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UW-Whitewater College of Business and Economics - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg Manitoba

Thinking about upgrading your education to further your career? One of the important decisions you will have to make when considering taking courses to further your career opportunities is choosing right program. Quality, reputation and sometimes location are important factors when deciding on your options. 

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater College of Business and Economics (UW-W CoBE) is a college with a mission - to offer an engaging educational environment for undergraduates and graduates. UW-W CoBE offers potential students the choice to either study online or on campus. The online programs and departments are identical in content and offer the same features as the on campus programs, by providing video streamed lectures, and full-time faculty that are dedicated to online education and online discussions. 

Not sure if the online learning environment is right for you? The UW-W CoBE website offers complete information including tuition, schedules, and course listings to make the decision easy for potential students.  You can reach out to them by phone at (262) 472-1234 or email.  

From scholarships to career services, the new UW-W CoBE website provides students with many of the key resources they need.  If you are looking to improve your career via distance learning or in person education, visit the new University of Wisconsin-Whitewater College of Business and Economics website today!

The UW-Whitewater College of Business and Economics new website features a custom web design, social media training and was optimized using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


Cheryl Prinz - Immunotec - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaThe flu season is quickly approaching and that means prepping our immune system for the changing weather. An added measure to preventing illness and fatigue, other than getting a proper amount of sleep and food, is the intake of vitamin and nutritional supplements. The challenge most of us have is finding a product that is right for our health needs. Sometimes a consultant can find the product that suitable for us. 

Cheryl Prinz, a representative from Immunotec has first-hand experience with fighting cold and flu viruses.  In her biography, Cheryl explains how Immunotec’s dietary and immune supplements increased her overall health and wellness. Initially working part-time, Cheryl saw her productively levels increase after taking these supplements. She was able to transition to full-time shortly after going through brain surgery for a neurological disorder. 

Cheryl’s new site features her personal story with Immunotec, testimonials from clients, and viewpoints from medical professionals.  

Cheryl Prinz - Immunotec’ new website features a custom web design, and was constructed with our Point & Edit website editing software.


Regent Avenue Dental - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaWhile a regular dental hygiene practice is the cornerstone of dental health some issues require the attention of dental care professionals - both for diagnosis and treatment. It’s not always obvious when a cavity forms, and not every toothache requires a root canal. That’s a big part of why regular visits to your dentist are important.

The team at Regent Avenue Dental Centre is dedicated to helping you keep your smile bright. The centre’s experienced team of dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants provide basic oral health treatment and cosmetic dental treatment to new and existing patients. If you need emergency dental care or restorative treatment for ongoing dental concerns such as root canals, fillings, crowns or bridges - Regent Avenue Dental Centre is happy to help.

Visit the new Regent Avenue Dental Centre website today!

Regent Avenue Dental Centre’s new website features a custom web design, our Point & Edit website editing software, and was built using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


Astro Parade Floats - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaEveryone loves a parade, and for businesses that participate in them, the visibility a parade provides is second to none in being seen as a dynamic, vibrant member of the local community. A well crafted parade float gives any organization the ability to be creative – dramatic – humorous – but ultimately visually engaging. A striking, well designed float can help your organization stand out crowd, and be seen!

Astro Parade Float Materials has been creating moving displays for parades and processions for more than forty years. Whether its float materials like vinyl fringe and floral sheeting - or even a fully built custom float - Astro Parade can help you make your event visible with colour and style. Not sure what kind of display you want? Astro Parade has a gallery of their unique float designs, right on their website.

Visit the new Astro Parade Floats website today!

The new Astro Parade Floats website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, a custom programmed blog system, and was built using our Winnipeg SEO best practices.

International Pipe - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaWhat do hockey rinks, geothermal heating, and fiber optic communications have in common? They all rely on precision-engineered pipe components to work! It’s easy to take many of the materials and components we encounter every day for granted - yet without these materials, such as high performance piping, we wouldn’t enjoy anything like our current lifestyle. From industries as widely recognized as road construction, to high-tech applications like communications, piping makes a big impact on efficiency for cost and labour.

International Pipe develops and manufactures high quality HDPE - High-Density Poly-Ethylene pipe - for a wide variety of industries across North America. By creating specialized, to-order pipe solutions, International Pipe helps its clients complete their projects as efficiently as possible. They even work with manufacturers and innovators to pre-manufacture and prototype piping materials, in order to keep improving the level of piping technology available.

