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Here’s What You Need to Know.

1 out of  every 5 searches is related to location.  Think about it; you’re out with friends and decide you want thai food, someone pulls out their smartphone and does a search for the nearest restaurant.  Thats what Google Places was about.    

Google Places allowed business owners to claim their listing and update it with any relevant information:  physical location, business hours, parking availability and photos of your storefront.  Gain insight into how many people are searching for businesses like yours, what they searched for to find you, where they’re coming from to you and how many times your listing has been viewed.

So How does Google My Business differ from Google Places?  The streamlined user experience puts all your information on one page - easy to manage and easily found in search, map search and Google+.  In order to reach your places page users had to do a google search, click on your listing on the map and then see more details; way too many steps.      

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There are two new, free, services: Reviews and Insight; login to your Google+ account now to begin using them.

-          “Reviews” allows customers to provide an online review of your business.  These reviews, and their associated star ratings, will show up in search results next to your business listing making you stand out against your competition.

-          “Insights” gives you data for three common social metrics, Visibility, Engagement and Audience.  Visibility breaks down how many views of your page and content occur over a given number of days.  Engagement tells you which of your recent posts were engaged with the most, what sort of engagement it was and the average number of actions by post type.

-          “Audience” lets you know how many new followers you’ve accumulated over a set time period (the last 7, 30 or 90 days).  It also breaks down your followers by country and gender and age.

All this data at your fingertips can be incredibly powerful.  Engaging with your customers where they find you online and giving them the information they’re looking for will make them customers for life.  Knowing who they are, what they like (or dislike) about your business, and how they interact with you online lets you give them more of what they want.         

Claiming your Google My Business page and activating these two services makes it easier for you to learn who your customers are and what they’re saying about your company so you can give them what they’re looking for!