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By now you’ve all heard about the horrific earthquake which has struck the poorest country in the western hemisphere.. Haiti.

Interesting tidbit about Haiti.. They were (and still are) the site of the only “successful” slave revolt in the Americas.. And have been paying for it in poverty and despair ever since.

My mother is Haitian, so that makes me only a few generations removed from the slave trade myself. Haiti was already badly off, but this tragedy will only deepen their pain.

Google has donated $1M
... we’re not Google, but we have donated $500 to the relief efforts there through the Mennonite Central Committee on behalf of the Earthlings.

There are many worthwhile organizations, both secular like Doctors Without Borders, or faith-based, that are helping during this time of crisis. If the plight of the Haitian people moves you to do so - please make a donation. On behalf of my family both here, and there (everyone is fine) - we thank you.