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Discovery Homes - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaFinding the right home in Winnipeg’s fast-paced real estate market can be a challenge. Are there enough bedrooms? Do you like character homes with classic style, or prefer modern decor? Do you need a two-storey house, or will a bungalow be better? When you know exactly what you want in a home, a great option can be to work with a builder to create just that - a house designed to suit your needs, just as they are, in a location you want.

Discovery Homes builds new houses in the Bridgwater Forest and Waterside Estates developments in Winnipeg. Whether you’re looking for a two-storey home or a bungalow, the experts at Discovery Homes will help you create a home just for you - choose from an extensive list of custom floor plans, and wide variety of detail options. Their detailed building process will ensure you’re kept in the loop throughout the whole building process - from selecting a plan and deciding on a lot, to breaking ground and building, all the way until you’ve moved in to your newly completed home.

Visit the new Discovery Homes website today!

The Discovery Homes website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design. The site uses our Point and Edit website editing software, and was constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


Lansard Bros. Roofing Ltd. - Custom Web Design - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaWhen purchasing a home, we often think about things like decorations, repainting the walls both inside and out, and making sure we’re staying on budget and being environmentally friendly with new and better appliances. Ensuring every part of your home functions just as it should for as long as possible keeps you safe and comfortable. It also helps you maintain - and even improve the value of your home over time. This is just as true for your home’s roof as it is for everything that you put under it.

Manitobans have trusted the experts at Lansard Bros. Roofing Ltd. to repair and resurface their roofs for more than thirty years. Not sure if your roof has asphalt shingles, or synthetic specialty roofing materials? Lansard works with everything from asphalt shingle to concrete roof tiles. Does part of your home have a flat or low-incline section? From high durability metal roofing for larger buildings, to the rustic cedar shingle and cedar shake - even environmentally efficient materials like synthetic or metal shingles. Lansard Bros. has the experience, and the materials, to make sure your new roof is attractive and safe.

Check out the new Lanard Bros. Roofing Ltd. website today!

The Lansard Bros. Roofing Ltd. website features custom web design by Modern Earth, and features a custom programmed contact form for potential clients to contact the company and request estimates.


When you think about the risks of off-road driving, we bet you don’t think about your driveway – or supermarket parking lot. Even the places we park can be hazardous; larger lots can be prone to ice in winter, and our driveways develop potholes and wear down just like any other paved surface. Your vehicles spend a lot of time on places that aren’t roads or streets. Keeping these driving surfaces clean, repairing cracks, and when necessary replacing them all together, helps keep people and vehicles safe.

Celebrating 30 years in business, Superior Asphalt Paving Co of Winnipeg provides installation and maintenance for a variety of paved surfaces. From new driveway paving, to parking lots - even removing snow from more than 200 commercial properties in winter - Superior Asphalt is committed to keeping Manitoba’s off-roadways safe.

Check out the newly redesigned Superior Asphalt Paving co. website today!

The new Superior Asphalt Paving Co. website is the second custom website design Modern Earth has provided for the company. It features a form for work estimates and an online employment application form, both custom programmed by Modern Earth.


Xpressions Corporate Promotions - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO Winnipeg ManitobaBusiness owners spend a lot of time and energy building a brand - a way to easily communicate the value and identity of their business. Using branding components such as logos, word marks, and easily identifiable colour combinations, a business can communicate its identity across many media. Brochures, websites, billboards, and even travel mugs and clothing are widely used as promotional materials, carrying a company’s image.

Xpressions Corporate Promotional Products creates promotional products for businesses, placing branded images and messages of all kinds on a variety of items. Creating a special look for the holiday seasons? Promoting your presence at a particular event? Whether its outerwear and imprinted clothes for company uniforms, or branded bags and travel mugs to give out as prizes at trade shows... Xpressions has an extensive catalogue of apparel and other items upon which your corporate branding and messaging can appear on.

Check out the new Xpressions website today!

Xpressions Promotional Products uses a customized ecommerce system and custom website design created by Modern Earth. The site was also constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


Depth Engineering - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaNearly every modern endeavour requires attention and planning from a variety of disciplines, such as engineers. Whether you work with complex enclosed systems on aircraft, or create heating and cooling components for buildings, an engineer will have been part of your project.

Depth Engineering works with both the aerospace and mechanical engineering sectors, providing aid in design and implementation at the beginning of a project - as well as creating documentation for systems already in place. Whether it’s planning for new HVAC systems in a building being constructed, or designing retrofits to bring old systems up to current standards, the Depth Engineering team can help.

If your project isn’t yet in motion, Depth can still help you keep it on track by providing drafting and documentation services. For complex systems, the quality of documents such as structural drawings or implementation procedures is critical to the success - and the safety - of the system both during assembly and during operation.

Check out the new Depth Engineering website today!

The new Depth Engineering website features a custom web design created by Modern Earth Web Design.

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