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Keeping people and property safe is one of the top concerns of any business owner. Many safety hazards can be avoided – but being prepared is key to minimizing damage to both physical property, and injury to anyone involved.  Whether in a big city, rural location or fly-in remote or isolated community accessible only by plane – Bison fire can be there to help identify risks and install solutions to prevent tragedy from striking.

For ten years, Bison Fire Protection has helped keep businesses in Winnipeg and southern Manitoba prepared for unexpected emergencies by providing comprehensive fire protection solutions. The company now has three locations, in Winnipeg, Thompson, and now Regina, as well as an online presence on Facebook, Twitter and soon, LinkedIn.   Their fire demonstrations and training are among the most comprehensive and thorough in Manitoba.

Bison Fire’s protection systems can be found in a wide range of applications, including mining vehicles, commercial kitchens, and high sensitivity areas such as labs and IT installations. Whether you need fire alarm systems and sprinklers, or industrial fire suppression systems and fire extinguisher training – if there’s a chance it can burn, Bison Fire can help you put it out.

Check out the new Bison Fire website today!

Bison Fire Protection’s new website features an integrated Modern Blog system which has been configured to publish their new blog entries to a number of social networks including the company’s Twitter account, @bison_fire and their Facebook Page.The site also has marketing content and a social media strategy developed by Modern Earth, and was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.

Selling your home can be a complicated task, and often involves both specific responsibilities and processes that most of us don’t know much about. It’s important to find a Realtor who not only knows all the steps to take when buying or selling a house – but also has a team of experienced professionals working with her to keep all the details well managed.

Winnipeg Realtor Chantelle Lysyk works with a team of experts to make every home purchase go as smoothly as possible, whether you are buying a first home, to upsizing or downsizing into a new home.

Chantelle Lysyk’s new website features a client managed real estate listings system and an integrated blog system, allowing Chantelle to share new homes as they become available, and keep people updated with news. A custom programmed contact form, making it easy to get in touch with her home selling team. The site was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.


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In many environments, ensuring critical infrastructure is properly maintained can be a challenge. With hot summers and cold, snow-filled winters, Winnipeg faces challenges to its roads all year round.

For almost thirty years, Superior Asphalt Paving Co of Winnipeg has set the bar on a variety of paved surfaces, from roads to walkways – even providing snow removal services. Their highly trained and experienced staff members help clients ensure that every part of a paving project, from estimate to excavation and paving, is done right.

Visit the new Superior Asphalt website to learn more about this proudly Manitoban company.

The new Superior Asphalt website features an interactive Flash animation, allowing visitors to interact with the site’s content in a unique way.

If improving your health coverage or life insurance is on your list of things to do in 2009, visit Elite Benefit Solution's new website. If you are a professional insurance advisor, they commit to providing their associates with education, service and support.

Elite Benefit Solutions, in association with Trans Canada Insurance Marketing Inc. is headed by Mike McAndless, who has a broad background in the Insurance and Risk Management field. Making a call to Elite Benefit Solutions is a great new year's resolution to anyone interested in improving their insurance.

They've got you covered.





A worldwide leader in customer machine building, Eascan Automation partnered with Modern Earth Web Design to create their new small, yet attractive website.

The new site features an both a banner animation and innovative home page flash animation, giving visitors an effortless tour of their capabilities.

Visit their site at http://eascan.com/

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