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Philip Giles with Lt. Governor Philip Lee and Mrs. Lee - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg Manitoba

Social Media is becoming a part of many business and communications practices.

From every day customer service, to interacting with clients and potential customers, even reporting the news of the day - platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have made their way into the public consciousness. These platforms provide anyone interested with ways to dig deeper than ever before into the events already happening around them.

One of the ways we at Modern Earth help our clients and the community do is provide more information about their special events to those interested, using social media. In particular, the Modern Earth Tweet Team has spent the past year attending special events, conferences, and gala dinners hosted by Manitoba businesses and associations, and spreading the word in real time about what happens at these events. We have covered TEDxManitoba, the QNet conference, the Future Leaders of Manitoba awards and more.

We're proud to support Manitoba's visibility in the social media sphere, and to have been asked by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce to "continue the tradition" we began last year at our inaugural Tweet Team event.

Manitoba Business Awards - Manitoba Chambers of Commerce - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaFor the second year, the Modern Earth Tweet Team was asked to put the “media” back into social media and tweet the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Business Awards Gala Dinner on Wednesday Oct. 26th. It was a gathering of over 400 leaders of the Manitoba business community at the Delta Hotel, and a good time was had by all – especially those businesses who took home the coveted awards in their category.

This year, the Chamber arranged for some big screen televisions to sit adjacent to the large screens on either side of the stage, to better allow the attendees to follow along with and participate in the Twitter stream as the evening unfolded.

You can read all about the Manitoba Business Awards, including a list of past winners, on the MB Chambers website.

Dan Belhassen - Demystifying Social Media in Arborg - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Social Media Winnipeg ManitobaAs part of our support and celebration of Small Business Week, I took a road trip up to Arborg Manitoba to speak with members of the Interlake business community. My goal? To once again “Demystify Social Media” for over 60 business community leaders, over a tasty buffet lunch at the Arborg-Bifrost Community Centre.

Demystifying Social Media in Arborg - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Social Media Winnipeg ManitobaWe had an excellent workshop in Arborg with nearly 70 small business owners participating/attending! On behalf of the Manitoba Marketing Network Board, I told our Arborg partner’s (East Interlake Community Futures, Arborg & District Chamber and Arborg Bifrost CDC) that you were very pleased with their event coordination and promotion efforts towards attracting such a large number of business owners. Our new partners are very excited to host MMN for a Gimli Roundtable event in the future. We promoted a future Gimli Roundtable event to the audience and it was well received.

It was great to answer your questions and I appreciate your comments! Thank you to the Manitoba Marketing Network for organizing this event for a very important regional business hub.

Demystifying Social Media in Arborg - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Social Media Winnipeg ManitobaThe rise of Social Media as a professional marketing toolkit has become a hot topic amongst small business people in recent months – we are doing more and more public speaking events on that topic, as well as hands on training for our clients – both in person and via webinar style coaching sessions. Strategic Social Media interaction can be a vital part of your business’s marketing mix. It doesn’t replace a well designed custom web site, with high quality content and proper search optimization. Winnipeg businesses are learning the importance and power of strategic social media use – not just for the kids anymore (if it ever was).

If your business needs some hands on coaching to help create a high impact social media strategy, or help in setting up your social media platforms, Modern Earth is here to help – affordably. Call or email us today!


Women's Enterprise CentreThis week, I had the pleasure of speaking at WEC’s Tech Tuesday about how businesses can make use of Facebook to maximize their online marketing presence.

Facebook can be a perplexing tool. With so many concerns raised over the constant changes of form and function, privacy issues and more, some businesses still remain hesitant to use Facebook to promote themselves. But how can we ignore a public forum with more than 750 million members? Missing out on Facebook means losing opportunities to get your message, and your business, in front of many potential clients, where they are most comfortable!

Check out the upcoming seminars on the Women's Enterprise Centre website - there's always something interesting going on.

On Thursday, Oct. 13th, Modern Earth was at the Winnipeg Realtors Association Conference – I presented a 45 minute seminar on Successful Social Media for Realtors, and Daniel Alper manned our booth in the very busy exhibit hall.

Did you know that 94% of all homebuyers start their search for a new home by going online and searching for information – listings – online reputation of agents – and social media signals from the various real estate companies in their area? Even more interesting is that 32% of people who bought homes in 2010 found the home they purchased online first and then contacted the listing agent? Search matters, and increasingly, so does social media.

84% of real estate agents are now using social media – but only 55% say that they are “comfortable” with the new channels and platforms. My talk focused on the simple steps and high level strategies that can be easily implemented to make the social media world a little more familiar and comfortable, and a lot more effective. And let’s not forget that online video (like YouTube or Vimeo) are tools anyone with a good camera and video capability can use – but with only 12% of real estate agents having YouTube accounts – there’s a real opportunity for someone to get a competitive edge.

No matter what business sector you are in, having a viable searchable online presence is of increasing importance. We’ve helped real estate agents get found online – either by building new site, or optimizing their existing websites to perform better in search. By adding social media training to the mix, a savvy business person can get themselves found, create relationships and convert sales - all online! We’re here to help.

It was great to see some of our clients there, and we made many new connections. While we did NOT participate in the tricycle races that were zipping across the width of the room, we did have a great time. It’s always an honor to be asked to share ideas on how to build business and engagement.

Susan & Daniel

*statistics taken from various US sources for 2010.

Last night, much to our mutual woe, we learned a visionary - a titan in our industry - had passed on. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, is no longer with us.

Here is what some of the Earthlings have had to say about their impression of Apple - and Steve himself.

“My first computer was a first generation Mac. It opened up the world. My iPod put music in my pocket, my iPhone connects me to the world. Thank you, Steve.”
Susan Hurrell, Director of Marketing
“Jobs and Apple singlehandedly invented the virtual economy, by changing the music industry with iTunes - and they haven’t stopped since.”
Daniel Alper, Account Manager
“Anyone who can surround themselves with giants like Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive - and yet tower over them without standing on their shoulders - deserves our praise and memory.”
Ian M Rountree, Online Marketing Specialist
“When I think of any serious multimedia - music, movies - I think of Apple. They defined the multimedia computing industry, and brought it to everyone.”
Stirling Netzlaw, Developer
“Thank you, Steve, for bringing beautiful typography to the digital world.”
James Robb, Developer
“Steve displayed an example of a lifestyle, and everyone bought into it. He was an impressive person.”
David Kelly, Developer
“I once sent Apple a very curt email about an error in iTunes, and got a long, warm response from an actual person - I was so surprised! I even apologized, by email, and was told ‘Nothing makes Apple happier than to hear that we have pleased our customers. […] your problems will always be addressed by a real person, because real problems deserve nothing less.’ I’m still speechless.”
Rob Rodgers, Designer

For the remainder of this week, we’ve dedicated the front page of our own website to the memory of Steve, as well as posting a tribute on our sign.

Goodbye, Steve - You Changed The world | Remembering Steve Jobs - 1955-2011

The Modern Earth Team extends its heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends of Steve Jobs, and to the people at Apple Inc. He revolutionized the industry in which we work and play. He touched millions with his creative genius and his visionary leadership. Thank you, Steve - you truly are “insanely great.”

Update: If you would like to share your thoughts about steve, Apple has posted a page dedicated to his memory. Stop by the Apple website and share your memories with his team.