proudly volunteer their time with a number of local organizations.

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The Crocus Credit Union website, custom designed by Modern Earth, features a custom programmed blog system, and was constructed using Modern Earth’s Manitoba SEO best practices.

Project Profile: ACC

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Assiniboine Community College - Website Design by Modern Earth Web Design, Winnipeg ManitobaModern Earth Web Design recently completed the new web site for the Assiniboine Community College (ACC). It was a huge project for us that involved almost everyone on the team in some capacity. It was a truly collaborative effort between the Earthlings and the ACC project team over a 5 month period.

The site was a complete custom design, based on the existing color palette of the College. One key difference was ACC's choice to use photos of actual members of their students, faculty and parents - bringing a real sense of community to the website. Over 1,000 pages of content containing 4,000 hyperlinks were moved to the new site.

Every element of the new ACC website was chosen carefully to showcase all the college has to offer. The site's home page features a dynamic photo slider that highlights the various groups of people served by Assiniboine Community College - from new to current students, from parents to faculty. Interior pages were designed to highlight the various departments and programs - as well as including social media links, so visitors to the site can stay connected. The colourful News & Events section displays just how much is going on every day at the busy campus.

Modern Earth's Art Director, Barrett Telfer has this to say:

"It has been a privilege to have participated in this project giving ACC a new website to move into the decade. Both teams’ efforts have resulted in a website that is current, makes use of new technology, is easily updated and will be used by future and current students, staff, the community of Brandon and beyond for years to come."

Here is the Press Release sent out by the College:

ACC’s new website comes to life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Assiniboine Community College (ACC) is launching its fourth website in the history of the college.

The site has been in development for the past six months and is now ready for release to the general public. The launch of the new site reveals how personal and passionate the college is about the exceptional learning experiences we strive to provide our students with. Students and staff featured on the new site will be front and centre to help us bring it to life.

“In today’s digital world, it’s easy to purchase stock photographs that depict people in different places and situations, but we purposely chose to feature our own students, our own employees and community members that we have a connection with. Those using our website will be able to identify with the people that have already connected with us,” said Wanda Kurchaba, ACC Communications Officer. “We’re proud of our students and they are proud to be part of the college.”

The website was developed with the end user in mind, providing easy access to information on college programs, services and scholarships. The dynamic search function is easy to use and is more comprehensive than most other post-secondary websites. It allows prospective students to find the program or course that they're looking for with ease. The entire site was designed to allow the user to get the information they need in as little as three clicks.

Modern Earth, a well-known web design company out of Winnipeg, developed the website using modern technology and their vast expertise. As part of the design process, the company assisted in expanding ACC’s colour palette. The college's traditional colours, implemented in the 1980's (raspberry and purple), are still front and centre, but with three new accent colors we are able to energize and update our look.

“As a post-secondary institution, it’s important for us to have a website that speaks to our many different audiences and promotes programs that have made our institution so successful over the last 50 years,” said Mark Frison, ACC President.


Local Food - St. Vital Market - Community Grocery - Winnipeg ManitobaIf you eat food - do you care where it comes from? What do you value in your food shopping experience? We want fresh food, friendly service, and wide selection. But there are lots of things that matter to lots of different people. No matter what you’re looking for, having a source you can trust counts for a lot.

St. Vital Market features produce and products from some of Manitoba’s best local food providers, in an inviting farmer’s market style atmosphere. The community grocery prides itself on the knowledge and passion of its staff - each week on their new website, you’ll see great picks of local products right from the market’s team. Just as fresh as their staff picks, the market also shares weekly news on their blog.

See what’s in store at the new St.Vital Market website today!

The new St.Vital Market website features an integrated Modern Earth Blog system, and custom programmed product feature tools. The custom designed web site was constructed using Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices.


Winnipeg Style - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaPersonal presentation is important. We all want to put our best foot forward, but it’s often easy to get lost in the choices. Between large chain clothing and fashion outlets and unique, boutique shops catering to particular images, the possibilities for excellent - and terrifying - style combinations is endless. How do we know what will work best?

Image consultant Rebecca Harasym helps her clients look great - and feel better - by using her extensive knowledge of the Winnipeg shopping scene to find the best deals, and the best styles, to match their personality. Whether it’s a consultation regarding your existing wardrobe, or creating a whole new look with a personal shopping plan, Rebecca can help you keep your image current - and make sure you always have your best foot forward!

Get in touch with Rebecca to book your consultation today!

Winnipeg Style features a custom website design as well as an integrated Modern Earth blog system.

CFPNA - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaWe’re taught early that keeping fit, eating well, and preventing illness are important parts of staying healthy. We rely on our health care providers to keep us informed, and work with us to maintain our health. When we have trouble with our health, it’s not just doctors we rely on; it’s a diverse team of health care providers. Part of this team are primary care nurses - often called office nurses or family practice nurses - whom we count on to get the care we need.

The Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association represents and provides resources for those in the medical field who we see most often. Nurses in primary care positions help doctors and other health care team members promote healthy living, manage chronic illnesses, and detect health problems early. In hospitals, clinics, and small medical practices, primary care nurses play a vital role in helping Canadians stay healthy.

Find out more about how the CFPNA is helping raise awareness for the work of primary care nurses by visiting their new website today!

The new CFPNA website features custom designed by Modern Earth features an integrated blog and events system, and was constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


Not everyone wants to be a professional student, moving from one degree to the next for much of their adult lives - but many of us still feel that learning is an important part of life, no matter what age we are! When you’re looking to learn, whether to upgrade skills for work or for your personal interest, continuing education programs can be a great option to increase your knowledge and have fun.

The Life Long Learning program, developed by MOREducation in cooperation with Winnipeg School Division, helps people of all ages build new skills and update the training they’ve already got. The program offers a wide range of courses on subjects ranging from arts and crafts, to starting a small business. Study a new language, get fit, or learn first-aid... New skills are as close as any of the participating Winnipeg School Division schools.

Check out the new Life Long Learning website today!

The new Life Long Learning website features custom web design and web application programming by Modertn Earth Web Design.


No two families are alike. Some of us own houses or condominiums, others lease or rent. Some families spend much of their time traveling - either abroad or to a cottage. The same is true for businesses - each one has different needs, different assets, and different goals. Supporting these differences is part of what makes an independent insurance broker such a great partner when creating long term plans - either for your business, or for your family.

Coughlin Insurance has been one of Winnipeg’s leading insurance brokers for over forty years. They provide custom solutions and tailored coverage to businesses and individuals in Manitoba, Ontario and the Northwest Territories. As an independent broker, Coughlin Insurance creates solutions for homeowners, cottage and recreation vehicle owners, and businesses from a range of insurance providers. Their independence means more options - and better service - for their clients.

Check out the new Coughlin Insurance website today!

