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Opinions? We have them Dan Belhassen on CTV News March 30 2011 - 3 Keys to Going Viral- hopefully based on solid business experience and some good entrepreneurial sense.  It is always an honour to be asked what I think about various hot topics in the news.  Yesterday was a double header of media inquiries about two very different topics.

I received a visit from CTV news reporter Laura Lowe, who wanted to talk about "what makes a video go viral" - as she is covering the current federal election and we've had various political leaders speaking in town recently.  You can find out the three keys to going viral by watching  the full video piece on CTV's website - which has all the social media options to help their news coverage go viral.  

Winnipeg Free Press

I also got a call from Martin Cash at the Winnipeg Free Press, to talk about recruitment challenges facing Winnipeg tech companies.  We are proudly Manitoban, and most of our team are graduates from Red River College or other Manitoba post secondary programs - we love home grown talent.  But when I do the math, 10% of our workforce are "new Canadians" - recent immigrants to Manitoba.

The workforce is changing, and the way we recruit is changing with it.  Read Employers Reaching Out for the full article.  We are currently growing our team again, so if you or someone you know is looking for work in the tech sector, please check out our careers page.



Rob Jajoie - BDC, Karen Keppler - University of Winnipeg, Dan Belhassen - Modern Earth Web Design

When Karen Keppler, asked me to speak to her class on Entrepreneurship, I jumped at the opportunity to share our story with a group of buddingentrepreneurs.  Among her many hats, Karen runs a business incubator, and was instrumental in our early growth.

Also presenting was Rob Jajoie – who, incidentally, was our first Account Manager from the BDC nearly a decade ago, and provided our initial operating loan.  Good seeing you again, Rob!




Tuesday afternoon, I conducted my first seminar for the Canada Manitoba Business Service Center on Facebook for Business.

Dan Belhassen - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaApparently, this was the single largest attendance ever for a CMBSC seminar, with 50 people registered from Winnipeg, plus another 80 participants from 25 communities in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


Facebook is a powerful platform for personal connections, but is rapidly becoming a premiere platform for building a business community to leverage permission based and viral marketing.  

We provide customized one-on-one and group training and coaching for individual organizations and groups.  Contact us to discuss how we can help you profit from social media.


Canada Manitoba Business Service Centre

We particularly enjoy attending the After Business Mixers - Look for us at the April 6th event, at the 4Play Sports Bar, in partnership with The Winnipeg GoldEyes and The Canadian Sports Centre of Manitoba. Email Daniel Alper dalper@modernearth.net if you would like a free invitation to this event! He’ll be there - giving away a Social Media Training Package worth $299 – so make sure you bring your business card to enter our draw!

Dan was thrilled to be invited to be part of the "6 Reasons" video - watch for him at the 1:15 minute timestamp - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhkYNGAemOg

Modern Earth has been a member of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce for years, and attend as many of their events as we can. The membership luncheons deliver great speakers and networking opportunities, the Chapter Meetings are highly informative and provide a great networking opportunities with businesses in different parts of the city, the We Believe program allows committed and visionary business leaders to encourage us to continue to build our city's business community - and also provide .... you guessed it ... great networking opportunities.

We can’t imagine not being part of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce – and if you are in business in Winnipeg, you should be too. Hope to see you out at the next Mixer on April 6th!


For years now, I’ve been volunteering through the Manitoba Marketing Network, conducting round table sessions on online marketing. Last month’s session included a half dozen entrepreneurs who had some great questions to help them build their businesses.

My session’s topic was “Online Marketing Secrets” and I was delighted to be asked lots of good questions – the participants were highly engaged in learning about how they could improve their business presence in the online world. Among the many discussion points were SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , online marketing (such as Pay Per Click campaigns through Google Adwords or Facebook advertising, and social marketing – because social media is the hot topic when it comes to new ways to promote your business. Speaking of social media, you can follow the Manitoba Marketing Network on Twitter or @mbmarketingnet

The Manitoba Marketing Network is committed to providing practical marketing assistance to local small businesses, and there is a wealth of resources available to members. If you are a Manitoba business that wants to “achieve success” – visit their website and see what they have to offer! Join their mailing list for updates – and perhaps I’ll see you at the next event!

Dan Follow

me on Twitter @danbelhassen or @modernearth


Want to use Facebook more effectively for your business?

Dan Belhassen - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg Manitoba CanadaFacebook has over 520 million active users, who spend over 700 minutes per month interacting with business and community pages, group, friends and events.  How can your business maximize its presence on this still growing online platform?  Dan Belhassen, President of Modern Earth Web Design, will take you through what every business needs to know to have a strong presence on Facebook.  He will include some advanced strategy for those who want to maximize their leverage on this dynamic and highly popular platform.

Register for this event - seating is limited!

For more information, please call the CMBSC at 204-984-2272 or 1-800-665-2019

This free seminar is sponsored by the Canada Manitoba Business Service Centre, and is being held on March 15th from 3 to 5 pm, at their offices at 250 - 240 Graham Ave.

There’s more to the marketing environment in Manitoba than you might expect – especially with respect to online marketing.

Beyond just using tools like Twitter and Facebook for customer service and lead generation, there’s a movement to create global business networks through these new tools – whether it’s from a B2C (business to consumer) direction, or a B2B (business to business) angle. Fast communication, near-instant response, and the ability to build and keep up with large networks of engaged people is encouraging a much higher level of attentiveness and agility in many businesses across the globe.

Thanks to an opportunity I recently had to participate in a book review program for The Now Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Smarter, Faster, and More Social, I asked fellow Winnipeg-based marketer, and Globe and Mail columnist Ryan Caligiuri to talk briefly about the changes he’s seen in business marketing over the past few years.

Ryan’s been in the marketing community here for a number of years – before Imaginet, he worked for Protegra, another Winnipeg business. Though we’ve been following each other on Twitter for some time, we met recently at TEDx Manitoba, where Modern Earth covered the event with a tweet team of Susan Hurrell and myself. Ryan was among the many enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who helped make the event what it was, and demonstrated a clear love of collaborative work – which is exactly what social media teaches us.

Ryan expresses, very eloquently in the video on YouTube, that we’re just starting to see the real effects and benefits of social media in businesses.

Watch on YouTube - The NOW Revolution Book Giveaway Winner - Ryan Caligiuri

You can find Ryan on Twitter, by following @RyanCaligiuri.

Thanks for stopping in, Ryan, and taking the time to talk!