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Are you a business owner looking to reduce the cutter in your office space? Are you moving and need to find some temporary storage space or moving equipment? Whether you’re looking for short or long-term solutions to keep your valuables safe, storage facilities can provide you with worry-free storerooms. 

West Side Storage facilities offer units that are climate controlled, have automatic fire suppression and are sealed to protect your valuables from harsh weather conditions.  As an added benefit, West Side Storage also offers their customers packing supplies at competitive prices as well as 24 hour, 365 days a year access to their storage unit. 

Unsure how much storage you need? The new West Side Storage website offers you a customized calculator that determines your storage needs. The storage facility is very secure and is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week. 

For your next move check out the new West Side Storage website!

The new West Side Storage  website features a custom web design, by Modern Earth Web Design and custom programmed calculator.



Even though it might be the smallest room in your house, your bathroom can be as stylish as the rest of your home. Whether you’re looking for decor and fixtures that reflects a more practical bathroom or a more luxurious bathroom “in home spa” type setting, finding beautiful, functional competitively priced products is important. 

LaLOO Accessories carries a variety of proven, first-rate bathroom accessories perfect for a simple or a lavish bathroom design. The new LaLOO Accessories website showcases a variety of bathroom accessories, mirrors, shelving units with many colour palettes to choose from. The Canadian company was established in 2001 and the founders of LaLOO have over 2 decades of designing and consulting experience in the Home Building and DIY market place.  Today, LaLOO products are carried by dealers in five provinces across Canada. 

The new LaLOO website also features useful information for individuals and contractors by providing dealer locations, as well as product information with great photos that help you envision their products in use in your home. Guests and dealers can login to receive information about staff rewards, terms, packing and shipping information as well as warranty information.  

For your next bathroom renovation project check out the new LaLOO Accessories website!

The new LaLOO Accessories website features a custom web design, by Modern Earth Web Design and custom programmed portal for visitors to browse magazine advertisements, staff rewards, packing and shipping information. As well, the new website was also built using our SEO best practices.



Whether you own residential or commercial property, professional landscaping can provide both beautiful and functional improvements to your valuable investment. By providing their expertise and equipment, landscaping companies can assist with the design and implementation of your residential or commercial project. 

The mission of Perfect Landscaping is to build gorgeous green spaces to beautify our communities. From baseball diamonds and soccer fields to tree installation and pond installations, Perfect Landscaping can provide a variety of services to both commercial and residential projects. Celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2012, Perfect Landscaping has provided many individuals and companies with landscaping services, some as big as beautifying the land along the Red River Floodway. 

In efforts to improve the environment, Perfect Landscaping supports the United Nations Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign and has planted over hundreds of trees every year. The new Perfect Landscaping website also provides information on job opportunities and seasonal tips for lawn maintenance and how to reduce your water consumption – truly putting the “green” into every green space.

For your next landscaping project, check out the Perfect Landscaping website!

The new Perfect Landscaping website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design.


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