The new Coughlin Insurance website was custom programmed on the WordPress.org platform, using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

Staying fit and keeping healthy is about more than eating well and exercising. It’s about making sure all of your parts are doing what they should, as well as they can - from the crown of your head, to the tips of your toes. In fact, how well your feet do their job has a strong influence on the health of the rest of your body.

Health care specialists exist primarily to help you maintain the health of each of these parts, and your feet are no different. As doctors who specialize in foot care, Podiatrists are passionate about keeping this important part of your body healthy.

The Manitoba Podiatry Association helps promote the importance of keeping your feet strong as part of your overall health plan. The Association helps Manitobans locate and access of foot care specialists in their communities, as well as providing health information on their blog, downloadable documents, and information for those interested in specializing in foot care.

Check out the new MPA website to learn more about keeping your feet healthy today!

The new, custom designed Manitoba Podiatry Association website features an integrated Modern Earth blog system, as well as a logo developed for the Association by our designers.

Helping Build Manitoba

Modern Earth


SMS Engineering - Custom Website Design - Custom Programming - by Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaThe structures we create to house our lives, our businesses, and everything we do plays a big role in building both the economy, and the culture of our province. Sometimes, these buildings become landmarks like the new Winnipeg Blue Bombers stadium currently in planning. More often, however, it’s structures like the Health Sciences Centre, or the new airport terminal which have an impact on our day to day lives. Making sure these structures will stand up to ongoing use, as well as being appealing places to work, is an important part of building our province.

Using their broad experience and history, Manitoba’s own SMS Engineering has been helping build the province since 1965. Projects of all sized, from personal care homes to the currently in-construction James Armstrong Richardson airport terminal. SMS Engineering’s highly qualified team of mechanical and electrical engineers participates in projects at all stages, through advisory services, design and construction.

Check out the new SMS Engineering website and see some of their work today!

SMS Engineering’s custom designed website features an interactive Flash banner on its main page and a custom programmed menu system for the site’s Projects section.

BOMA Manitoba - Web Design & Custom Programming by Modern Earth Web DesignThere are a lot of considerations to be made when looking at real estate development – especially commercial buildings such as office complexes and shopping centres. Coordinating the efforts of everyone from Architects to Waste Management and Recycling facilitators is a difficult job, whether creating a new building or updating and renovating an existing complex.

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Manitoba – also known as BOMA – helps those involved in the development and continued improvement of buildings work together to make the most of each building’s potential. Through educational efforts and awards such as the BOMA BESt Program, BOMA helps make our working lives better by providing incentives and support for real estate developers.

You can see a full list of BOMA buildings in the site’s Building Directory, and view a list of commercial building service providers related to the association in their Service Directory. Check out the new BOMA website today!

BOMA Manitoba’s new website was developed on the WordPress platform, with components for directories and events custom programmed by Modern Earth Web Design.

Keith G. Collins - Web Design and SEO by Modern Earth Web DesignEveryone has times of financial stress, some of which force us to consider difficult options such as bankruptcy. Whether it’s due to dramatic and unexpected events, or positive life changes such as having children, not knowing where you stand – or what your options are – places unnecessary pressure on you and your family.

Keith G Collins Ltd. has been helping Manitobans understand the risks and benefits of different debt management solutions. From credit counselling to the different kinds of consumer proposals, and personal bankruptcy options, Keith G. Collins Ltd. believes that understanding the full range of options available in each unique situation helps their clients make the best decisions for their greatest long-term benefits.

If you have questions, call Keith G. Collins or fill out the quick First Step form so we can help you begin regaining financial security today.

The new Keith G. Collins website features an interactive form custom programmed by Modern Earth, as well as a Modern Earth Blog system. The site was constructed using our search engine optimization best practices.

In complex or highly regulated industries, there is a strong need to keep on top of new innovations. Changing standards, laws, or conventions can impact how your business is run – and what it takes to be successful. Few industries feel this push for consistent, ongoing education like the medical industry and its associated businesses. Lives depend on the accuracy of medical information.

PharmaCELink.ca helps pharmacists stay on top of the most current information about diseases, drug and device prescriptions, and other developments in the field by providing accredited pharmacy technician continuing education courses. PharmaCELink.ca provides these courses using a secure system designed to ensure the information is only accessible to professionals for whom it is intended. Pharmacists can also order resources such as reference books, apparel, and supplies through the site’s online store.

Check out the new PharmaCELink.ca website today!

PharmaCELink.ca uses a CE system custom built by Modern Earth. The site also features an integrated ecommerce section, and a Modern Earth blog system.


How to create a brochureYour business relies on many tools to communicate its value to potential clients, and provide information needed to make the buying process easier on everyone involved. Many businesses use informational brochures, designing as many as needed to speak to different segments of their customer base. Brochures are designed to hold critical information about your business, and communicate the value in that information to your customers. But what if no one on your team has made one before?

Howtomakeabrochure.com offers resources for creating effective print marketing material. Print marketing specialist Barbara Green has created a series of ebook guides on brochure design, and consults with companies of many sizes to help make their collateral development process efficient and successful. Howtocreateabrochure.com also features a wealth of information with its 7 steps to making a brochure section, and Barbara’s blog.

Check out the new Howtocreateabrochure.com website today!

Howtocreateabrochure.com features an interactive animated flash navigation menu, simple ecommerce functions, and an integrated Modern Earth blog system. The site was constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


There’s no doubt we live in a world economy. Even products built in Canada often have components that travel the world before being used here. With so much variety in manufacturers, Canadian manufacturers may find it difficult to create a sourcing partnership with the right suppliers.

For the past seven years, Smartrend has been solving the sourcing concerns of businesses around the world. Their international supplier networkcreates sub-assemblies, components, and prototype parts for manufacturers around the globe. Through offices in Canada, the United States, and China, Smartrend coordinates sourcing and logistics of high quality manufacturing solutions including custom component creation and standard parts.

Check out the new Smartrend website today!

The new Smartrend website features a number of Flash-based animated banners and custom programmed contact forms.

Do You Love Trains?

Modern Earth


Prairie Shadows Model Railway Co.The railway is part of Canada’s history. Linking the Maritime Provinces to British Columbia with thousands of miles of track, the Canadian railroad has been a part of what makes our country what it is today.

For almost as long as the railway has kept Canada connected, enthusiasts have been showing their appreciation for the tracks and trains they love by creating detailed, scale replicas of routes. Many model railroaders create intricate systems, requiring diverse sets of scale engines, cars, and tracks.

Over the last five years, Prairie Shadow Model Railway Co. has become one of Manitoba’s most diverse providers of H0 Scale trains and N Scale trains. With model trains from recognized leaders such as Athearn, ExactRail, and Kato just to name a few, Prairie Shadows focuses on quality over quantity in their product lines.

Check out the new Prairie Shadows website today!

