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The Team Goes to Tron

Susan Hurrell


Some of the Earthlings (ahem) remember TRON from it's original theatrical release, other younger Earthlings discovered it as part of their journey to Geekdom.  We were pretty much ALL excited to see the long awaited sequel TRON: Legacy.  Dan and Marnie arranged an Earthlings Night Out (including Significant Others) - so off we went to the Empire Theatre at Grant Park to take over a couple rows in the middle of the theatre.  Tron:Legacy is an amazing visual experience, with some definite "ponderable moments" for those of us who look for symbolism and deeper meaning.  Or it is just pure fun.  

Some of us already want to see it again!  A few of us will be writing our own reviews on our own blogs, on Facebook or Twitter; while the viewing experience was collective, the interpretations will be unique to each of us.  Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

Thanks to Dan and Marnie for a great team event.

Earthlings Night Out - Modern Earth Web Design goes to TRON: Legacy - Winnipeg Manitoba

Tiger's Den 2010

Dan Belhassen


Every year, we are honoured to participate in the Tiger's Den entrepreneurship program for high school students from Louis Riel School Division.  This year's competition featured over a dozen different teams, all tasked with coming up with innovative business ideas, and developing them into a high level plan, all within about a six hour timespan.

It's so rewarding to see these budding entrepreneurs come up with very creative and innovative concepts.  This year's ideas range everything from solutions for "rapid transit passenger processing" to "jean warmers" (because it's impossible to convince your teenagers to wear ski pants even at minus 30 Celsius - I know, I've tried) to the top prize concept for a smart phone app to replace your credit cards.

As is the example from Groupon's success, a billion dollar idea based on a simple concept is just around the corner, and can come from anyone anywhere.

Tiger's Den classroom - Louis Riel School Division - Modern Earth Web Design


I had the pleasure tonight of attending the holiday reception for People First HR.  An excellent example of a well run reception, they had a great cross section of attendees including clients plus government and other stakeholders, lots of staff making sure everyone had a good time, holiday beverages, and some games as well.

I had a lovely chat with Rick Lussier from the Winnipeg Foundation, and got to play my first ever game of "Furlockey" (Football, curling, hockey) against Tim Feduniw (pictured here) of Winnipeg Economic Development.

Well done, People First, and thank you for inviting us!

Dan Belhassen - Tim Feduniw - People First HR - Modern Earth Web Design Blog