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Localism, Community and Goodwill

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Wholly Canadian - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization Winnipeg ManitobaA breath of fresh air for those with a heart for local or fair-trade living, and inspiration for those intrigued

Given the chance, most consumers will happily support local, well-made products over mass-marketed, imported goods, but it is often so difficult to know what products are available. Smaller, local companies often don’t have the advertising revenue or production base to compete with popular goods that are easily available in your local grocery or department store and reviews on locally produced goods can be difficult for consumers to find. 

This is where Wholly Canadian comes in.

Wholly Canadian is a social enterprise that exists to encourage localism, community, and goodwill within Canada and is the online connecting point for Canadian businesses to proudly showcase their made-in-Canada products via an online directory featuring categories of wholly Canadian products. This provides an organic intersection for Canadian consumers and producers.

The directory features numerous businesses and is always growing and the hot picks section is an excellent resource for all things Canadian from local dairy products to Canadian made children’s equipment. 

Through online tools including social media, giveaway contests, top ten picks of the month, incredibly informative blogs, and joining the Wholly Canadian community, this website is a true plethora of information for anyone who wants to explore local, sustainable living at its best.

If you are a Canadian-owned enterprise or international enterprise dedicated to fair-trade products and you manufacture and/or retail a substantial amount of Canadian-made or fair-trade products, collaborating with Wholly Canadian is a smart way to invest your resources--as it is a grassroots social enterprise that champions local companies like yours. It's connecting with potential customers who are already interested in you! 

Visit Wholly Canadian and enjoy the resources available for local, sustainable living 


Visionary Homes - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design Winnipeg ManitobaBuying a new home is one of the most exciting and daunting ventures we take in our lives.  Whether it is your first home or you have outgrown your existing home, or you are downsizing, you want your home to meet your vision, lifestyle and budget. Often, visits to developments leave you disappointed, with pre-constructed homes never quite meeting your vision of the perfect home.

In Stonewall Manitoba, Stacey Nickel can make your vision a reality. Turning her passion and skills in home design into her life’s work, Stacey took her home building expertise and started Visionary Homes

Visionary Homes is a custom homebuilder, creating beautiful, unique homes in and around Stonewall.

Along with her husband, Dan, Stacey has gathered an outstanding crew of the most professional, certified tradespeople delivering the highest quality built homes. Combining stunning design with impeccable customer service and communication, Stacey and her team deliver the home of your dreams. 

The Visionary Homes process is one that incorporates your vision from start to finish. Stacey and her team get to know you and your family to determine your needs. Together with the team you decided on Visionary Homes plans and designs the blueprints, then develops a 3D plan to help you visualize your new home. Once plans are finalized and construction begins you will have opportunities to visit the construction project and approve all aspects of the design during construction. 

Visionary Homes takes pride in every home they build and strive for the best in quality. Setting a new level for custom building, they follow your vision and budget without limitation.

Caring and Sharing

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Harrow United ChurchIn 1916  Mr. James Hooper took a sunday afternoon stroll across south fort rouge and found there were a large number of children in the area without a Sunday School to attend.  A meeting was called between members of three churches in the area,  Crescent Congregational, Fort Rouge Methodist and Augustine Presbyterian.  As a result of this meeting a nearby abandoned store on what is now Arbuthnot street near the corner of Scotland avenue became Sunshine Hall.

Over the years the congregation grew and a need was evident for a larger location.  At a meeting of the congregation on April 27, 1948, a decision was made to purchase the current Mulvey and Harrow property as a new site for the church.  After construction was completed on the new church, the old building was moved to the same site and is now used as the Christian Education Building.

Fast forward to the present day, and Harrow United Church is still a place where children and youth go to grow and play.  Constantly looking for ways to help make a difference in the community, the growing congregation holds several outreach events throughout the year and posts regular happenings on their website.  The large hall and kitchen are available for rental for major life events.  Caring for the members of the congregation, and sharing in their journey, has made Harrow United Church a welcome place for the people and families who call the Crescentwood neighborhood home.

Assessing the Ideal

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Maximize Human Capabilities ScreenshotResearchers say “sitting is the new smoking” - sitting for long periods of time can have negative impacts on your health comparable to smoking a pack a day.  As technology advances and people spend more time working on computers, they are also spending more time staring at screens and sitting each day.  What can you be doing for your employees to mitigate the negative impact a desk job can have on their health?

 Maximize Human Capabilities (Max OT)  is a company that truly lives up to its name.  Founder Lorraine Mischuck and her team specialize in functional capacity evaluations, functional cognitive assessments, job demands analysis and multiple additional facets of ergonomics and occupational therapy services.

Their clinical practice provides ergonomic assessments, home and personal care assessments, and worksite assessments to provide recommendations for accommodations that can be made to better improve the day to day experience of employees.  Return to work programs, permanent impairment assessments, medical & legal consultation, and community based psychosocial rehabilitation also fall within the scope of their expertise.  Complimentary to their clinical offerings Maximize Human Capabilities also provides direct employer based services.

The occupational therapists of Max OT are able to conduct within the workplace Ergonomic Analysis and Training, Post-Offer-Pre-Employment Testing, Employee Early Intervention, and Workplace Accommodation Evaluations.  Though the terms may be intimidating, ultimately these  analyses decide the ideal workstation design to promote both mental and physical productivity and positivity in the workplace - completely maximizing the capabilities of employees.

Because Tomorrow Is Too Late

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Constant C - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design Winnipeg Security has always been important to businesses. We see news stories about security breaches at major companies around the globe almost daily. What have you done to safeguard your business data? More importantly, what steps can your business take today to protect itself and its clients from future security threats?

Stemming from a software program created by the company president and CEO Jason Kolaski in 1986, Constant C Technology Group has grown and developed into the company it is today. Constant C is a single source provider of managed IT services, business phone service and video surveillance for businesses in Winnipeg and across Manitoba.

Constant C helps their clients cut costs and increase productivity with 24/7 remote, helpdesk and on­site support at a monthly fixed rate ­ replacing the need for an in­house IT department. Managed IT services provided by Constant C allow business owners to focus on growing and developing their business, rather than monitoring and managing system backups. Providing peace of mind and consistent service is their ultimate goal.

Unified communication systems including VoIP, Digital, and Analog allow users to take client calls from anywhere. Phone systems can be switched over with little downtime, and quick training by expert Constant C staff. Advanced surveillance systems can be utilized indoors to count people passing through busy locations or track wait times in lineups, and track moving objects outdoors in parking lots or alert security teams to loitering occurring near entryways.

Constant C offers a free network assessment, including pointers on how to reduce IT maintenance costs, protect data, speed up systems, eliminate crashes and more. Why not contact Constant C today, after all tomorrow could be too late!

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