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EZ Marketing - Free Online CouponsWhether you’re looking to take advantage of a great exchange rate, or hunting down the elusive Cherry Coke, heading south of the border means more than just a change of pace or scenery. Manitobans have a great tradition of making shopping trips to the United States – and, like any traveller, we’re always looking for ways to make our trips even more cost-effective.

Since 1982, EZ Marketing has made it easy for shoppers travelling to Minnesota and North Dakota to make the most of their trip, by publishing twice-monthly coupon inserts in the Winnipeg Free Press. EZ Marketing provides some of the best deals available on restaurants, hotels, and retailers in four US cities. The EZ Marketing Golf Guide is also published monthly from May through September, meaning Manitobans have the opportunity to find great new coupons on 36 out of 52 Saturdays every year.

No matter whether the Canadian dollar is high or low, cross-border shopping is part of Manitoban life – so Manitobans need EZ Marketing.

Check out the new EZ Marketing website and download your free online coupons today!

The new EZ Marketing website features an integrated Modern Earth blog system, as well as information feeds from the Weather Network, and the Canadian Border Services Agency to provide visitors with more information about travel conditions. The website has also been constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


The Forum has been a staple of business culture in societies since its inception in Rome more than two thousand years ago. While civic design no longer centers around open plazas for public gathering as it once did, Forums still exist today to bring communities and like-minded people together for discussion and commerce.

For more than a century, the Canadian Club of Winnipeg has provided a forum for Canadians with broad interests to meet, share knowledge, and foster unity with their local and national communities. The Club’s membership ranges from business executives and bankers, to media professionals, retired persons, homemakers and lawyers. Anyone may apply for membership.

Visit the new Canadian Club of Winnipeg website today!

The Canadian Club of Winnipeg’s new website features a clean, classical design custom created by Modern Earth Web Design, as well as a custom programmed secure membership application form that allows interested visitors the ability to apply online for membership quickly and easily.


Creating a healthy, appealing office environment requires more than concern for accessibility, safety and productivity. Very often, it’s the little details – like concern for cleanliness and office health – that make the biggest difference in how happy people are to spend time in your space.

AirStrength Canada helps businesses of all sizes create appealing office spaces. By creating customized tropical plantscapes using both live and artificial plants, and providing decorative plant and tree containers to match a building’s interior design scheme, AirStrength helps enhance any indoor environment’s air quality – promoting better health for people spending time in the space. Their commercial health and safety products also allow people to keep their spaces in the best condition possible.

Check out the new AirStrength website today!

AirStrength Canada’s website uses a custom programmed contact form, allowing visitors to send questions from any page on the site. The website was also constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

We don't always wear our clothes until they fall apart - and sometimes we  barely wear an outfit once before deciding it's not what we were expecting. From a good pair of shoes, to a sharp-looking handbag, we've all got items that could be put to better use by others rather than just thrown away. What do you do with yours?

In the Yukon's capital city, Whitehorse, people bring their unwanted clothing and accessories to And-Again Consignment Store. And-Again has been helping Whitehorse find better homes for their unwanted things for more than five years. With the launch of their new website, Yukoners can see what's new at the store as soon as it arrives, as well as find out about sales and specials quickly. Visitors can even subscribe to site news using an RSS reader or by email, so new specials can come to them!

Check out the new And-Again website and see what's in store today!

The And-Again website was constructed using the Modern Earth Blog system, custom programmed to include a file uploader for the site's administrator to place new documents on the site for download, as well as making blog entries.

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