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Many of us only think about our rights when they’re taken away. In some cases, we may not even know when this happens – discrimination and harassment come in many forms, and they’re not always obvious. 

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission protects your rights and dignity by providing information about human rights in Manitoba, providing resources for those who need to file complaints, or respond to complaints through mediation or conciliation.

The images on the new MHRC website represents as wide a variety of people as the commission itself has served since its creation in 1987. The wide range of information on the site can help you understand human rights in Manitoba through press releases, documents, and even by using video.

Visit today for more information about the Commission and its board, and the Human Rights Code.

You can help the Kaicombey Foundation for Sustainable Development reduce child poverty in Sierra Leone. A visit to their new website makes one thing clear – your help can make a difference.

Tackling problems such as child poverty is a big job, but Kaicombey has set out to make change with a number of goals centered around promoting and defending human rights. They have already begun facilitating education, helping to build health care services, and distributing food aid.

Help Kaicombey Foundation do good work – stop in to their site and make a donation today.

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With such a wide variety of options to consider when buying a vehicle, it helps to have someone you can trust along for the ride who knows the road ahead. Orest Serwylo at Birchwood Honda knows the way.

Whether it’s your first car or your fifth – or even if you’re building a fleet for your company or professional association, Orest will work with you to make sure your purchase is exactly what you need.

Orest’s professional access to information about dozens of makes and models in the busy Pointe West Autopark, as well as a database of available models across the city, allows him to help you find a vehicle matching your specific needs. Expert guidance and service set Orest apart, and could save you time and travel finding just the right vehicle.




Connect to Orest via the LinkedIN button on his new website!

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Getting up on a ladder to clean out the gutters seems to be part of the yearly ritual for many homeowners, and one that falls so easily to the bottom of the list.
It’s a time consuming, dangerous, and dirty job. Why not let the team at Gutter Pro World handle it? Their new website makes it easy to see the quality of their work , and demonstrates their unique gutter protection system with an animated flash image right on the main page.
Professional gutter cleaning is just the beginning – Gutter Pro World specializes in inspection and repair, even full rain gutter replacements, and can even install a unique gutter protection system to reduce the need for constant clearing of debris, and keep water flowing where it should.
Properly maintaining this often-forgotten part of your home can be costly. Gutter Pro World can help keep these hazards under control. Visit their site and request a quote today.
Be ready for April showers.
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