The new Prairie Shadows Model Railway Co. website features an ecommerce system and custom programmed blog. The site was constructed and optimized using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

Any builder will tell you that having the right tools for the right job is important – and so is having the right building materials. Whether you’re changing the layout of your office space, putting the finishing touches on your living room, or cooking up a new kitchen from scratch, having access to the right building materials can help you make sure the job gets done right the first time.

Contractors Direct Supply has the building supplies you need. Mortarless brick and stone siding, flooring materials, kitchen and bath building supplies – and more! The team at CDS has the experience, and relationships with suppliers, to understand your project and help you get what you need on time and on budget.

Get in touch with one of the team today, to see how they can help you get your project done!

The new CDS website features a custom programmed information slider on its main page, and was constructed on Modern Earth’s search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.


EZ Marketing - Free Online CouponsWhether you’re looking to take advantage of a great exchange rate, or hunting down the elusive Cherry Coke, heading south of the border means more than just a change of pace or scenery. Manitobans have a great tradition of making shopping trips to the United States – and, like any traveller, we’re always looking for ways to make our trips even more cost-effective.

Since 1982, EZ Marketing has made it easy for shoppers travelling to Minnesota and North Dakota to make the most of their trip, by publishing twice-monthly coupon inserts in the Winnipeg Free Press. EZ Marketing provides some of the best deals available on restaurants, hotels, and retailers in four US cities. The EZ Marketing Golf Guide is also published monthly from May through September, meaning Manitobans have the opportunity to find great new coupons on 36 out of 52 Saturdays every year.

No matter whether the Canadian dollar is high or low, cross-border shopping is part of Manitoban life – so Manitobans need EZ Marketing.

Check out the new EZ Marketing website and download your free online coupons today!

The new EZ Marketing website features an integrated Modern Earth blog system, as well as information feeds from the Weather Network, and the Canadian Border Services Agency to provide visitors with more information about travel conditions. The website has also been constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


The Forum has been a staple of business culture in societies since its inception in Rome more than two thousand years ago. While civic design no longer centers around open plazas for public gathering as it once did, Forums still exist today to bring communities and like-minded people together for discussion and commerce.

For more than a century, the Canadian Club of Winnipeg has provided a forum for Canadians with broad interests to meet, share knowledge, and foster unity with their local and national communities. The Club’s membership ranges from business executives and bankers, to media professionals, retired persons, homemakers and lawyers. Anyone may apply for membership.

Visit the new Canadian Club of Winnipeg website today!

The Canadian Club of Winnipeg’s new website features a clean, classical design custom created by Modern Earth Web Design, as well as a custom programmed secure membership application form that allows interested visitors the ability to apply online for membership quickly and easily.


Creating a healthy, appealing office environment requires more than concern for accessibility, safety and productivity. Very often, it’s the little details – like concern for cleanliness and office health – that make the biggest difference in how happy people are to spend time in your space.

AirStrength Canada helps businesses of all sizes create appealing office spaces. By creating customized tropical plantscapes using both live and artificial plants, and providing decorative plant and tree containers to match a building’s interior design scheme, AirStrength helps enhance any indoor environment’s air quality – promoting better health for people spending time in the space. Their commercial health and safety products also allow people to keep their spaces in the best condition possible.

Check out the new AirStrength website today!

AirStrength Canada’s website uses a custom programmed contact form, allowing visitors to send questions from any page on the site. The website was also constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

We are all part of many communities, based on where we live, where we work, and what we do for fun. DASCH Inc. believes in the power of community, by advocating for and enriching the lives of the people it supports – those members of our community that are youth and adults dealing with the challenge of living with intellectual disabilities.

DASCH provides a number of programs and services that demonstrate their vision and commitment to help their residents and program participants to reach their full potential. Want to work with DASCH? Visit their Careers page for more information.

On their new site, you can visit the DASCH Store – to purchase original art prints done by Dasch residents and staff. Get the latest news from their blog and their events calendar, or sign up for the DASCH newsletter. With 50 beautiful homes throughout Winnipeg, DASCH is a vital part of our community and continues to find innovative and progressive ways to encourage and support their client’s participation in the vibrant life of our city.

Visitors to the new DASCH website can purchase DASCH merchandise or artwork through the site's ecommerce system, or support the DASCH foundation using a custom programmed paypal donation system. DASCH keeps their supporters informed using the ModernBlog publishing system, and email marketing through greatBIGnews. The website was search engine optimized, and integrates social media marketing best practices.

Every person’s quality of life is impacted by the health of their eyes. Eye health affects children at various stages of learning, and adults in their day to day work. Increased risk of illness and disease also changes our experience of ageing. Ensuring your eyes are cared for properly is important.

The Manitoba Association of Optometrists has been helping make sure Manitoba’s eyes for over a century. By acting as the licensing and regulatory body for Manitoba’s Optometrists, the Association governs ongoing work to improve the legislation involving subjects such as therapeutic drugs.

The association also helps Manitobans search for optometrists near them with a new online Find an Optometrist page.

See the new MAO website today!

The Manitoba Association of Optometrists website features a custom programmed optometrist search with interactive listings using Google Maps, as well as an administrative area for the Association’s members.


Building a business takes time, hard work, and a commitment to constant improvement – no matter the industry. Whether you are creating a product or providing a service, establishing your business as a leader in your industry requires demonstrating continuing excellence.

QNET creates networking opportunities for Manitoba businesses by establishing frameworks for excellence and facilitating training across a wide range of topics. From leadership and management training, to providing resources for innovation, QNET encourages the pursuit of continuous improvement toward excellence.

The network regularly hosts events, such as their yearly Excellence Conference coming up in May, to put the spotlight on progressive business practices. This year’s conference features influential communications visionary Mitch Joel, president of Canadian digital marketing agency Twist Image and author of Six Pixels of Separation. Mitch’s keynote will focus on Exploring Next Practices for business.

Check out the new QNET website and register for an event today!

The QNET website features member registration and an event calendar system custom programmed by Modern Earth. The Modern Earth Tweet Team will be covering the Excellence Conference on Twitter – watch for more information on our blog coming soon.

Keeping informed of changes in the financial world is growing more important as concern over the state of the global economy rises. Beyond just holding your finances, your financial institution of choice has the opportunity to provide information which can help you better plan your future.

The new Carpathia Credit Union website provides numerous resources for Credit Union members.  Online banking tools like the mortgage calculator and loan calculator help visitors take a glance at their options, while Carpathia’s broad library of information on personal banking and business banking can provide some perspective on how financial decisions are made. Their deep knowledge of the country’s financial landscape, when coupled with their full service insurance and investment solutions, makes it easy to see why Manitobans have trusted Carpathia for more than 70 years.

Stop by the new Carpathia Credit Union website and find out how they can help you today!

Carpathia Credit Union’s new site features a jQuery animated banner on the main page which is compatible with mobile devices. The site also has a number of custom programmed web applications to make online banking easy.

