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Not everyone wants to be a professional student, moving from one degree to the next for much of their adult lives - but many of us still feel that learning is an important part of life, no matter what age we are! When you’re looking to learn, whether to upgrade skills for work or for your personal interest, continuing education programs can be a great option to increase your knowledge and have fun.

The Life Long Learning program, developed by MOREducation in cooperation with Winnipeg School Division, helps people of all ages build new skills and update the training they’ve already got. The program offers a wide range of courses on subjects ranging from arts and crafts, to starting a small business. Study a new language, get fit, or learn first-aid... New skills are as close as any of the participating Winnipeg School Division schools.

Check out the new Life Long Learning website today!

The new Life Long Learning website features custom web design and web application programming by Modertn Earth Web Design.


No two families are alike. Some of us own houses or condominiums, others lease or rent. Some families spend much of their time traveling - either abroad or to a cottage. The same is true for businesses - each one has different needs, different assets, and different goals. Supporting these differences is part of what makes an independent insurance broker such a great partner when creating long term plans - either for your business, or for your family.

Coughlin Insurance has been one of Winnipeg’s leading insurance brokers for over forty years. They provide custom solutions and tailored coverage to businesses and individuals in Manitoba, Ontario and the Northwest Territories. As an independent broker, Coughlin Insurance creates solutions for homeowners, cottage and recreation vehicle owners, and businesses from a range of insurance providers. Their independence means more options - and better service - for their clients.

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The new Coughlin Insurance website was custom programmed on the WordPress.org platform, using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


Details Etc.In order to make the most of the beautiful buildings created by today’s high-caliber designers and contractors, building owners have been striving to find better ways to keep their structures looking as good over time as they do the day they open. Improving surfacing technology and maintenance practices has become an essential part of keeping buildings in good condition.

Details Etc. has been helping Winnipeg building maintenance companies keep their structures beautiful for more than a decade. With polished concrete and other long-lasting materials, building owners can keep their maintenance costs low. These high durability surface treatments also protect the environment by reducing the need to replace surfaces regularly, which means less damaged material requiring disposal.

Check out the new Details Etc. website today!

The new Details Etc. website, custom designed by Modern Earth, features a javascript-powered image gallery to show off the company’s work.

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Staying fit and keeping healthy is about more than eating well and exercising. It’s about making sure all of your parts are doing what they should, as well as they can - from the crown of your head, to the tips of your toes. In fact, how well your feet do their job has a strong influence on the health of the rest of your body.

Health care specialists exist primarily to help you maintain the health of each of these parts, and your feet are no different. As doctors who specialize in foot care, Podiatrists are passionate about keeping this important part of your body healthy.

The Manitoba Podiatry Association helps promote the importance of keeping your feet strong as part of your overall health plan. The Association helps Manitobans locate and access of foot care specialists in their communities, as well as providing health information on their blog, downloadable documents, and information for those interested in specializing in foot care.

Check out the new MPA website to learn more about keeping your feet healthy today!

The new, custom designed Manitoba Podiatry Association website features an integrated Modern Earth blog system, as well as a logo developed for the Association by our designers.

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