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We've been growing the team again - so watch for a few announcements over the next few weeks introducing some of our new team members.

Chad Norris, Software Development Manager, is pleased to welcome two new additions to the website programming and development team.  Wes Hanney and James Robb have joined "The Dark Side" in the programming division.  They each bring a strong programming skillset to the custom development team.  Wes and Robb join the rest of the Custom Programming team - made up of Sr. Programmer Michel Gauthier, and developers Helgi "Odin of Code'n" and Rob "Rotbear" Tardiff.  Nicknames for the new Earthlings still "in development".

Welcome, New Earthlings!  You can meet the whole team on our website - and learn a bit more about our corporate philosphy "in our own words" on every page.

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I spent most of last week in Toronto at the Human Resource Professionals Association conference, presenting SmarterU.com at our booth in the trade show area. The HRPA event is the 3rd largest HR conference in the world, with over 250 exhibitors, and 3000 plus attendees. Hosting the conference was Mike Lipkin (master of extreme motivation), and with keynote speakers like Leonard Brody and Daniel Pink - it was an event that delivered value to registrants and exhibitors alike.

I was able to talk to people from the full range of the Human Resources spectrum – from HR consultants to HR professionals from firms of all sizes. I kept hearing how important training is to the HR world, and it was great to see how SmarterU.com could meet the needs of the HR community. Just the ability to replace or supplement real time seminars or online webinars with online learning and testing that is available on demand was a win for several of the people I spoke with – reducing the cost of sending people out to do training, or waiting until there were “enough” people to hold a session. Another great feature that got positive response is the suite of interactive and fully customizable SmarterGames – that lift learning out of the read/repeat mode and help ensure comprehension for the all important testing components that come at the end of the course.

Trade shows like the HRPA show gives us great opportunities to meet new potential clients, and present our solutions for an online world. I’ll be attending more conferences than ever before in 2011 - sometimes as an exhibitor, occasionally as a presenter. If you see the Modern Earth or Smarter U booth at an event, please come over and introduce yourself. That’s why we’re there – to meet you!

- Dan


If you are following the Modern Earth Twitter stream (@modernearth), or myself (@modernsusan) or Ian (@ianmrountree) you'll notice that tweets with the hashtag #tedxmb are dominating the day.

Modern Earth Web Design was asked to provide our Twitter Team to the Tedx Manitoba event being held here in Winnipeg at the Park Theatre, and we were honored to accept and help out with the online media coverage of the event.  

We'll have a recap of the day, and some photos - so far it has been a roller coaster ride of topics and emotions - great speakers and an audience that attentive and engaged with the events of the day.

Happy to be here - happy to help out - and so proud that this event is being held here - congratulations to the organizing committee and all the volunteers and sponsors for making this day possible.

More when we recover from typer's cramp.  We keep trying to find ways to capture the thoughts being presented in 140 characters or less! It's a challenge!

Enjoying the day!

Susan & Ian