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The nature of the legal atmosphere in the United States of America changes constantly – with every law passed and every precedent set, American lawyers must learn new ways to approach their practice, to ensure that their clients benefit from well-informed, well-executed representation.

Equipping Our Lawyers is an initiative aligned with ALI-ABA (The American Law Institute and American Bar Association), directed at updating the ways by which lawyers learn throughout their careers. By providing spotlight stories, facilitating discussions, and resources for lawyers, Equipping Our Lawyers intends to spread information about the proposed recommendations for continuing education upgrades.

Visit the site today and subscribe to the blog and free newsletter for more information.

Equipping Our Lawyers provides a forum for its visitors through the use of Modern Earth’s blog system, as well as a discussion system for registered users. The site highlights its blog in the Spotlight section on its main page. The Equipping Our Lawyers team has also had social media strategy consultation provided by Modern Earth.


We’ve all heard it – your data is only as safe as your most recent backup. For anyone who has ever lost a file, whether it’s just a picture or your business plan, the safety of our information takes on a whole new meaning.

365 BackUp, using a patented online remote backup system, can help protect your most important information. In just a few clicks, you could have a continuous offsite backup system set up on any computer, and take advantage of the peace of mind that comes from knowing your most important files are accessible even if your computer stops working.

Check out 365 BackUp today to see how they can help protect your most important information.

The new 365 BackUp website provides 365 BackUp clients with access to the files they have saved with the service, as well as providing useful information about the need for continuous file backup and remote offsite file protection. The website has been search engine optimized using Modern Earth's SEO best practices.


No matter the environment, properly maintaining a vehicle means finding just the right parts. Cars on the coast need different consideration than trucks in the prairies – the same is true for every kind of vehicle in the Yukon. Drivers in the north often take special care of their vehicles – having a source for the right parts is very important.

Territorial Auto Parts has been Whitehorse’s auto parts source since 1990. Their thorough knowledge and large catalogue of available OEM and aftermarket car, truck and trailer parts makes them the perfect choice to help you find the parts you need.

Visit the new Territorial Auto Parts site today, or check out their monthly specials today.

Territorial Auto Parts features marketing content developed by Modern Earth, and has been search engine optimized using SEO best practices.


From commercial building construction to small electronics, many of today’s businesses need large volumes of identically produced components in a variety of materials. Aluminum, copper and steel and many others require specialized processing and expert attention to be used effectively.

Heart-Fab Ltd, one of Manitoba’s leading metal fabricators, specializes in a number of fabrication techniques. From sheet laser and tube laser cutting, to CNC forming, CNC machining, Heart-Fab works with clients of all sizes, producing many volumes of identical parts. Heart-Fab’s dedication to quality and delivery have earned the trust of a number of industries in Manitoba and beyond.

Visit the new Heart-Fab Ltd website for more information and get in touch today!

The Heart-Fab website features marketing focused cooywriting and content developed by Modern Earth.

From mountains and glaciers, to tundra and the edge of the boreal forest, Northwestern Canada has some of the most stunning views available in North America. While it’s easy to think of the north as remote, the Yukon is bustling with diverse opportunities.

Trans North Helicopters, with 7 bases across the Yukon, is uniquely positioned to get you where you need to go – for whatever reason you need to get there. Trans North’s pilots have experience working with the forestry industry, performing geophysical surveys for mining, as well as planning aerial tours for advertising and film industries.

Whether you’re in the north for business, or planning an aerial tour for pleasure, Trans North Helicopters can help get the job done!

The Trans North website has been optimized for search with our SEO services, and features search-engine focused marketing content developed by Modern Earth.

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