Keeping people and property safe is one of the top concerns of any business owner. Many safety hazards can be avoided – but being prepared is key to minimizing damage to both physical property, and injury to anyone involved.  Whether in a big city, rural location or fly-in remote or isolated community accessible only by plane – Bison fire can be there to help identify risks and install solutions to prevent tragedy from striking.

For ten years, Bison Fire Protection has helped keep businesses in Winnipeg and southern Manitoba prepared for unexpected emergencies by providing comprehensive fire protection solutions. The company now has three locations, in Winnipeg, Thompson, and now Regina, as well as an online presence on Facebook, Twitter and soon, LinkedIn.   Their fire demonstrations and training are among the most comprehensive and thorough in Manitoba.

Bison Fire’s protection systems can be found in a wide range of applications, including mining vehicles, commercial kitchens, and high sensitivity areas such as labs and IT installations. Whether you need fire alarm systems and sprinklers, or industrial fire suppression systems and fire extinguisher training – if there’s a chance it can burn, Bison Fire can help you put it out.

Check out the new Bison Fire website today!

Bison Fire Protection’s new website features an integrated Modern Blog system which has been configured to publish their new blog entries to a number of social networks including the company’s Twitter account, @bison_fire and their Facebook Page.The site also has marketing content and a social media strategy developed by Modern Earth, and was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.

If you have a passion for film – whether you’re want to get in front of the camera or behind it – getting started can be difficult. Finding the right projects, and getting answers to important questions, can make the different between building great experience, and suffering long-lasting setbacks.

Artists in Media was created to help answer these questions – and to help new artists in the Manitoba media community get into the spotlight. The site has links to resources for performers, as well as calendars of media-related events, and workshops to help artists improve their craft.

The AIM Winnipeg website also serves as a place where media-savvy artists can share their experiences. On the site’s News section, AIM’s founder Karen Mitchell shares perspective on the first steps she and her son (one of the site’s Spotlight actors) took when getting into acting. In the Success Stories section, AIM highlights the work of successful local artists

The new Artists in Media website features a customized Modern Earth Blog system, using different blog groups for News and Success Stories, allowing AIM to add new content to the website easily through a single blog administrative section. The AIM website also has integrated Google Calendars for both the Workshops and Events Calendar sections.

Being prepared often means more than just knowing what do to when facing a crisis. Having support in place for every eventuality can be crucial to weathering financial and emotional storms when the worst happens.

Guild Insurance Brokers in Brandon Manitoba works with the southern Manitoba community to provide comprehensive home insurance coverage, business insurance, and is a full-service Autopac dealer. Guild also supports their clients by providing resources such as insurance tips, financing, and auto insurance tools.

Guild Insurance meets the needs of their region with specialized programs for CFB Shilo residents through their DND military program. From insurance for farmers to marine insurance and seasonal insurance for cottage owners, Guild creates customized coverage packages for families with diverse needs. They are also one of the few full-service insurance brokerages in Manitoba to offer railroad insurance.

The new Guild Insurance website features an integrated insurance quote request form, as well as a customer feedback form. These two forms allow clients and potential customers to request the information they need quickly and easily. The site was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.


Anyone can appreciate a well-maintained green space – from large provincial parks, to the simplest home gardens, bringing a nature back into our lives has many benefits. However, maintaining your green spaces means more than just filling them with flowers and trees.

From landscaping to hobby gardens, Jensen Nursery has the tools any homeowner could need to keep their environment green and beautiful.Whether you’re looking for gifts, landscaping supplies, or expert design services, Jensen Nursery can help you plant the seeds needed to create an outdoor space tailored just for you.

Check out the new Jensen Nursery website today!

The new Jensen Nursery website features an integrated Modern Earth Blog system, which allows Jensen staff to share news easily with their visitors. The site also features a plant search system, which Modern Earth customized to look and feel identical to the rest of the new Jensen website.


If you give a kid a theatre, they can learn about the performing arts. It’s important to provide young people with space to express themselves – and the opportunity to learn how to do so in constructive ways. Whether through visual arts, creative writing, or performance – encouraging enthusiasm for the arts in young people is an investment in their future.

Manitoba Theatre for Young People has been making memories for kids and parents alike since 1982. Through a combination of programs for educators, their theatre school, and a diverse program of plays and presentations, MTYP encourages young people to explore the performing arts.

Check out the new MTYP website and order your tickets for one of their productions today!

The new MTYP website features two interactive spaces on its front page: a rotating image slider to show off upcoming shows and events, and an information grid which changes to display information about each grid section when a section is clicked on. An integrated Modern Earth Blog System allows MTYP to keep visitors to their website up to date with news on the organization.


Workplace Janitorial Services - Winnipeg Manitoba - Web Site Design and Custom Programming by Modern Earth Web DesignKeeping your work space clean is important to more than just your health and safety – first impressions matter, and a clean, safe-feeling environment is a big part of your company’s first impression on each person entering your space.

Workplace Janitorial Services helps their diverse range of clients to provide reliable, professional cleaning services. Using a comprehensive system developed through years of experience, Workplace Janitorial will assess the needs of a business, and create a menu of services and products to suit the individual needs of each business.

Check out the new Workplace Janitorial website today!

Workplace Janitorial Services’ new website uses a custom-built contact form, which displays on each page using a java-script button. The web site’s front page also features an interactive Flash animation, displaying the steps in the Workplace Janitorial System.


Gill & Schmall Agencies - Neepawa and McCreary ManitobaPeople living in remote communities have many of the same needs as those in larger cities – the comfort of a good home, a sense of security, and help getting things they need done – whether at home or abroad.

From their offices in Neepawa and McCreary, Gill & Schmall Agencies provide a wide range of services, individually tailored to meet the needs of rural Manitobans. Whether you need investment solutions, the security of specialized insurance plans, help booking travel arrangements, or a real estate agent to find the perfect home, Gill & Schmall Agencies is here to help.

Check out the new Gill & Schmall Agencies website today!

The new Gill & Schmall website features a custom built real estate listing system, developed to meet the expectations of the Agency’s clients. The site uses the Modern Earth blog system to allow the Agency to keep their visitors updated, and has an easy to use contact form on each page, so visitors can get in touch with Agency staff quickly and easily. The site was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.



Erhard Associates - Winnipeg Web Design - Modern Earth Web DesignThe landscape of leadership has changed –from the mail room to the executive floor; more attention is being paid to the relationships managers form with their employees.

Heather Erhard and Associates use their experience with executive coaching and emotional intelligence training to help improve efficiency at all levels of their clients’ organizations. No matter the need – from personal and professional coaching to team building exercises and strategic planning for organizational development, Erhard Associates helps clients build their businesses with an eye on personal relationships and sustainability.

Visit the new Erhard Associates website today – read Heather’s blog, or check out one of her upcoming events today!

