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Group Benefits – A Primer

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Carol-Ann Borody-Siemens - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg ManitobaThis Week In Chamber U:

Carol-Ann Borody-Siemens, GBL Solutions

Carol-Ann Borody-Siemens currently owns and operates GBL Solutions Inc., a group insurance brokerage. Previously, she owned and operated CW Pooles, a general brokerage firm that included group benefits and life insurance in its service portfolio.

She is accomplished in business management, including marketing, budgeting, human resources and strategic planning.

Group Benefits – A Primer

Whether your business is a one-person firm or more, there’s a low-risk way to get the basics about group benefits. Join us and find answers to these questions: Where to start? What having benefits can do for you? How to design one? What employees want? How to be flexible in what you offer? Why some plans work in the long run, and some don’t? How to ensure that your plans change as you change?


Foreign Exchange

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Mark Kelly, Western Union - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaThis Week In Chamber U:

Mark Kelly, Western Union

Mark Kelly, who got his degree from the University of Manitoba, has more than 15 years’ experience providing business solutions throughout Manitoba, including working with Western Union Business Solutions since 2007.

Mark specializes in providing currency risk management solutions to clients by gaining a thorough understanding of each business’s needs and then focusing on the best solution to meet the needs of that client. Through personalized service, he provides a comprehensive analysis of foreign currency dealings and gives peace of mind that his clients are protected from currency volatility.

Foreign Exchange

About 80% of business by Manitoba companies is across a border … you need to be prepared for that. Get a basic understanding of foreign exchange – the risks, the challenges and solutions.



Rick Reid - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg ManitobaThis Week In Chamber U:

Rick Reid, Supply Chain Management Association, Manitoba

Rick Reid is the executive director of Supply Chain Management Association Manitoba (SCMA Manitoba). Rick specializes in helping organizations optimize their supply chains and works with companies to develop strategies that maximize efficiency, reliability and profitability.

Rick has more than 20 years of supply chain management experience working in the private and public sectors. He has extensive experience in developing supply chain strategies that eliminate waste, reduce risk and reduce costs. He has helped many organizations find savings in the areas of material costs, process/labour efficiencies, cost avoidance, cost recovery and inventory management. 

Rick has served as president of SCMA Manitoba and two terms as director on SCMA’s national board of directors. He is currently a member of the SCMA Institute Advisory Council. 

Uncovering The Hidden Costs In Your Supply Chain

 The current business environment presents many challenges that make it difficult to succeed - rising costs, increased competition and eroding profit margins. Successful organizations harness the full potential of their supply chains to meet these challenges, taking a collaborative approach that integrates internal operations with key suppliers. Learn the basics of how to identify cost-saving opportunities within your supply chain.




Stop The Pain At Work

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Joyce Odidison - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg ManitobaThis Week In Chamber U:

Joyce Odidison, Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.

Joyce Odidison has a passion for helping people live and work well. As president and CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., she has spent two decades building safe and respectful workplaces to protect employees from bullying, harassment, discrimination and the negative impacts of interpersonal conflicts.

Joyce has a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management and is a professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Joyce created a series of Wellness Improvement System (WIS) programs, including the WIS Wellness Assessment instrument and the Workplace Wellness Assistance Program (WWAP) ongoing corporate support services. She also created Manitoba’s first and only Coach Training Certification program, an ICF recognized, world-class coach certification.

Stop The Pain At Work

Sometimes work can be painful or it feels like you’re leaking vital energy, maybe due to high stress, burnout, bullying, chronic fatigue, poor lifestyle choices or high employee turnover. Find out how you can stop “work pain” by adopting a new attitude, focus, mindset or skill to create an atmosphere of wellness at work.  


Modern Earth Web Design and The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce are presenting a new webinar series, which will share the wealth of knowledge and expertise found among the Chamber’s 2,000-plus members. Our “guest” instructors provide you with real, practical, hands-on information … a tool kit to build your business.

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Tracey Wright, Prophet Business GroupThis Week: 

Tracey Wright, Prophet Business Group

As a software consultant, certified accountant and a key member of the team at Prophet Business Group, Tracey Wright knows the importance of efficiency. She’s a Microsoft Certified Trainer, which means she’s the perfect person to help you make the most of the tools you user every day.

Improving Productivity With Outlook, Excel And Other Office Products

If you’re not using Microsoft Office to its full potential, you’re not being as productive as you could be. Learn tips and tricks for Excel, Outlook and Word that will save you hours this year alone.