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Lifelong Learning Philosophy

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Have you ever wanted to make a pair of Mukluks? Maybe finally master your IPhone? Is your dog in desperate need of obedience training? Do want your kids to learn to swim? You need to check out The Lord Selkirk School Division’s Continuing Education courses. 

The Lord Selkirk School Division offers the most diverse and amazing selection of courses for everyone in the community. Whether you are a parent looking for something for your child or looking to enrich your own learning experience, you will find amazing courses that will make you want to keep learning. 

The Lord Selkirk School Division’s Continuing Education website breaks their courses down into several categories, making it easy to find the course you may be interested in. They include: Children and Youth, Computers, Do it Yourself and Hobbies, First Aid and Safety, Health and Wellness and Personal and Professional Development. Course descriptions are detailed with session times and dates and location. They offer 3 terms running from September to December (Fall), January to March (Winter) and April to June (Spring).  

The Selkirk Community Pool is operated by the Lord Selkirk School Division and is the only one of its kind in Manitoba. They offer an extensive array of courses from lean to swim to competitive swim programs to lifeguard certifications. Even with all the courses offered at the pool, they still have a great open swim schedule and drop-ins are welcome for their aquafit and lap swim classes.

Continuing Education at the Lord Selkirk School Division encourages learners to take courses with a “Lifelong Learning Philosophy” in a non-intimidating setting. Try something new or come back for what you love!


If you have ever had to organize travel for a sports team or a for a group tour, you know how much work it can be to make sure it is a smooth and wonderful experience for all. The planning involved can be daunting and making sure that every aspect of the travel is properly organized is incredibly time consuming. This is where Heartland International Travel and Tours comes in. 

For over 15 years, Heartland International Travel and Tours has been organizing travel for every type of sports teams and for all types of groups to destinations within Canada, Manitoba and all over the world. Working closely with team managers, coaches and organizers, Heartland International Travel and Tours will organize everything from airfare, transfers  and hotel accommodation to meals and sight seeing tours. 

If you are planning a convention, Heartland International Travel and Tours can make it happen for you. As a Destination Management Company, they can provide convention services in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba and as a full service travel agency, they can arrange flights for all delegates and assist in qualifying your event for convention or group reduced airline rates. They are at your service throughout your convention and will help with any last minute changes to air tickets that may be needed allowing you to focus on your convention.  They provide the best service, suggestions and recommendations that will guarantee you an enjoyable visit and a successful convention. 

They also offer amazing tours in and around the Winnipeg area. From wildlife tours that include Churchill’s beloved polar bears and belugas to musical history tours, there is something for everyone. Visit their website often for upcoming tours. 

Heartland International Travel and Tours has been involved in the group tour and travel market for over 15 years. They have the experience to plan and assist any group with the perfect tour itinerary that will fit your budget and interests.

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Eliminate Messy Oil Changes Forever!

POSTED BY Sean Savoie


If you own a car, truck or a fleet of vehicles you need to know about this product.

No-Spill Systems™ manufactures magnetic drain plugs that replace the existing plug in your vehicle’s oil pan providing fast, environmentally friendly results.  Easy to install, the No-Spill™ oil drain plug makes your next oil change a breeze. By simply replacing your factory oil drain plug with the No-Spill™ magnetic drain plug you will eliminate common drainage problems including messy oil changes, stripped oil pans and overtightened plugs. Manufactured in North America and installed in over 1,000,000 vehicles these magnetic drain plugs are guaranteed to make your vehicle maintenance process smoother and more efficient. 

For fleet vehicle owners the No-Spill Systems™ magnetic drain plug is so incredibly time saving and cost effective, it is your answer to all of your oil change issues. Oil changes are fast and efficient with no need to wait for the engine to cool down as hot oil can be handled safely. This eliminates all concerns about burns or injury and downtime is kept to a minimum, and as their name says, the oil change process becomes a no-spill process. The No-Spill™ drain plug is designed in 3 styles; standard with sizes available for over 500 vehicles, compact for vehicles with restricted space and speed click for large volume users and all 3 styles are designed to work by gravity or with a suction system. 

The No-Spill Systems™ team is committed to supplying their customers with the highest quality products, technical assistance and design innovation. You can shop online or contact them for assistance in choosing the right style for your cars or trucks. No order is too big or too small. 

Deciding on your insurance needs can be a daunting task. Whether it be home, life, marine or business, the options are endless and often confusing. 

Lowey Insurance takes the confusion out of choosing the right insurance. With the understanding that insurance is not a one size fits all product, the staff at Lowey Insurance take the time to get to know you so they can resource and deliver the best insurance product tailored to your needs. 

Lowey Insurance works with several companies to deliver insurance packages for all types of personal insurance, including residential, condominium, tenant and seasonal.  They also specialize in marine insurance. Working with Premiere Marina and Pacific Marine, they can insure any type of marine vehicles, from trawlers to jet skis.

Lowey Insurance also offers the best solutions for all your commercial insurance needs. Working with several companies, the team at Lowey will source the best policy to make certain you are covered properly. 

Insurance is unique because it is intangible. Clients only find out how good their Insurance is when something bad happens. As a result, Insurance is bought and sold on the basis of trust. The vision of the entire team at Lowey Insurance is to live up to the trust that their clients place in them, by putting always putting the client first.

Visit Lowey Insurance to get the personalized service that will guarantee the most tailored solution for all your insurance needs. 


"Helping you is what we do!"

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Whether you are buying or selling your home, having a great real estate agent is essential in helping you with your process.

With offices in Steinbach and Niverville, Manitoba, The Royal LePage Riverbend Realty team can help you with the purchase or selling of your home. 

Whether you are buying or selling, the Royal LePage Riverbend Realty website has a great list of tools to help you with the process and they maintain a concise list of open house events for your ease of planning – if you’re interested in a property, make sure you don’t miss out! 

Visit their website for the complete list of latest and greatest properties they have listed and check back weekly for frequent updates and to find your dream home!

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