Erhard Associates features an integrated Modern Earth Blog system, allowing Heather to engage her site visitors with news, discussions and more. Visitors can subscribe to the blog easily via Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or by email, delivered by FeedBurner. The site was built and optimized with Modern Earth's search engine optimization best practices.


Planning for retirement and building an investment portfolio to suit your changing needs can be complicated. How much do you need to save? What should you do with the savings you’ve gathered over time? It’s important to have someone on your side that understands these questions, and the many complicated factors that go into building a financial strategy.

Financial planners Guy McClymont and Brian Davis, help their clients build dynamic strategies to make the most of a variety of life transitions. Their detailed approach broad knowledge base helps clients decide what kind of plan best suits their needs, through a unique “Wealth Discovery Program” – helping clients build insights into how a financial plan benefits their unique situations and live plans.

Visit the site today to discover how Guy, Brian and their team can help you build a financial plan to fit your life plan.

The Wealth Discovery website features a custom developed document library system, which helps Guy and Brian make detailed information available to their clients and visitors easily. A custom programmed news system and events calendar lets the team share new information as it becomes available, as well as details of special events the Wealth Discovery group is planning.

Images of Style and Grace

Ian M Rountree


There’s power in portraying your image with professional photography. A great picture goes a long way to getting across not only your appearance, but also your personality – if you have a great photographer to work with.

When Modern Earth was looking for a photographer for our staff pictures, we looked no further than Walter Janzen, of Janzen Photography. With a wide range of experience - from personal portraits to glamour photography and commercial images, Walter really knows how to get the best view of a person.

The new Janzen Photography showcases their work with a strong design tailored to match Walter’s visual style – breaking the mould of other, minimalist photography sites. On every page, one thing is clear: each and every client benefits from the whole of Walter’s talent. You could, too!

Check out Walter’s new website today – and prepare to look great!

Janzen Photography’s new website features a dynamic gallery system, easily updated from the custom-programmed administrative system. The stunning, large background images can also be changed easily with just a few lines of code, allowing Walter to keep his site looking new all the time. The site was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.


Whatever your age, finding time to get out and be active can be a challenge. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned competitive player, it can be difficult to find the right team of people to play with – especially when you’re not sure what kind of sport you’re interested in, and what is available in your area. Teams and sport organizations face similar challenges when looking for opportunities to grow their membership – how to attract new people to their ranks.

Since 2005, the Tri S Sport Alliance, a partnership of sport clubs in the City of Selkirk, RM of St. Andrews and RM of St Clements, has been working to heighten awareness and participation in sport in southern Manitoba, by helping member organizations connect with sport participants and grow their teams. Visitors to the website can keep up with sports news from their region, and find upcoming events easily so they can make scheduling participation in community events simple for their teams.

Check out the Tri S Sport Alliance website today and join the team!

The new Tri S Sport Alliance website makes it easy for visitors to find more information about the Alliance’s members, through links to member websites and other resources. Visitors can download an application for membership in PDF format, and see upcoming Tri S events with the integrated Google Calendar widget.

Health isn’t just the absence of illness – it’s about living your best, in body, mind and spirit. Steven Hanks’ Premier Massage Group is an ideal resource for people who want to live their ideal lives. From therapeutic body work and massage, to whole body vibration therapy and nutritional coaching – Steven helps people live their best, on their own time, by working with his clients to make sure no appointment is rushed, and no client is ever left waiting.

As Manitoba’s only MASTER (Myofascial Adhesions, Scar Tissue, Emotional Release”) practitioner, Steven helps his clients create a healthy lifestyle through a combination of physical therapy, nutritional supplements, and attitude coaching. His passion is to help people take their lives to the next level.

Check out the Massage Group Blog for more information today!

The Premier Massage Group website features a customized Modern Earth Blog system where Steven shares tips for better living, and an AJAX-powered contact form to make getting in touch with the Massage Group fast and easy.


“Leadership for a New World” The needs of today’s developing leaders are very different from those of the previous generation. Compelling purpose and strong vision – and the knowledge that their work means something – have become some of the new standards driving young leaders. Is your business ready to harness the opportunity these new motivations create? And if not – do you know how to prepare for change in how leaders do their best work?

With more than three decades of experience in human resources and management development, Yvonne Thompson coaches businesses and individuals develop their management and leadership potential through consulting services, to increase their leadership potential, and build sustainable business practices for the new world leadership environment. Her website focuses on the three key ways in which Yvonne helps businesses – as a leadership training consultant, as a public speaker, and most recently as the author of a newly released book on the changing leadership and management environment.

The launch of Yvonne’s new website was timed to coincide with the official launch of her new book, “Leadership for a New World” – which is available for purchase directly through the website.

The business world is changing. Are you keeping up? Yvonne Thompson can help – contact her today!

Yvonne Thompson’s new website features a Google calendar widget to help visitors keep track of Yvonne’s events. The integrated ModernBlog system allows visitors to get the latest news and leadership tips, and comment on Yvonne’s work as well. Other site features include a full social media contact suite, and onsite book sales, which will be expanded to include other media purchases over time. Yvonne's website was built on Modern Earth's SEO best practices.Yvonne has also worked with Modern Earth on a social media marketing strategy.


Every parent wants their child’s space to be their own – to match their child’s personality with decorations that are noticeable, fun – and safe.

For more than 20 years, Loveable Creations has been creating highly detailed, high quality wall decorations for children, distributing to retailers and wholesalers in both Canada and the United States. Their unique, cuddly creations have even made special appearances at events such as the Manitoba Children’s Musem Farewell Party – and the 8th Annual ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, this week!

If you happen to be in Las Vegas October 10th – 13th for the ABC Kids Expo, stop by booth 738! If not, visit the new Loveable Creations website and see the cuddly decorations in the online catalogue!

The Loveable Creations website features a custom-developed catalogue powered by Google’s Picasa – making it easy to add new products, manage existing galleries, and keep the product line up to date. There’s also a secure log-in area for wholesalers to view an extended product line, and detailed product information. Loveable Creations has also worked with Modern Earth to develop a social media marketing strategy.

Like so many aspects of our lives, medical standards are continually changing – new medicines are being developed, new practices being implemented... Across the United States of America, health care professionals from Doctors and nurses to hospital administrators are encouraged to stay at the cutting edge of their knowledge, by taking a diverse range of continuing educational upgrades.

Managing time between the many professional and personal commitments of these professionals can be difficult – but many states now allow health care professionals to complete their state-mandated educational upgrades online through accredited websites such as CEUs-R-EZ. With a full library of courses accredited by the national bodies, CEUs-R-EZ makes upgrading educational standards easy.

The new CEUs-R-EZ website allows medical professionals in the United States to purchase and complete state mandated continuing education programs online through the Nurses Learning Network. The site contains a wealth of information about state mandated continuing education, and allows visitors to purchase upgrade credits through the Nurses Learning Network. The new site is also search engine optimized using SEO best practices developed by Modern Earth.

