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Selkirk and District Chamber - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaEverything is online nowadays – if you want to check movie listings you go online, if you need a question answered you ask Google.  And if you need to know what is happening in Selkirk you find out at SelkirkBiz.ca.

The Selkirk and District Chamber of Commerce recently launched their new website to keep residents of the town and surrounding area informed on the local goings on and upcoming events.  The website also provides residents with a resource for staying connected with the Chamber Members and local businesses. 

With constant updates of information and events ranging from the latest flood forecast to upcoming public speaker events, SelkirkBiz.ca provides residents of the city of Selkirk and the surrounding RM’s of St. Clements, St. Andrews and West St. Paul with an ever expanding hub of information and news about their area.  The Chamber also uses their new website to promote the Chamber Dollar, a program that encourages residents to shop local and support Chamber Members.

Check out the new Selkirk and District Chamber of Commerce website today!

The new Selkirk and District Chamber of Commerce website features custom web design, a custom programmed blog and events calendar, and contact form.


Custom Tile Works - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaWhat do you have in every part of your home that with a simple change can completely alter the feel of the room, but in reality you rarely give any thought to?  Flooring.  The right flooring can brighten a dark room, can add elegance to a dining area and can make a regular bathroom feel like a spa.

Custom Tile Works strives to be the leader in providing quality workmanship and customer service to their customers.  They specialize in tile, stone, hardwood and luxury vinyl tile installation and renovation. Custom Tile Works is able to provide you with all the products needed to complete your already planned or future flooring plans.    

Custom Tile Works has been in business since 2001 and take pride in their lasting relationships with customers and builders alike.  They will work alongside your existing designer to bring your dream flooring into reality, all with fair and competitive pricing.       

Visit the Custom Tile Works website today!

The new Custom Tile Works website features custom website design with a rotating home page image and an expandable graphic photo gallery.

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Built to Last

Modern Earth


Von Ast Construction - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaThere is something exciting about watching a building under construction take shape.  Whether residential or commercial, seeing the growth and completion of a new home, or apartment complex, or care facility or new enterprise makes you feel good about your community – you can see growth and opportunity happening right in front of you. 

Every Von Ast Construction is “built to last” based on four generations of building experience. Located in Niverville, Von Ast brings a commitment to hard work and quality workmanship to every project, no matter where the job site is located.  They work with your team to create and develop residential or commercial projects that meet the needs of your family or community.  From General Contracting to Project Management – Von Ast Construction wants to be your builder of choice in Manitoba.

Visit the new Von Ast Construction web site today!

The new Von Ast Construction website features custom web design.

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Bennet Waugh Corne - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaAt some point in your life, you will need the help of a legal professional.  You will buy a new home – you will need to write your will – you may need some advice on matters related to Family Law – you may be drawn into a civil dispute or have a business matter needing legal counsel.

For more than 50 years, the family managed law firm of Bennet Waugh Corne have been helping Manitobans find solutions to their legal problems.  They offer a unique blend of boutique law firm focusing on family law with knowledgeable general practice lawyers able to meet all your legal needs.

When you need help with a legal issue, book your flat-rate initial consultation.  This consultation offers you a chance to meet in person and discuss your situation or requirements, with no obligation to continue. The lawyers at Bennet Waugh Corne are dedicated to finding the right solution to all legal issues that you may encounter in your personal or business life. 

Visit the new Bennet Waugh Corne website today!

The new Bennet Waugh Corne website features custom web design and a custom programmed blog system.

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