Check out the new International Pipe website today!

International Pipe features a custom web design and Winnipeg search engine optimization by Modern Earth Web Design.

Communication is essential in everything we do. Being able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people, in many situations, lets us get our work done more easily. Learning a second language helps you communicate more easily with more people. Being multilingual can mean finding new friends, and better job opportunities in a number of fields.

French for Life is a program focused on increasing awareness of opportunities to learn French as a second language. Working with public schools, and a variety of independent educational bodies such as Canadian Parents for French-MB (CPF-MB), the program provides learning materials, additional coaching, tutoring, and other services which compliment formal learning curriculums. FFL even facilitates games in French for students currently learning the language! C’est magnifique!

Check out the new French for Life website today!

The French for Life website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, has a custom programmed blog system, and was constructed using our Winnipeg search engine optimization best practices.

Mantario Door Control - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaA lot of planning, work, and detail go into creating the spaces go to - such as malls, theatres, and other public venues. Making these spaces accessible and comfortable for everyone includes, among other things, making sure everyone can enter and exit easily - whether they’re walking, or require assistance from a cane or wheelchair.

For over 20 years, Mantario Door Control has made industrial buildings and public spaces in Manitoba and Northern Ontario more accessible and efficient. As the region’s leading installer of automatic doors, they work with builders and building managers to make buildings accessible to all regardless of physical disability. Mantario also installs and services a range of air barriers, used by industrial buildings and public spaces such as malls to keep environmental control efficient.

Check out the new Mantario Door Control website today!

Mantario Door Control’s website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, and was constructed using our search engine optimization best practices.

Discovery Homes - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaFinding the right home in Winnipeg’s fast-paced real estate market can be a challenge. Are there enough bedrooms? Do you like character homes with classic style, or prefer modern decor? Do you need a two-storey house, or will a bungalow be better? When you know exactly what you want in a home, a great option can be to work with a builder to create just that - a house designed to suit your needs, just as they are, in a location you want.

Discovery Homes builds new houses in the Bridgwater Forest and Waterside Estates developments in Winnipeg. Whether you’re looking for a two-storey home or a bungalow, the experts at Discovery Homes will help you create a home just for you - choose from an extensive list of custom floor plans, and wide variety of detail options. Their detailed building process will ensure you’re kept in the loop throughout the whole building process - from selecting a plan and deciding on a lot, to breaking ground and building, all the way until you’ve moved in to your newly completed home.

Visit the new Discovery Homes website today!

The Discovery Homes website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design. The site uses our Point and Edit website editing software, and was constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


Xpressions Corporate Promotions - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO Winnipeg ManitobaBusiness owners spend a lot of time and energy building a brand - a way to easily communicate the value and identity of their business. Using branding components such as logos, word marks, and easily identifiable colour combinations, a business can communicate its identity across many media. Brochures, websites, billboards, and even travel mugs and clothing are widely used as promotional materials, carrying a company’s image.

Xpressions Corporate Promotional Products creates promotional products for businesses, placing branded images and messages of all kinds on a variety of items. Creating a special look for the holiday seasons? Promoting your presence at a particular event? Whether its outerwear and imprinted clothes for company uniforms, or branded bags and travel mugs to give out as prizes at trade shows... Xpressions has an extensive catalogue of apparel and other items upon which your corporate branding and messaging can appear on.

Check out the new Xpressions website today!

Xpressions Promotional Products uses a customized ecommerce system and custom website design created by Modern Earth. The site was also constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

Many people don’t learn about money management until living as independent adults. Even then, money management is treated as a necessity, rather than a helpful skill. As with many life skills, introducing the ideas of money management earlier can drastically reduce the challenge of learning these life-building skills! More importantly, financial crisis may be averted for the newly independent adult!

Created by Certified Financial Planner Lorri Podolski, Wiz’s World of Discovery exists to help kids understand - and enjoy - the mysteries of financial literacy. The Wizard facilitates a number of events, such as birthday parties, to provide entertainment for children at the same time as introducing them to the basics of financial planning. Parents can also enroll their children in a series of spring and summer camps - or one of the ongoing after school courses - to help them learn about money management in an engaging, encouraging environment.

Learn more at Wiz’s World of Discovery!

