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Comics America is a legend in its own right as one of the oldest comic book shops in North America, and their mission is simple: to be YOUR source for comic books and high quality comic collectibles. There website is their online portal to absolutely everything for the discriminating comic collector. Their "Frequent Fan Plan" offers the frequent buyer with what Comics America believes is the best incentive plan in the industry.

When you are done shopping their ecommerce store, take some time to check out their Breaking News Posts to keep up with what is happening in the Comics America universe. Lots of information about terms of service, shipping, etc add info and value to the site.
It's a bird - it's a plane - it's the new Comics America site. Super-b!

Wrong By Any Name

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Call it whatever - elder abuse - senior abuse - abuse of older adults is a problem we must face. Between 4 - 10% of older adults will experience abuse or neglect in their later years from someone they trust and rely on - family, spouse or caregiver. The Manitoba Network for the Prevention of Abuse of Older Aduts (MNPAOA) has a new website that provides information - community resources - and ongoing information about their events and activism in the community.

Their new website features scale-able font sizes, to assist older viewers with ease of reading, an integrated blog, and a site-wide search feature.

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The bright yellow on this basic, highly informative site says "ALERT" - because First Choice Enhanced Hearing Services knows that your hearing is at risk every day due to noise pollution and noise saturation in the workplace. Their goal is to save your hearing, and their Mobile Testing Unit will test your workers on site, rain or shine, and they provide training programs on sound level awareness that range from "toolbox talks" to formal training sessions.

They offer various hearing conservation programs for the workplace such as noise mapping and sound level surveys, to measure the dangers to your employees hearing safety. They also offer custom fit molded ear plugs - specially designed to fit the noise conditions of your job position. This brochure -style site has an interactive form on the contact page, and does a great job of presenting information to potential clients.
You heard it here first!
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