Keeping You Rolling

Modern Earth


In many environments, ensuring critical infrastructure is properly maintained can be a challenge. With hot summers and cold, snow-filled winters, Winnipeg faces challenges to its roads all year round.

For almost thirty years, Superior Asphalt Paving Co of Winnipeg has set the bar on a variety of paved surfaces, from roads to walkways – even providing snow removal services. Their highly trained and experienced staff members help clients ensure that every part of a paving project, from estimate to excavation and paving, is done right.

Visit the new Superior Asphalt website to learn more about this proudly Manitoban company.

The new Superior Asphalt website features an interactive Flash animation, allowing visitors to interact with the site’s content in a unique way.


Floral arrangements can be the perfect expression of well-wishes for many occasions. Anniversaries, as a thank-you and, of course, as a symbol of love and romance. But how to choose which flowers to send for which occasions - and how to pick one of the many florists in Winnipeg to trust with your special event? Finding the right floral arranger can make the task of choosing flowers so much more enjoyable.

From Alstroemeria to Waxflower, The Floral Fixx has it all – and the experience to help you choose the right flowers for your special occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, offering congratulations, or sharing condolences with sympathy flowers, the team of arrangers and florists at The Floral Fixx can help you make sure your floral gifts fit you perfectly.

Get in touch with The Floral Fixx today and let your feelings bloom!

The Floral Fixx' new website includes a dynamic, custom ecommerce system, an integrated blog, and features a beautiful flash animated banner on its main page.


Finding the right legal counsel for your needs can be difficult - complicated situations, even more complicated laws... Ensuring you've found a match for your legal needs is very important, no matter what those needs are.

Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation has built its business on a wide variety of legal expertise - from corporate law and small business counsel, to family law and civil litigation. Their dynamic team of solicitors and litigators have experience to match any legal needs.

Visit the new LTGG Law website today and see what their experience has to offer.

The new Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation website features a dynamic lawyer profile system, allowing the firm to easily display their associates and partners' contact information to clients and prospective clients. The site has recently been updated to a new visual brand, and has been optimized for search using Modern Earth's SEO best practices.


The nature of the legal atmosphere in the United States of America changes constantly – with every law passed and every precedent set, American lawyers must learn new ways to approach their practice, to ensure that their clients benefit from well-informed, well-executed representation.

Equipping Our Lawyers is an initiative aligned with ALI-ABA (The American Law Institute and American Bar Association), directed at updating the ways by which lawyers learn throughout their careers. By providing spotlight stories, facilitating discussions, and resources for lawyers, Equipping Our Lawyers intends to spread information about the proposed recommendations for continuing education upgrades.

Visit the site today and subscribe to the blog and free newsletter for more information.

Equipping Our Lawyers provides a forum for its visitors through the use of Modern Earth’s blog system, as well as a discussion system for registered users. The site highlights its blog in the Spotlight section on its main page. The Equipping Our Lawyers team has also had social media strategy consultation provided by Modern Earth.


We’ve all heard it – your data is only as safe as your most recent backup. For anyone who has ever lost a file, whether it’s just a picture or your business plan, the safety of our information takes on a whole new meaning.

365 BackUp, using a patented online remote backup system, can help protect your most important information. In just a few clicks, you could have a continuous offsite backup system set up on any computer, and take advantage of the peace of mind that comes from knowing your most important files are accessible even if your computer stops working.

Check out 365 BackUp today to see how they can help protect your most important information.

The new 365 BackUp website provides 365 BackUp clients with access to the files they have saved with the service, as well as providing useful information about the need for continuous file backup and remote offsite file protection. The website has been search engine optimized using Modern Earth's SEO best practices.


No matter the environment, properly maintaining a vehicle means finding just the right parts. Cars on the coast need different consideration than trucks in the prairies – the same is true for every kind of vehicle in the Yukon. Drivers in the north often take special care of their vehicles – having a source for the right parts is very important.

Territorial Auto Parts has been Whitehorse’s auto parts source since 1990. Their thorough knowledge and large catalogue of available OEM and aftermarket car, truck and trailer parts makes them the perfect choice to help you find the parts you need.

Visit the new Territorial Auto Parts site today, or check out their monthly specials today.

Territorial Auto Parts features marketing content developed by Modern Earth, and has been search engine optimized using SEO best practices.


In offices of any size, the security and reliability of your network can be critical to your day to day business. Making sure your systems are running exactly as they should is important – though finding affordable expertise can be difficult for smaller businesses.

365 Technologies supports small businesses by building customized IT management solutions in a pro-active way. Their 365Care+ technology management solutions make IT worry-free for small and medium business owners. From email security to offsite backuptelecommunications systems and advisory services, 365 Tech has you covered with complete small business IT solutions.

Visit the new 365 Technologies website to request your free Network Health Check today!

The 365 Technologies website was built on Modern Earth's search engine optimization best practices, and features a fully integrated social media marketing platform.


Businesses of all sizes often struggle with matching their equipment to their needs. What kind of printer to buy, how to address the needs of the entire office in an efficient way -whether making these choices for an office of ten or one hundred, having an experienced partner can help.

Milne Office Systems has been serving its clients in Winnipeg for over 15 years with cost-effective and efficient office equipment from RicohNeopost and other suppliers. Their dedication to providing effective solutions to businesses of many sizes has made Milne Office an award-winning dealer, and allowed them to support many local businesses through both office equipment sales, and leasing services.

Visit their new website today and get in touch to see how Milne Office Systems can help you.

Milne Office Systems' new website features a flash animation on the front page, an integrated Modern Blog system, and has been search engine optimized by Modern Earth.

Since the early 1900’s, the Assiniboine Park has been one of Winnipeg’s greatest cultural attractions. Its internationally renowned gardens have long been a leading innovator in horticulture and botanical preservation. The Assiniboine Park Conservancy in particular has been key in building the vision of preservation for Winnipeg’s horticultural society.

The Friends of the Assiniboine Park Conservatory are working to expand this vision by creating awareness of the conservatory, its history, and its aims. By creating volunteering opportunities, organizing events, and offering a Master Gardener program, the Friends of the Conservatory are working toward expanding the facility itself, and raising funds to build a Butterfly Conservatory as part of the new, expanded facility.

Register for one of the many City Wide Garden Tours, or get in touch today!


Creating and maintaining a dialogue among the different faiths and practices of our multicultural country is important to many Canadians. Even among those of Christian faith, the differing practices between Churches can cause some confusion.

The Canadian Council of Churches has been working to foster healthy and constructive dialogue among Christians as well as Islamic and Jewish traditions. The Council acts as a forum for the 22 denominations in its constituency to discuss many of the issues before their community today, such as biotechnology and social justice, as well as providing resources to the public, in order to increase understanding between all traditions.

