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Client Website Launches and Features from the Modern Earth Team

Selling your home can be a complicated task, and often involves both specific responsibilities and processes that most of us don’t know much about. It’s important to find a Realtor who not only knows all the steps to take when buying or selling a house – but also has a team of experienced professionals working with her to keep all the details well managed.

Winnipeg Realtor Chantelle Lysyk works with a team of experts to make every home purchase go as smoothly as possible, whether you are buying a first home, to upsizing or downsizing into a new home.

Chantelle Lysyk’s new website features a client managed real estate listings system and an integrated blog system, allowing Chantelle to share new homes as they become available, and keep people updated with news. A custom programmed contact form, making it easy to get in touch with her home selling team. The site was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.



Workplace Janitorial Services - Winnipeg Manitoba - Web Site Design and Custom Programming by Modern Earth Web DesignKeeping your work space clean is important to more than just your health and safety – first impressions matter, and a clean, safe-feeling environment is a big part of your company’s first impression on each person entering your space.

Workplace Janitorial Services helps their diverse range of clients to provide reliable, professional cleaning services. Using a comprehensive system developed through years of experience, Workplace Janitorial will assess the needs of a business, and create a menu of services and products to suit the individual needs of each business.

Check out the new Workplace Janitorial website today!

Workplace Janitorial Services’ new website uses a custom-built contact form, which displays on each page using a java-script button. The web site’s front page also features an interactive Flash animation, displaying the steps in the Workplace Janitorial System.


Gill & Schmall Agencies - Neepawa and McCreary ManitobaPeople living in remote communities have many of the same needs as those in larger cities – the comfort of a good home, a sense of security, and help getting things they need done – whether at home or abroad.

From their offices in Neepawa and McCreary, Gill & Schmall Agencies provide a wide range of services, individually tailored to meet the needs of rural Manitobans. Whether you need investment solutions, the security of specialized insurance plans, help booking travel arrangements, or a real estate agent to find the perfect home, Gill & Schmall Agencies is here to help.

Check out the new Gill & Schmall Agencies website today!

The new Gill & Schmall website features a custom built real estate listing system, developed to meet the expectations of the Agency’s clients. The site uses the Modern Earth blog system to allow the Agency to keep their visitors updated, and has an easy to use contact form on each page, so visitors can get in touch with Agency staff quickly and easily. The site was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.


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