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Glen Crook

This week in Chamber U: 
Glenn Crook, RBC Royal Bank

Glenn Crook has held the position of vice-president, Commercial Financial Services, at RBC Royal Bank, since June 2004. He leads a team of 20 business professionals responsible for creating tailor-made finance and cash management solutions for commercial clients in the business and professional services, knowledge-based industries, retail and not-for-profit sectors within the Winnipeg market.

Glenn is a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a B. Com. (Hons) Degree in Finance and Marketing. Glenn joined RBC in 1982, and has worked in Northern and Western Manitoba. He received his Fellowship of the Institute of Canadian Banking from the Institute in 1986 and his Personal Financial Counseling designation (Wealth Management) in 2004.

Glenn supports innovation as chair of Innovate Manitoba, an organization dedicated to fostering innovation and accelerating the commercialization of new technologies in Manitoba.

Financial Statements – A Necessary Evil?

Many people feel financial statements are a necessary evil, while others believe they are a key management tool ... why is that?


It's always exciting when we're asked to give a presentation!  If you're interested in learning how to use Twitter and other social media platforms to engage with your audience, this is the event for you.

Developing a Presence on Twitter and Social Media

Using Twitter has been compared to drinking from a firehose.  It’s a huge platform, with many opportunities, but it’s hard to know where to begin. This session will help demystify Twitter by presenting strategies for implementing a presence and leveraging Twitter to engage with your members and grow your association.

Not an association?  The social media marketing concepts here are universally applicable to every organization looking to communicate with an audience of prospects, clients and stakeholders.

Twitter marketing will be compared and contrasted with Facebook and LinkedIn, describing pros and cons of each platform, and when you would want to use which.

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Dan Belhassen

Dan Belhassen is passionate about helping his audiences understand how easily they can start leveraging Internet technologies such as online and social media marketing to get real results.  His speaking style is focused on “Demystification” - delivering topics in an easy to understand way, focused on real tangible results.

Dan is founder and CEO of two companies, Modern Earth a web design and online marketing company, and SmarterU.com a learning management system.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

8:00am – 10:00am, Breakfast Included

RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg, 375 York Avenue, Meeting Room 17, located on the first floor

Member Rate:  $45.00   Non-Member Rate:  $75.00   Register Now!

Modern Earth Web Design and The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce are presenting a new webinar series, which will share the wealth of knowledge and expertise found among the Chamber’s 2,000-plus members. Our “guest” instructors provide you with real, practical, hands-on information … a tool kit to build your business.

Join us live every Wednesday (holidays excluded). – click on the link to register for this week’s webinar.

Art Alexander This Week:
Art Alexander, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

Art Alexander, The Winnipeg Chamber’s sales manager, has been on staff for 13 years. His connection to the business community has brought him many opportunities to speak to both small and large audiences. He is a founding member of the We Believe Toastmasters Club, the fastest growing TM club in the city with 40 members. He is also a past board member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and a certified John Maxwell trainer http://www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/artalexander specializing in keynote presentations, workshops and coaching.

Public Speaking Makes Me Shake In My Boots

If you fear public speaking, then this session is for you! Only one thing stands between you and success. It isn’t experience and it isn’t talent. If you want to succeed, you must learn to connect with people.

Move from just communicating to connecting. Learn the three keys to facing your fear when you speak, the three great places to find illustrations to make your point and the three factors to any great speech.



Rick Reid

This week in Chamber U:

Rick Reid, Supply Chain Management Association, Manitoba

Rick Reid is the executive director of Supply Chain Management Association Manitoba (SCMA Manitoba). Rick specializes in helping organizations optimize their supply chains and works with companies to develop strategies that maximize efficiency, reliability and profitability.

Rick has more than 20 years of supply chain management experience working in the private and public sectors. He has extensive experience in developing supply chain strategies that eliminate waste, reduce risk and reduce costs. He has helped many organizations find savings in the areas of material costs, process/labour efficiencies, cost avoidance, cost recovery and inventory management. 

Rick has served as president of SCMA Manitoba and two terms as director on SCMA’s national board of directors. He is currently a member of the SCMA Institute Advisory Council

Improving Your Product Sourcing

Having the right product available at the right price is critical to the success of any organization. Improving your sourcing ability helps reduce overall costs, while ensuring products are available when needed. More importantly, it allows you to provide more value to your customers - increasing the level of service you provide, the quality of products you offer and your overall reliability. Discover the basics of setting up an effective sourcing function within your organization.


Gary Brownstone

This week in Chamber U:

Gary Brownstone from The Eureka Project

Gary Brownstone’s career as an entrepreneur began in high school and he’s been starting, buying, growing and exiting businesses ever since in fields as diverse as foodservices and hospitality, clothing manufacture and importing, and retail. Since the early ’90s, Gary’s focus has been exclusively on the commercialization of technology and intellectual property.

In 2007, he became the founding president of The Eureka Project, one of Western Canada’s most successful technology incubators

Handling Risk In Growing Your Business

Risk (noun): Exposure to the chance of injury or loss; a hazard or dangerous chance

All business involves risk, but successful companies are able to anticipate, plan for and mitigate that risk. Explore common areas of risk in companies and strategies for identifying and limiting exposure to them, including legal, financial, technological, market and human resource.