Wiz’s World of Discovery features a custom web design by Modern Earth, and a custom programmed blog system. The site was constructed using Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices.


We don’t always get to choose how we feel about things - but, with help, we can choose how we react to feelings that don’t help us make progress in our lives.

Brian Theriault, the voice behind Luminous Awakenings, helps people find peace within challenge. Brian uses a specialized form of counselling called “nondual-transpersonal therapy”, which integrates Western psychology with contemplative wisdom and self-study. This form of therapy helps the patient recognize cues for change in behaviour or perspective.

Brian works with patients to find opportunities to live better and appreciate their circumstances they otherwise may not have had. The website also provides some perspective on the nondual thought process through Brian’s blog posts, and a set of resources in the form of published articles available for download.

Learn more about Brian Theriault at Luminous Awakenings today!

Luminous Awakenings features a custom web site design by Modern Earth, and was constructed using our Winnipeg SEO best practices.

Choosing where to make your long term home is about so much more than the size of the lot, or the floor plan of the house or condo you’re looking at calling home. You’re making a decision about the kind of community you want to live in. What will your neighbors be like? Which conveniences are nearby? Are there are kid-friendly parks, or schools easily accessible?

David Unruh has been helping Winnipeg families find great homes for nearly twenty years - and his son, Chris Unruh, has done the same for the last five. As members of the Century 21 Bachman & Associates group, the Unruhs help people across the city sell their homes, or find the perfect new home in a community that matches their needs.

Check out the new Unruh Real Estate website today, and see their Currently for Sale listings.

The Unruh Real Estate website features a custom web site design by Modern Earth, using our Point & Edit website editing system. The site was also constructed using our Winnipeg SEO best practices.

Show Off Your Smile!

Modern Earth


Taking care of your smile has more benefits than most of us realize. Oral hygiene and preventative dental care are a big part of maintaining your overall health. As any of us who have had to deal with “big deal” procedures like root canals know, working with a dentist you trust to keep the process as pain-free as possible makes all the difference.

Archibald Dental Centre has been keeping Winnipeg’s smiles bright with a pain-free dentistry approach for more than 20 years. No matter what your teeth need, Archibald Dental can help. As a full service dental clinic, they offer everything from cleanings and regular check-ups to root canals and cosmetic dentistry. The clinic’s staff will be happy to work with you to keep on top of your oral health, whether it’s filling a cavity on short notice, or building an ongoing relationship with you based on preventative care.

Check out the new Archibald Dental website today!

Archibald Dental Centre’s new site features a custom web site design and is constructed using Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices.

As part of a well balanced diet, fruits and vegetables have some excellent benefits to your health. But the common choices - such as citrus fruits, berries, and legumes - aren’t the only healthy plants. Edible flowers, especially some of those common in Africa, provide some of the most exciting health benefits in any single food - and what’s more, they taste great!

Yomm Beverages brings the great taste and health benefits of African Hibiscus teas to Manitoba. With their variety of flavoured hibiscus flower drinks, loose teas, and individually packaged hibiscus tea bags, it’s easy to make sure you have a refreshing drink right at hand. Whether you like hot tea, or a cold drink, you’ll enjoy Yomm’s hibiscus teas.

Check out the new Yomm Beverages website today!

The Yomm Beverages website features a design updated by Modern Earth to match the company’s product packaging, as well as a jQuery powered banner on the home page, and a custom programmed contact form.


Quality Life Services - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Programming - SEO - Winnipeg Manitoba

Most of us have experienced periods of illness that keep us from doing what we want to do. Whether it’s a cold keeping us bedridden for a week, or an injury that limits our mobility, we all know how frustrating it can be, feeling trapped in our homes by a condition. For some people, however, conditions such as incontinence aren’t temporary. These kinds of conditions mean changing one’s lifestyle and limiting one’s activities - sometimes severely - for much longer period of time. It can be difficult to keep a sense of pride and purpose, managing a chronic condition.

For more than twenty years, Quality Life Services has been helping those dealing with incontinence maintain their dignity and live without limitations due to their condition. From locations in Winnipeg and Ottawa, Quality Life Services supplies hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions with a selection of leading disposable briefs including Tranquility and Tena products. Beyond acting solely as an institutional supplier, QLS also provides products and guidance for individuals managing their condition on their own. Products available for the general public can be found at the company’s QLS Medical website.

