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D.E.C Metals - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg Manitoba

Sourcing a product for the job can be difficult. Finding the right steel product is as imperative to a larger maintenance shop as it is to a small metal fabricator.

D.E.C. Metals offers a variety of common steel product, order processing on the spot, custom saw cutting and drilling. Steel products from D.E.C. Metals have been used for jobs like galvanized roofing and machine repairs as well as model train and furniture construction.

D.E.C Metals is owned and operated by Dale Campbell. With his 25 years experience in manufacturing, purchasing and sales in the steel industry, Dale is able to offer a no fixed minimum order policy. This feature is cost-effective for the metal fabricator or hobbyist because they don't need to order large amounts of steel.

Campbell is dedicated to using his knowledge and expertise to helping his customers with their unique steel project. As an added benefit to his customer, Campbell also promotes his customers' products and/or services with the belief that his clients' success is his success.

Check out the new D.E.C. Metals website today!

D.E.C Metals new website features a custom web design, our Point & Edit website editing software, and was built using Modern Earth's search engine optimization best practices.

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International Association of Investment Bankers (IAIB) - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg Manitoba Whether a corporation is in the process of a merger or acquisition, an investment bank is an important part of the process. These financial institutions support corporations and governments with the following: raising equity capital, public-private partnerships, acting as the client's agent in issuance of securities as well as other corporate finance and advisory services. While larger investment banks offer services in all lines of business, smaller investment firms (often called boutique investment banks) focus on the smaller aspects, such as investment banking, trading and research.

The International Association of Investment Bankers (IAIB) offers services that both large and small investment banks offer. IAIB is affiliation of reputable boutique investment bank firms. Unlike other boutique investment bank firms, IAIB is a global network that includes investment firms from Europe, North America to South America. Member firms are dedicated to providing optimal corporate finance and advisory services to corporations, governments, law firms and individuals.

The focus of IAIB is middle market companies (whose transactions range from US $10 to US $150); however, IAIB does complete larger transactions annually. As an added value, the IAIB website offers clients and members News & Articles for their members and insights from investment bankers.

Visit the new The International Association of Investment Bankers (IAIB) website today!

The International Association of Investment Bankers (IAIB) new website features a custom web design, and was constructed with our Point & Edit website editing software.


What's Up Yukon - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaEvery province and territory has its stars - whether those are spectacular people, stunning scenery, or amazing towns and communities. The Yukon is no exception; the northern territory has a diverse history including the Klondike gold rush, fascinating communities like Dawson City, and some of Canada’s most spectacular scenery. But how would anyone not familiar with the territory know about these attractions, without a current, detailed guide to the area?

What’s Up Yukon collects the best stories and features from around the territory, and publishes them in a monthly edition, available both in print and online. The magazine publicizes events and holds contests for Yukon residents and visitors, showing off all this diverse territory has to offer. The company behind the magazine, Beese Marketing, also works with Modern Earth Web Design as our Yukon Affiliate, to help provide businesses in the territory with excellent websites designed to fit their unique needs.

Check out the new What's Up Yukon website to learn more today!

Modern Earth has been working with Beese Marketing since 2007, when Tammy Beese and Modern Earth's founder Dan Belhassen were both recipients of the BDC Young Entrepreneur's Award for the Yukon and Manitoba respectively.

What's Up Yukon's new website features web design by Modern Earth, a custom programmed events system, and custom programmed client service features.

Reliance Products LP - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaBeing prepared is important, whether it’s for a camping trip or a natural disaster. When we think of preparedness, we usually consider food, shelter, and clothing the top priorities. What many of us may not think of, however, is ensuring we have access to clean fresh water. Storing any volume of water over a period of time requires special containers to keep bacteria and other contaminants out.

Reliance Products LP has more than fifty years experience designing and manufacturing reliable, safe plastic containers for a number of purposes. Starting with collapsible plastic containers, the company now makes hydration, sanitation, and emergency preparedness products for both the retail market and US government agencies. Containers created Reliance Products have even been featured on a number of television series including the documentary Expedition Africa, and science fiction hits The Walking Dead and Falling Skies.

Check out the new Reliance Products LP website today!

Reliance Products LP features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, an integrated blog system, and a custom programmed client portal for visitors to browse and order the company’s products.

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