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If improving your health coverage or life insurance is on your list of things to do in 2009, visit Elite Benefit Solution's new website. If you are a professional insurance advisor, they commit to providing their associates with education, service and support.

Elite Benefit Solutions, in association with Trans Canada Insurance Marketing Inc. is headed by Mike McAndless, who has a broad background in the Insurance and Risk Management field. Making a call to Elite Benefit Solutions is a great new year's resolution to anyone interested in improving their insurance.

They've got you covered.



Can you keep up?

Modern Earth


Feeling unable to keep up with your company's administrative needs? The Team at 21st Century Systems have been helping small to medium sized businesses and organizations create innovative solutions since 1993.

21 Century Systems needed a site that shares a lot of information to potential and current clients - who have very different needs. Current clients need to access support and upgrade information - Potential clients need to understand why 21st Century Systems is the right choice - and what services and solutions are available.

Modern Earth was able to create a clearly structured and well organized site that is both "easy on the eyes" and provides a access to the wealth of "hard information" that the viewer is looking for.

A Successful Implementation!




Due to the vision and ingenuity of company founder Al Oze, EZCut machines have changed the manual job of measuring and cutting rolls of carpet and vinyl flooring from being tedius and time-intensive to a more precise and efficient task. 

Over 6,000 EZCut designed machines are in use worldwide - and have revolutionized the flooring industry. If a flooring business isn't using an EZCut machine, they are doing it the hard way.

EZCut needed a "B2B" site that clearly presented the features and benefits of their various cutting machines to help the new or future customer know which machine would be right for their specific business needs. The Parts & Service Section helps current customers keep their investment in good working order. Leasing options and Used Equipment sections present affordable solutions! We think the site is "cutting edge".

Stay Sharp!



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It is good to know that there are companies dedicated to making our everyday world a safer place.

The team at Canadian Structural Inspection Services Ltd are hard at work ensuring our safety through their commitment to the highest quality of industrial safety inspection. They specialize in safety inspections of Bridges, Cranes, Pressure Vessels, Piping Systems, and Pipelines, along with numerous other sectors to ensure they meet Government Safety Certification.

Canadian Structural Inspection needed a website that shows the scope of their certified inspection capabilities. Modern Earth created a site that details CSIS Ltd's service offerings across many industry sectors, and detailed their Certifications and Professional Affiliations. They keep us safe, and we can have peace of mind the next time we drive over a bridge or under a crane busy at work.

Safety First!


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