Visit the new  Quality Life Services website today!

The Quality Life Services website was built on Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices, and features a custom programmed secure log-in area for the company’s customers to access detailed information.

Stop The Presses!

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Manitoba Print Industry Association - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - SEO Winnipeg ManitobaBusiness is changing. In every industry, we’re seeing technological advances, consumer habits, and the effects of the shifting world economy create challenge and opportunity. The print industry is no different. New materials are developed, more efficient processes created, and suddenly - or not so suddenly - what used to be a top of the line product or service is yesterday’s news.

The Manitoba Print Industry Association represents a broad range of businesses, from printers and suppliers, to community newspapers and educational organizations. The association helps local printing and print supply businesses stay on the cutting edge by providing training, tools and resources. Visitors to the MPIA website can keep up with Manitoba’s print industry by subscribing to the newsletter or reading the blog. Anyone interested in the print industry will soon be able to browse the site’s job bank to look for opportunities to join the industry.

Check out the new MPIA website today!

The MPIA website features a custom programmed events and course listing system, member directory, and job bank. The site was constructed using Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices.


Local Food - St. Vital Market - Community Grocery - Winnipeg ManitobaIf you eat food - do you care where it comes from? What do you value in your food shopping experience? We want fresh food, friendly service, and wide selection. But there are lots of things that matter to lots of different people. No matter what you’re looking for, having a source you can trust counts for a lot.

St. Vital Market features produce and products from some of Manitoba’s best local food providers, in an inviting farmer’s market style atmosphere. The community grocery prides itself on the knowledge and passion of its staff - each week on their new website, you’ll see great picks of local products right from the market’s team. Just as fresh as their staff picks, the market also shares weekly news on their blog.

See what’s in store at the new St.Vital Market website today!

The new St.Vital Market website features an integrated Modern Earth Blog system, and custom programmed product feature tools. The custom designed web site was constructed using Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices.

CFPNA - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaWe’re taught early that keeping fit, eating well, and preventing illness are important parts of staying healthy. We rely on our health care providers to keep us informed, and work with us to maintain our health. When we have trouble with our health, it’s not just doctors we rely on; it’s a diverse team of health care providers. Part of this team are primary care nurses - often called office nurses or family practice nurses - whom we count on to get the care we need.

The Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association represents and provides resources for those in the medical field who we see most often. Nurses in primary care positions help doctors and other health care team members promote healthy living, manage chronic illnesses, and detect health problems early. In hospitals, clinics, and small medical practices, primary care nurses play a vital role in helping Canadians stay healthy.

Find out more about how the CFPNA is helping raise awareness for the work of primary care nurses by visiting their new website today!

The new CFPNA website features custom designed by Modern Earth features an integrated blog and events system, and was constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


No two families are alike. Some of us own houses or condominiums, others lease or rent. Some families spend much of their time traveling - either abroad or to a cottage. The same is true for businesses - each one has different needs, different assets, and different goals. Supporting these differences is part of what makes an independent insurance broker such a great partner when creating long term plans - either for your business, or for your family.

Coughlin Insurance has been one of Winnipeg’s leading insurance brokers for over forty years. They provide custom solutions and tailored coverage to businesses and individuals in Manitoba, Ontario and the Northwest Territories. As an independent broker, Coughlin Insurance creates solutions for homeowners, cottage and recreation vehicle owners, and businesses from a range of insurance providers. Their independence means more options - and better service - for their clients.

Check out the new Coughlin Insurance website today!

The new Coughlin Insurance website was custom programmed on the WordPress.org platform, using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

Helping Build Manitoba

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SMS Engineering - Custom Website Design - Custom Programming - by Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaThe structures we create to house our lives, our businesses, and everything we do plays a big role in building both the economy, and the culture of our province. Sometimes, these buildings become landmarks like the new Winnipeg Blue Bombers stadium currently in planning. More often, however, it’s structures like the Health Sciences Centre, or the new airport terminal which have an impact on our day to day lives. Making sure these structures will stand up to ongoing use, as well as being appealing places to work, is an important part of building our province.

Using their broad experience and history, Manitoba’s own SMS Engineering has been helping build the province since 1965. Projects of all sized, from personal care homes to the currently in-construction James Armstrong Richardson airport terminal. SMS Engineering’s highly qualified team of mechanical and electrical engineers participates in projects at all stages, through advisory services, design and construction.

