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Gardon Construction Client SpotlightSince being founded on November 5th in 1984, Gardon Construction Ltd. has specialized in construction management and general contracting services.  They have extensive expertise in the construction of commercial, industrial, multi-family residential, institutional and health facilities and both high and low-rise design build.  Renowned for shared experience in the office and on the job site, they provide services to clients across Manitoba, as well as throughout Western Canada and The Territories.  They tackle each project with a team approach – allowing the client to work alongside their design consultants and construction management team. 

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual investor, the construction of a new building or the renovation of an existing one can be an overwhelming task.  Balancing time and budget without losing sight of your unique vision can feel next to impossible; for many the end product can seem unattainable, and knowing where to start can be like standing at the mouth of a tunnel with no end in sight.  Finding the right team, one that will work with you is vital to the success of the project.

Gardon Construction is a member of the Winnipeg Construction Association and an associate member of the Canadian Construction Association.  They are also a COR Certified Company and as such, part of their safety procedure includes keeping a full time safety coordinator on staff and available on each job site. By maintaining their membership and certifications, they ensure their employees and clients are continually provided the proven knowledge and training available within their industry. 

Their prime objective is always to complete the project in the shortest time possible, while staying within the client’s budget limitations and providing an end product both parties can be proud to associate their name with.  Management at Gardon Construction understands that the final result of their efforts is a structure, but their real business is people; they work in a unique and personal way with each client to attain their very high level of performance standards.  You can, without a doubt, rely on Gardon Construction to do the best job possible on your project.    

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