To learn more about the Council, its committees and members, visit the Canadian Council of Churches new website today.


With so many distractions available these days – from so many options for entertainment to the demands of modern work life – it can be hard for many of us to find the time we need to keep fit and be active. We often miss many chances to include physical activity in our daily routine. Every community has low cost family friendly resources available, especially through well known national organizations such as theYM/YWCA.

Get Movin’, a new program from the YM/YWCA of Snohomish County, Washington [link], provides resources for kidsteens and adults to get active – and stay active throughout the year. People of all ages can attend events, learn about fun games to play outdoors, and find simple ways to keep active with their family, or on their own.

Check out the new Get Movin’ website, and get moving today!


Multiculturalism has been a staple of Canadian identity for as long as Canada has been a country. As our country grows, maintaining an equal voice among all of our many cultures remains an important part of what Canada is, and will remain a part of the national ideal far into the future.

The Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies, known collectively as CASHRA, works to collect information about human rights legislation, details about events and conferences, and resources for those interested in learning more

To learn more about CASHRA or its member agencies, visit the website and get in touch with your local Human Rights Commission today.

Make Skills Count

Modern Earth


Many Canadians nearing retirement age find they are still able to contribute to their communities through work. In some cases, these older workers are looking for new and different opportunities, but don’t know where to start looking.

Third Quarter is a national initiative aimed at connecting older workers to new and interesting jobs that match the diverse skills they have developed throughout their work history. Workers can create an account in just a few clicks, and connect with firms in their region looking for people with the skills they have.

If you’re reaching your third quarter and want to keep making a contribution, or are looking for people with skills and experience, sign up today and make skills count.


http://modernearth.net/artwork/alladins_landscaping.jpgAny homeowner will tell you, one of the biggest parts of property upkeep is landscape care. Whether you’re creating a place to relax, planting a garden, or building a beautiful space for the sake of display – we want our property to represent us just as well on the outside as our belongings do on the inside.

Alladin’s Mission Landscaping has the experience and the knowledge to make sure your space reflects your needs perfectly. From beautiful waterscapes and unique landscape designs, to durable stunning hardscapes and individually tailored arborculture – Alladin’s will do things the right way to ensure your space is exactly what you want it to be.

See their new website for a great 
gallery of completed projects and get in touch to start shaping your space today.



For those working in health care, having up to date information easily at hand can be critical to ensuring the continued benefits of their work in a community. Communication between the various national associations, provincial and rural care authorities and workers, and collaboration on policy and education is of great importance.

The Community Health Nurses of Canada acts as the voice of individual nurses to the Canadian Nurses Association, communicating the needs and knowledge of nurses across Canada on the national stage, and working to build an environment of collective understanding and ongoing education.

See the new CHNC website – in English at chnc.ca and in French at iiscc.ca– to learn more about their work on behalf of your community’s nurses.

Sometimes it’s silverplatinum, or another precious metal. There is a huge demand for precious metals in today’s marketplace, and prices are far higher than in past years.

Nearly everyone has at least one or two pieces of old jewellery hanging around that they don’t know what to do with. Whether it’s the wrong size, broken, or just out of fashion, if it’s gold or silver, KMG Gold can tell you what it’s worth – and buy it from you for cash.

It’s not just about broken jewellery either – collectors and professionals accumulate large volumes of metal over time. These refining lots can be sold through KMG Gold easily, once dropped off at any of their five convenient locations.

Gold and precious metal refining is a very competitive industry. Unfortunately, many gold buyers are less than completely clear about their prices. As part of their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, KMG Gold’s new website features a complete, detailed listing of their payout prices for a range of volume sizes, with prices updated by the hour as they change.

KMG Gold’s new site is easy to get around, and provides visitors with more than just prices and information – customers can easily track their packages from the site itself, and order SecureShip™ envelopes right on the main page.

With payouts higher than many of their competitors, and four drop-off locations across Canada, KMG Gold is the clear choice for convenient service.

Now About That Smile

Modern Earth


Riverstone Dental Clinic's vibrant new site starts out by asking you a few questions - like "Do you need your wisdom teeth pulled?" or "Do you want to whiten your teeth" - getting right to the heart of why you might be looking for a new dental office to keep your smile in top shape.

No matter what dental service you might need, Riverstone Dental offers a complete range of services - from Preventative Dentistry to Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics and more. Each section of the website outlines the Riverstone philosophy of practice for that area of speciality, what each type of treatment involves, and what you, the client need to know to make the best decision for your dental health. You can even download New Patient Forms online - they make it that easy.
The site also has the answers to some frequently asked questions about common dental practices - to inform and educate.
Committed to keeping your smile bright - that's Riverstone Dental Clinic in Whitehorse.
 Comics America is a legend in its own right as one of the oldest comic book shops in North America, and their mission is simple: to be YOUR source for comic books and high quality comic collectibles. There website is their online portal to absolutely everything for the discriminating comic collector. Their "Frequent Fan Plan" offers the frequent buyer with what Comics America believes is the best incentive plan in the industry.
When you are done shopping their ecommerce store, take some time to check out their Breaking News Posts to keep up with what is happening in the Comics America universe. Lots of information about terms of service, shipping, etc add info and value to the site.
It's a bird - it's a plane - it's the new Comics America site. Super-b!

When the medical professional person needs a uniform, they look for function, durability, and "hope" for fashion style. Pembina Valley Uniforms carries a great selection of scrubs, lab coats, and tops and pants that deliver all three!

This e-commerce site displays products by Cherokee and Baby Phat, with specialty sizes from petite to ultra tall to plus sizes with full shopping cart functionality to make it easy to choose from their wide selection of "Fashion Forward" medical uniforms.
All the best dressed medics are wearing the latest functional fashions - provided they shop at Pembina Valley Uniforms - Manitoba's ultimate medical uniform supplier - providing our hard working health care providers with function - durability and great fashion sense for their wardrobes!
Enjoy the day

Probe Research Knows!

Modern Earth


Probe Research is committed to providing business, government, and not-for-profit organizations with accurate and reliable professional research. Their site is a "prime destination" for current statistical information on what "we" think - as measured through their qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

Probe's new site performs two functions - one is to encourage new business and promote their state of the art focus group facility, and the other is to provide information - about their quarterly Omnibus, their Syndicated Studies, and their newsletter, The Sounding. In addition, much of their current research is available to the reader as news releases.
There is a wealth of information here, all based on Probe Research's history of success as a public opinion research source, and the expertise of their team.

When memories matter - Apple Wood Work Urns will custom craft an enduring memorial container for your loved one. Exotic woods, marble, granite, and synthetic stone are Pierre St. Hilaire's materials of choice, and he has collaborated with local artists to combine unique carvings or figurines to create customized urns that are works of art as a fitting tribute to your loved one or your beloved pet.