Check out the new SMS Engineering website and see some of their work today!

SMS Engineering’s custom designed website features an interactive Flash banner on its main page and a custom programmed menu system for the site’s Projects section.

Keith G. Collins - Web Design and SEO by Modern Earth Web DesignEveryone has times of financial stress, some of which force us to consider difficult options such as bankruptcy. Whether it’s due to dramatic and unexpected events, or positive life changes such as having children, not knowing where you stand – or what your options are – places unnecessary pressure on you and your family.

Keith G Collins Ltd. has been helping Manitobans understand the risks and benefits of different debt management solutions. From credit counselling to the different kinds of consumer proposals, and personal bankruptcy options, Keith G. Collins Ltd. believes that understanding the full range of options available in each unique situation helps their clients make the best decisions for their greatest long-term benefits.

If you have questions, call Keith G. Collins or fill out the quick First Step form so we can help you begin regaining financial security today.

The new Keith G. Collins website features an interactive form custom programmed by Modern Earth, as well as a Modern Earth Blog system. The site was constructed using our search engine optimization best practices.


Winnipeg Elevator - Web Design, SEO - Modern Earth Web DesignNot many people relish the idea of climbing stairs for dozens of storeys to access our homes or offices – and for some, even one flight of stairs isn’t an option. Modern buildings have needed elevators and other systems to help people get around for over a century – and as buildings get taller, the need for well maintained elevators and lifts is growing as well.

Winnipeg Elevator has installed and serviced lifting equipment for more than thirty years. From elevators for apartment buildings and office towers, to wheelchair and accessibility lifts for schools and public buildings, Winnipeg Elevator helps people get where they need to be, with reliability and style. They also perform elevator cab upgrades and modernization, to help building services keep up with changes in decoration as well as advancing safety standards.

Check out the new Winnipeg Elevator website today!

The new Winnipeg Elevator website features a javascript-powered contact form on each page, and was constructed using Modern Earth’s SEO (search engine optimization) best practices.


Keeping your home in good repair means a lot of things - cleaning, maintenance, the occasional new coat of paint both inside and out. One of the things we spend the least amount of time thinking about is how – and when – some parts of our homes need care beyond the usual upkeep.

For example, unless you see a crack in your window, how much thought might you give to repairing it? For most people, the answer is not much. However, not everyone knows that a sure sign windows are breaking down is fog between the panes.

The window re-engineering process used by All About Windows improves visibility and prolongs the life of windows by removing condensation between panes safely. This process also seals the windows against future damage – all without removing or replacing the window itself! Repairing existing windows not only reduces waste, it also increases the insulation capabilities of the windows themselves. Improved insulation can result in cost savings for heating and cooling.

Check out the new All About Windows website today to find out how you can “Heal your Panes!”

All About Windows includes two custom programmed contact forms, and was constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


How to create a brochureYour business relies on many tools to communicate its value to potential clients, and provide information needed to make the buying process easier on everyone involved. Many businesses use informational brochures, designing as many as needed to speak to different segments of their customer base. Brochures are designed to hold critical information about your business, and communicate the value in that information to your customers. But what if no one on your team has made one before?

Howtomakeabrochure.com offers resources for creating effective print marketing material. Print marketing specialist Barbara Green has created a series of ebook guides on brochure design, and consults with companies of many sizes to help make their collateral development process efficient and successful. Howtocreateabrochure.com also features a wealth of information with its 7 steps to making a brochure section, and Barbara’s blog.

Check out the new Howtocreateabrochure.com website today!

Howtocreateabrochure.com features an interactive animated flash navigation menu, simple ecommerce functions, and an integrated Modern Earth blog system. The site was constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

Steelcity Physiotherapy - Website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Modern Earth Web DesignWellness is about more than ridding yourself of illness. It's about feeling healthy, from head to toe. Everyone wants to feel well. Whether you're recovering from surgery, an injury, or training for a marathon, being at the top of your game in body, mind, and spirit is important.

Steelcity Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre, located in Selkirk, has brought together a diverse team of healthcare professionals. Their new clinic offers a range of services, from physiotherapy and sports injury reconditioning to low-intensity laser therapy and custom orthotics. Steelcity Physio's team of committed professionals wants to help you feel better, and live better.

