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In the most recent edition of the BDC magazine “PROFIT$”, Modern Earth President Dan Belhassen is featured in the "60 Second Coach" column. 

In "My Best Advice", Dan relates the best business management advice he ever received as a budding entrepreneur.  It can be summed up in 3 words – "Follow The Mice."  

For the full story on why Dan follows mice, go to page 4 of the BDC PROFIT$ magazine and think about following the mice in your own business environment.  


One of our Earthlings, Michel Gauthier (Sr. Developer) is a videographer/film maker, and huge congratulations are in order!

He was selected as an offical contributor to the "LIFE IN A DAY" Project - a documentary feature film project sponsored by Google and directed by Oscar winning director Kevin MacDonald, with the legendary Ridley Scott as executive producer.  The film premiered last night at the Sundance Film Festival, and Michel received screen credit as a co-director of the project.  This is a massive international project, with over 80,000 submissions, so for Michel's contribution to be selected as part of the 1125 clips included in the film is a high honor indeed.

The premiere was streamed live on the project's YouTube Channel last night and will be rebroadcast tonight at 7:00 pm local time.  His segment is approximately at the 49 minute mark.  

Congratulations, Michel - this is a great accomplishment!  We look forward to getting your autograph when the DVD version comes out later this year. 


Tonight the Modern Earth Tweet Team is going to the Future Leaders of Manitoba Gala Awards Presentation - and will be tweeting the event using the hashtag #FLMB2011 - and you can follow the FLM on Twitter @FutureLeadersMB.  What's it all about?  Their website says it best:

The Future Leaders of Manitoba Council in partnership with the Business Council of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce & The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce are pleased to present the 2011 Annual Awards Reception: Celebrating Exceptional Manitobans.

The Manitoba Exceptional Young Professional Award will be presented to three aspiring young professionals living in the Province of Manitoba on Thursday, January 27, 2011. The evening will consist of a stand-up reception that highlights Manitoba cuisine and culture. Guests will enjoy food, beverages, music, art and entertainment before they are seated for a one hour awards presentation.

This event will give prominent business leaders the opportunity to honour young professionals who are committed to staying in Manitoba and contributing to the continued social and economic growth of our Province. Young professionals will have an opportunity to be nominated and recognized for their contributions in their workplace, their community building efforts and their commitment to staying in Manitoba.

If you aren't attending tonight, follow the hashtag #FLMB2011 on Twitter and add your congratulations to the winners as they are announced!  And start thinking about next year's nominations - who do you know that deserves the title "Future Leader of Manitoba"?  Could you be one?

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On Saturday, Jan 15th, it was time for the "Earthlings Plus Ones" to kick back and enjoy some social time together to wind up the 2010 production year and kick off 2011 with some good natured video game and board game rivalry. 

There was a wide variety of video games, as well as Rock Band (always a favourite for the non-Halo crowd), and some board and card games - something for everyone.  The "littlest Earthling" made her team debut - baby Charlotte made her appearance shortly after our team event at TRON - so this was her chance to meet the people her daddy works with every day. 

You can see some photos on our Facebook Page - and while you're there - become Zeke's friend and "like" our Modern Earth page.

Thanks to Dan & Marnie for hosting such a great event!  We all had a blast!


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Last week I had the pleasure of presenting to the IEITP (Internationally Educated IT Professionals) Program at the University of Winnipeg. We discussed the current Canadian professional IT environment as it relates to small and medium businesses like ours, and talked about who Modern Earth is, what we do, the different types of employment that are available with us, and our workplace culture.

It was fascinating to meet so many professionals with great work experience and professional skills, who, as new immigrants, are finding a marketplace for their skills in our province. As a recent (3 years) immigrant myself, I was able to give my view of the immigration process, and the challenges with integrating into the Manitoba workplace, the key piece being that relationships are everything. Taking time to build a professional network is time well spent, and essential if you want to prosper long term.

We wrapped up with half an hour of questions, and I got some great feedback from the students on the WorkIT program that ICTAM runs. The majority of the students were working through it on the Modern Earth developed SmarterU.com eLearning platform, and had nothing but praise for it!”

Thanks, IEITP for having us come in - it was our pleasure



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Philip and I were in Toronto last weekend for the National Franchise and Business Opportunities Expo, at the Metro Convention Centre.

I had the opportunity of speaking to a cross section of both seasoned and budding entrepreneurs in the seminar rooms, and we met with many prospects interested in our online learning system, SmarterU.

There is a growing recognition that all organizations need to provide perpetual training opportunities to their employees.  Franchisors are particularly  interested in online learning as it not only provides a great tool to train their franchisee’s employees, but also to provide a competitive advantage in selling their franchises.

Any organization who needs to provide consistent training to their employees or volunteers should take a serious look at how SmarterU can help them.


Philip and I had the pleasure of stopping by and visiting with Erin Green from the Canadian Council of Churches.  Erin was a delight to work with while we created their web site last year, and subsequently providing live streaming of their annual conference.

Thanks for letting us stop by, Erin!

- Dan