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I have the honour today of speaking to the 2010 CGA Conference on the topic of “Demystifying Social Media”. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are really important tools – if used correctly.

My session will focused on clearing the fog which often surrounds social media – what’s effective, what’s not, and what’s just a waste of time.


Another wonderful visit to beautiful Whitehorse, Yukon. I had the opportunity to meet with many new prospective clients, welcome a newly signed client “Northstar Mini-Storage”, plus meet with several of our satisfied clients including Adam Morrison of TNT Helicopters (pictured with Tammy Beese, our local agent).

The Beese’s took me on a tour of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve, where I got to experience first hand exactly how heavy Elk antlers were, along with seeing Moose, Elk, Artic Fox, Mule Deer, Wood Bison, Lynx, Mountain Goats, Thinhorn Sheep and a very friendly Muskoxen named Jessie.

Dan Belhassen at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve - Whitehorse, Yukon Dan Belhassen, Tammy Beese, Adam Morisson at Trans North Helicopters - Whitehorse, Yukon
Today, I’ll be leaving for my annual trip to visit our Yukon office. Back in 2008, we formed a partnership with Tammy and Mark Beese, who run What’s up Yukon, who became our local agents based in Whitehorse.

It’s been a great partnership, and we’re eager to be able to visit some of our great Whitehorse clients, not to mention enjoy the crisp air and beautiful mountains.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of going up to Whitehorse, pick a summer and go – you won’t regret it!

We’re excited to share the news that one of our clients, KMG Gold, was honoured on October 14th, by the Better Business Bureau, as an industry leader. KMG Gold was presented with the BBB’s prestigious Torch Award last Thursday, in recognition of their commitment to Marketplace Ethics.

Mike Gupton, KMG Gold’s CEO, says “this is a big win for us. It means a lot to be recognized for integrity in our field – the gold buying industry is very competitive.” Gupton added that KMG Gold’s strong believe in encouraging trust and knowledge in its customers has been a big part of their success, and would continue to be a prime focus.

KMG Gold leads the gold buying industry by making detailed information about precious metals, the current gold buying market environment, and other helpful tips for gold buyers and sellers available online.

Congratulations to Mike and KMG Gold – keep up the good work!

Going to tonight’s Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce event?

The After Business Mixer runs from 5pm to 7pm tonight, October 19th, at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, 300 Memorial Blvd.

Make sure to stop by the Modern Earth booth to meet Philip Giles – and enter to win a social media training package ($299 value).

Print the attached ticket and see us there!

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Trade Show Adventures

Philip Giles


So we attended the Toronto Franchise show in September. I’m not entirely sure what we were expecting, but our aim was to make contact with the exhibiting franchisors, and promote our e-learning services to them. It really is a great way for them to be able to provide standardised, consistent training in their geographically spread environments.

That however, was not to be. Unsurprisingly, in retrospect, the franchisors themselves were way too busy trying to sell franchises to show attendees to talk to us, with a couple of exceptions. However, we had unexpected, but most welcome success with the other exhibitors, and potential franchisees. We met with several HR companies, and they seem to be an excellent market for online learning programs. We’d thought so before the show, but it’s great to have the validation of people approaching us to discuss it!

The potential franchisees were an interesting collection of characters – from the very serious business people looking for a great concept (and there were some fantastic ones there), to couples who seem to have decided that the franchise show was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon together. Personally speaking I prefer the beach, but each to their own.

We made some great contacts, and the majority interest seemed to be in social media and online marketing, and promoting a business using Facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. Time will tell whether it translates to business, but at this point, I would have to say a success!

Making great connections is just part of what we do. If you want to start making connections for your business online - contact us!


Walter Janzen Professional Photo Shoot - Josh Hay, having his hair styled - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

The Power of Professional Photography I hate having my picture taken. And it was my job to get the Earthlings to buy in to having their photos on our new website as well as coordinate the photo shoot. I couldn't have asked for a better professional partner in this endeavour than Walter Janzen of Janzen Photography.

 We have a team of nearly 20 people and growing - so Walter recommended that we use his studio for the shoot so he could guarantee a visual consistency of backdrop and lighting for future "new Earthlings" when they join the team. We didn't want the results to look like a school yearbook gallery - and Walter assured me he would capture the energy of our group of unique personalities.

Stylists make a difference!

Walter Janzen Professional Photo Shoot - Susan Hurrell, posing for Walter - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg Manitoba CanadaHe also recommended we use a stylist to make everyone look their best - and it was definitely worth the (small) additional investment. Can you tell which Earthlings "opted out" of hair and makeup? It was fun to see the guys getting "made up" - just enough to make them photograph at their best. Thanks, Shelly! You did a great job!

Walter put everyone at ease, with a skill honed through his years of experience as a professional portrait and commercial photographer. He got us dancing, laughing, moving and even being a bit silly - so our portraits capture our true personality- just what we wanted. Even the more formal shots allow our unique "Earthling-ness" to shine through. It was fun - as you can see from the pictures - the ones throughout the website, as well as the ones here that are showing "behind the scenes."

Quality counts - in both design and content!

I often see websites where the quality of the photography is less than it could be, or is inconsistent from page to page as new content has been added. Whenever possible, I recommend that our clients use a professional photographer for their staff photos, their products, or their location shots. It really does make a difference to the end result when you add high quality photographs from a trained professional.

And it was fun!

Enjoy the day,