Check out the new Steelcity Physio website today!

The new website for Steelcity Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre features a clean, elegant custom design, and was constructed on Modern Earth's search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

Do You Love Trains?

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Prairie Shadows Model Railway Co.The railway is part of Canada’s history. Linking the Maritime Provinces to British Columbia with thousands of miles of track, the Canadian railroad has been a part of what makes our country what it is today.

For almost as long as the railway has kept Canada connected, enthusiasts have been showing their appreciation for the tracks and trains they love by creating detailed, scale replicas of routes. Many model railroaders create intricate systems, requiring diverse sets of scale engines, cars, and tracks.

Over the last five years, Prairie Shadow Model Railway Co. has become one of Manitoba’s most diverse providers of H0 Scale trains and N Scale trains. With model trains from recognized leaders such as Athearn, ExactRail, and Kato just to name a few, Prairie Shadows focuses on quality over quantity in their product lines.

Check out the new Prairie Shadows website today!

The new Prairie Shadows Model Railway Co. website features an ecommerce system and custom programmed blog. The site was constructed and optimized using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

Any builder will tell you that having the right tools for the right job is important – and so is having the right building materials. Whether you’re changing the layout of your office space, putting the finishing touches on your living room, or cooking up a new kitchen from scratch, having access to the right building materials can help you make sure the job gets done right the first time.

Contractors Direct Supply has the building supplies you need. Mortarless brick and stone siding, flooring materials, kitchen and bath building supplies – and more! The team at CDS has the experience, and relationships with suppliers, to understand your project and help you get what you need on time and on budget.

Get in touch with one of the team today, to see how they can help you get your project done!

The new CDS website features a custom programmed information slider on its main page, and was constructed on Modern Earth’s search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.


EZ Marketing - Free Online CouponsWhether you’re looking to take advantage of a great exchange rate, or hunting down the elusive Cherry Coke, heading south of the border means more than just a change of pace or scenery. Manitobans have a great tradition of making shopping trips to the United States – and, like any traveller, we’re always looking for ways to make our trips even more cost-effective.

Since 1982, EZ Marketing has made it easy for shoppers travelling to Minnesota and North Dakota to make the most of their trip, by publishing twice-monthly coupon inserts in the Winnipeg Free Press. EZ Marketing provides some of the best deals available on restaurants, hotels, and retailers in four US cities. The EZ Marketing Golf Guide is also published monthly from May through September, meaning Manitobans have the opportunity to find great new coupons on 36 out of 52 Saturdays every year.

No matter whether the Canadian dollar is high or low, cross-border shopping is part of Manitoban life – so Manitobans need EZ Marketing.

Check out the new EZ Marketing website and download your free online coupons today!

The new EZ Marketing website features an integrated Modern Earth blog system, as well as information feeds from the Weather Network, and the Canadian Border Services Agency to provide visitors with more information about travel conditions. The website has also been constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


Creating a healthy, appealing office environment requires more than concern for accessibility, safety and productivity. Very often, it’s the little details – like concern for cleanliness and office health – that make the biggest difference in how happy people are to spend time in your space.

AirStrength Canada helps businesses of all sizes create appealing office spaces. By creating customized tropical plantscapes using both live and artificial plants, and providing decorative plant and tree containers to match a building’s interior design scheme, AirStrength helps enhance any indoor environment’s air quality – promoting better health for people spending time in the space. Their commercial health and safety products also allow people to keep their spaces in the best condition possible.

Check out the new AirStrength website today!

AirStrength Canada’s website uses a custom programmed contact form, allowing visitors to send questions from any page on the site. The website was also constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

We are all part of many communities, based on where we live, where we work, and what we do for fun. DASCH Inc. believes in the power of community, by advocating for and enriching the lives of the people it supports – those members of our community that are youth and adults dealing with the challenge of living with intellectual disabilities.

DASCH provides a number of programs and services that demonstrate their vision and commitment to help their residents and program participants to reach their full potential. Want to work with DASCH? Visit their Careers page for more information.

On their new site, you can visit the DASCH Store – to purchase original art prints done by Dasch residents and staff. Get the latest news from their blog and their events calendar, or sign up for the DASCH newsletter. With 50 beautiful homes throughout Winnipeg, DASCH is a vital part of our community and continues to find innovative and progressive ways to encourage and support their client’s participation in the vibrant life of our city.

