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Upcoming Chamber U Webinars

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Chamber U - The Winnipeg Chamber of CommerceUnfortunately this weeks scheduled speaker, Ron Bartlette of Winnipeg Transitions Centre, is unable to present. 

Webinars run every Wednesday during the lunch hour, the full schedule for upcoming Chamber U Webinars can be found on the chamber website.

Upcoming Webinar Topics

April 29th, 2015: Learning To Share – Dropbox And Google Documents

May 6th, 2015: Employee Relations And Labour Law – What You Should Know

May 13th, 2015: Media Relations 101 - How To Get Coverage

May 20th, 2015: The Rfp Is Out - Qbs Is In. Is Your Organization Ready?

Managing The Risks Of Global Sourcing

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This Week in Chamber U:

Rick Reid, Supply Chain Management Association, ManitobaRick Reid - Supply Chain Management Association, Manitoba

Rick Reid is the executive director of Supply Chain Management Association Manitoba (SCMA Manitoba). Rick specializes in helping organizations optimize their supply chains and works with companies to develop strategies that maximize efficiency, reliability and profitability.

Rick has more than 20 years of supply chain management experience working in the private and public sectors. He has extensive experience in developing supply chain strategies that eliminate waste, reduce risk and reduce costs. He has helped many organizations find savings in the areas of material costs, process/labour efficiencies, cost avoidance, cost recovery and inventory management. 

Rick has served as president of SCMA Manitoba and two terms as director on SCMA’s national board of directors. He is currently a member of the SCMA Institute Advisory Council. 

Managing The Risks Of Global Sourcing

Global sourcing offers many organizations the opportunity to reduce costs and increase their competitiveness. However, sourcing products from international suppliers also comes with its share of risks - issues with product quality, currency fluctuations and longer lead times. Failure to manage these risks effectively can lead to increased costs, unnecessary delays and increased liability.  Learn the basics of setting up an effective global sourcing capability within your organization.



David Baker - Think ShiftThis Week In Chamber U:

Dave Baker, Think Shift

For two decades, David Baker has been helping individuals and organizations find and realize their potential. As CEO of Think Shift, David is committed to building a culture of intentionality.

By teaching and encouraging constructive transparency and personal leadership, he works with professionals and business owners to identify and achieve their goals. He is an enthusiastic speaker, engaging storyteller and experienced communications strategist with a heart for the community. He currently sits on the board of directors for a number of organizations, including Providence University College and Riverview Health Centre. Before founding Mars Hill Group (now Think Shift) in 1996, David studied public relations at Mount Royal College, worked in television production with the CBC, and served as the director of Corporate Promotions and Marketing for the Winnipeg Jets.

How To Align Your Brand And Corporate Culture

The way people organize and communicate has changed more in the past 10 years than in the previous 100. It has revolutionized communication and marketing. One of the most significant changes has been the adoption of social media and the new imperative to understand how company culture evolves and what culture means (for good or bad) to a brand value and the ability to compete.

Learn about the relationship between brand and culture and how to leverage both to create better business results, intentional change and the ability to compete both for people and profit.  



This Week In Chamber U:

Darcy Penner and Sarah Leeson-Klym, CCEDNet

Darcy Penner - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg Manitoba

Darcy Penner

Darcy Penner has been working in community economic development since graduating from the University of Winnipeg with a BA (Honours) degree in Politics. Starting at CCEDNet in 2013, his role has seen him work with member organizations to pursue a broad policy agenda through workshops, presentations, budget submissions, policy papers and community organizing. He has also specialized in supportive social enterprise policy and research, including co-ordinating the Manitoba Social Enterprise Sector Survey and the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy.

Sarah Leeson-Klym - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaSarah Leeson-Klym

Sarah Leeson-Klym obtained an Arts and Cultural Management certificate from MacEwan University, then worked and volunteered in a range of capacity-building programs before graduating with a BA (Honours) degree in Social Justice Theory and Practice from the University of Winnipeg. Starting in 2011, her previous position as learning and engagement co-ordinator focused on engaging CCEDNet’s Manitoba members, creating learning programs and co-ordinating The Manitoba Gathering and the Enterprising Non-Profits program for social enterprise development. She brings this wide range of experience to her current role as Manitoba regional director.

Social Enterprise - What Is It And Why Support It?

We are witnessing a global surge of innovative entrepreneurs breaking down the barrier between non-profit social organizations and for-profit business structures. Committed to both social and profitable outcomes, these blended-value businesses are creating effective, sustainable solutions for complex challenges facing our communities. What are some of the social enterprises in Winnipeg doing and what steps can the private and public sectors take to support this emerging sector?



Karen Keppler, University of Winnipeg Masters of Development Practice

This Week In Chamber U:

Karen Keppler, University of Winnipeg Masters of Development Practice

Karen Keppler is executive director of the Virtual Business Innovation Centre (VBIC). Since 1991, Karen has assisted More than 500 business start-ups. For the past five years, she has taught at the University of Winnipeg in the Department of Business and the Master of Development Practice program. As an experienced online instructor in strategy at the University of Manitoba, Karen is comfortable in classrooms, both actual and virtual. Karen also teaches courses at MITT in International Business.

As a business and social enterprise owner since 1997, Karen has run successful operations including a retail flower shop, retail clothing shop, art gallery, consulting firm, learning centre and e-waste recycler. Promotion is an important success factor in retail businesses.

She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Winnipeg, a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Manitoba and is currently working on a PhD.

How To Get More Customers In Your Door

As a retailer, driving foot traffic to your store may seem something of a lost art, but it's no less critical to the health of your business than it ever was. Get your front door swinging … learn how to attract customers, whether through innovative promotions, sales, ad campaigns or charity events.