Apple Wood Work Urns new website presents this sensitive subject with dignity through a design with simple elegance, and our copywriting services were also used to speak to the viewer with compassion and clarity. A basic ecommerce platform enables needs to be met as quickly as possible if no custom work is involved.

A Unique Perspective

Modern Earth


Given the turbulent economic times, Tom Waitt wanted to remind potential clients that he presents them with a "unique perspective" on making money through his personalized investment strategy.

We decided to let Tom do the talking, in a number of ways. We integrated the audio of his weekly radio broadcast - "Market Watch" - to keep his clients up to date on his view of the market and the economy.

We also did extensive interviews with Tom - and present clips from those videos on almost every page of the site - allowing the viewer to hear Tom talk about why the markets crashed, how he can help demystify trading, why he presents alternatives to mutual funds, and his own unique perspective on investing.

Challenging times require wise decisions - and Tom Waitt brings 30 years of market experience to the table, with a mission to "Simplify - Comprehend - Profit" through his investment strategy.

See and hear for yourself what integrated audio and video can do to make your message reach your website visitors.



Everyone needs somewhere to live, and sometimes it is hard to find a place that fits your needs affordably. How can landlords make people aware of what space they may have available? Problem - solved. 

Winnipeg Rental Network's new site is a resource for both landlord and tenant - providing landlords with a place to post their listings of available affordable housing, and giving tenants a "one-stop portal" online to see what is available that meets their needs. It is also a great resource for Social Service Agencies to help find suitable housing for their clients.
There is a wealth of resource information as well - for everyone from newcomers to seniors, and various directories as well as information on many aspects of affordable housing available including info about emergency shelters and subsidized housing.
The Winnipeg Rental Network site also keeps you informed about current issues and legislation affecting rental housing, as well as various community and government sponsored events of benefit to landlords and tenants.
If you or someone you know needs to find affordable housing, visit Winnipeg Rental Network to find something that fits. Landlords - get listing!

For Women in Business

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Since 1994, the Women's Enterprise Centre has been helping women in business to improve their skills, acquire financing, and find the information they need to start or expand their entrepreneurial venture. The three major sections are "Starting Up" - "Expanding" and "Transitioning" - depending on what your current business strategy needs.

Their new website makes it easy to find information (seminars & workshops) or keep current on news and announcements or find Resources. The portfolio of Successful Women and the Directory of Woman Owned Businesses provide inspiration and the ability to find (and do business with) other woman owned businesses. Keep up on what's happening at WEC through their blog!

When you need a place to "get away" - for a professional conference, for a personal luxury spa experience, or for that perfect game of golf - the Radisson Hecla Oasis Resort is the perfect location - just north of Winnipeg in the beautiful Manitoba Interlake. Hecla Oasis Resort could also be a unique venue fer your wedding - it is truly "picture perfect".

Check out all the features they offer - you can plan for every aspect of your vacation from their website - with great dining options, a variety of guestrooms, and Heclo Oasis is a Pet Friendly resort. Their specialty "Adventure Programs" help you truly enjoy the beauty of the region and their special packages for GolfersWellness Seekers and Resort Getaways add value, and make your stay extra memorable!
No matter your reasons - Hecla Oasis Resort is always your "in-season" vacation getaway. Check out their website and reserve your spot!

A good website captures the client's Unique Value Proposition. A great website also captures the client's Unique Personality - and our site for Senior Financial Planning Advisor David Bardal tells you a lot about David, his team and his philosophy in financial planning. 

His office is full of photos - the perfect metaphor - as explained on his webpage devoted to explaining his "process" of advising his clients. From the exploratory meetings through the complete cycle to the annual review - David presents a clear vision of how he and his team work with his clients.

A dedicated client log-in portal allows David's clients' a secure way to access their personal financial information, and the page of Links and Resources provides a wealth of information, and the News & Events keeps prospects and clients well-informed. 

David Bardal and his team believe in developing a full-color client relationship, moving beyond a 'black and white" understanding of numbers to help their clients achieve their goals and have a picture perfect retirement. Their website captures that warmth, and the focus and expertise that is the heart of their very successful practice. 


Rollin Rollin Rollin

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Casterland has been commited to keeping you rolling since 1975 - they sell all kinds of chair casterswheels, chair glidesspecialty tirestrailer parts and accessories, tires and parts and a variety of material handling equipment.  A true Western Canadian success story - Casterland has 4 locations over 3 provinces to meet their customers' needs.  
No matter what wheel part or chair caster or glide or trailer part you need - Download a catalogue to find the part you need and call Casterland! They pride themselves on great customer service.
The site has online ordering capabilities as well as "spec sheets" to help their customer understand the mechanics of casters, wheels, and axles - and they deal with numerous manufacturers to provide their customers with the best selection. 
Don't discard a perfectly good office chair if the wheel breaks - Casterland can sell you the parts you need to keep rolling.  If you need a dolley, pallet jack, or specialty tire part or trailer accessory, Casterland is your one-stop shop for anything with a wheel attached to it.
Where there's a wheel, there's a way...


To Give is To Receive

Modern Earth

From your corner to the Four Corners of the world, and back again - Canadian Lutheran World Relief needed a website that connected those who can help withthose who need help. The website features many colourful photographs from countries around the world where CLWRis making a difference.

Modern Earth designed a custom donation management application to make it easy to give to those in need - either by making a donation (all major credit cards accepted) or by giving "Gifts from the Heart" - where the gift of a goat helps a family or a fishing net helps a village. The Four Corners online store features fair-trade items perfect for gift giving!

Gift ideas that change lives!

Pride can been seen in many ways on the North Winnipeg Credit Union Limited web page. Pride in their Ukranian Heritage, and pride in offering their community of customers full service banking products and services.

The site gets your immediate attention with the flash presentation and eye-pleasing colours, and the intuitive layout and navigation make it easy to find the information you seek.

Banking never seemed easier - specialized calculators, a clear list of fees and rates, contact information and more. Interested in a career with the Credit Union or want to keep up with important financial news? Click the links! There's even a page linking to other major financial sites like Equifax or Mastercard.

A webpage designed with all of the client's needs in mind always makes good "cents."


A Bird's Eye View

Modern Earth


How would you like to take a breathtaking glacier tour in the Yukon?

Well, our client - Sifton Air can make it happen. We're pleased to have been selected to design their new website, which involves integrated video, an animated banner and lots of beautiful pages showcasing their tourism services.

They've also signed up for our search engine optimization services, are are now on the first page of Google for their keywords.

Now, we just gotta help fight global warming.

Going on a Journey?

Ian M Rountree


Going on a journey? Need travel items or accessories? Come visit our latest eCommerce clients journeystravel.comand their sister site tpitravelgear.com for great deals on samsonite luggage, indestructible Tilley Travel Clothing, and hundreds of great travel accessories.

A great Journey starts with great gear - thanks for having us part of your Journey.

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