Visitors to the new DASCH website can purchase DASCH merchandise or artwork through the site's ecommerce system, or support the DASCH foundation using a custom programmed paypal donation system. DASCH keeps their supporters informed using the ModernBlog publishing system, and email marketing through greatBIGnews. The website was search engine optimized, and integrates social media marketing best practices.

For animals, just like people, nutrition is key to good health. Creating a strong dietary plan for livestock - including high quality feed - means better quality meat when livestock is processed for the consumer market, and better lifetime production from dairy animals.

Manitoba’s own East-Man Feeds has been developing quality livestock feed for more than 40 years. With a network of dealers throughout Western Canada and the Mid-west United States, East-Man Feeds supports farmers and animal growers by producing innovative livestock, beef, dairy and poultry feed and top-dress products.

Check out the new East-Man Feeds website today!

East-Man Feeds features an integrated blog system developed by Modern Earth, and an animated flash banner. The site has been search engine optimized using Modern Earth’s SEO best practices.

Road safety is more than just air bags and seatbelts. Staying safe in all weather conditions means making sure every component in your vehicle does its job exactly as it should, every time it’s needed. This means, beyond just keeping your gas tank full and your oil fresh, safe drivers make sure their vehicles are in good working order from top to tires.

For more than 50 years, West End Tire has helped to keep Manitoba drivers safe. By bringing new life to old tires with a unique tire retreading process, providing auto inspections, and offering a wide range of automotive maintenance services, West End Tire demonstrates a long history of commitment to road safety. 

Check out the new West End Tire website today!

West End Tire’s new website features marketing content developed by Modern Earth, and was constructed on search engine optimization best practices.


Keeping people and property safe is one of the top concerns of any business owner. Many safety hazards can be avoided – but being prepared is key to minimizing damage to both physical property, and injury to anyone involved.  Whether in a big city, rural location or fly-in remote or isolated community accessible only by plane – Bison fire can be there to help identify risks and install solutions to prevent tragedy from striking.

For ten years, Bison Fire Protection has helped keep businesses in Winnipeg and southern Manitoba prepared for unexpected emergencies by providing comprehensive fire protection solutions. The company now has three locations, in Winnipeg, Thompson, and now Regina, as well as an online presence on Facebook, Twitter and soon, LinkedIn.   Their fire demonstrations and training are among the most comprehensive and thorough in Manitoba.

Bison Fire’s protection systems can be found in a wide range of applications, including mining vehicles, commercial kitchens, and high sensitivity areas such as labs and IT installations. Whether you need fire alarm systems and sprinklers, or industrial fire suppression systems and fire extinguisher training – if there’s a chance it can burn, Bison Fire can help you put it out.

Check out the new Bison Fire website today!

Bison Fire Protection’s new website features an integrated Modern Blog system which has been configured to publish their new blog entries to a number of social networks including the company’s Twitter account, @bison_fire and their Facebook Page.The site also has marketing content and a social media strategy developed by Modern Earth, and was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.

Being prepared often means more than just knowing what do to when facing a crisis. Having support in place for every eventuality can be crucial to weathering financial and emotional storms when the worst happens.

Guild Insurance Brokers in Brandon Manitoba works with the southern Manitoba community to provide comprehensive home insurance coverage, business insurance, and is a full-service Autopac dealer. Guild also supports their clients by providing resources such as insurance tips, financing, and auto insurance tools.

Guild Insurance meets the needs of their region with specialized programs for CFB Shilo residents through their DND military program. From insurance for farmers to marine insurance and seasonal insurance for cottage owners, Guild creates customized coverage packages for families with diverse needs. They are also one of the few full-service insurance brokerages in Manitoba to offer railroad insurance.

The new Guild Insurance website features an integrated insurance quote request form, as well as a customer feedback form. These two forms allow clients and potential customers to request the information they need quickly and easily. The site was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.



Lights! Camera! Action!

We're pleased to have been selected by Sunseeker Tours, a Hollywood area tour company who had an under-performing website.

We performed our Advanced Organic SEO process on their website, which included composing pages of optimized content which served two purposes. First, to enhance a visitors experience and have them better understand the quality of the tour, and second to increase their search engine rankings.

And the result? A better performing website which is now in the spotlight and producing great results!

- Dan


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