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If you need insurance for your vehicle, home, or business, you go to an insurance broker.  But where do insurance brokers get the insurance products from?  How do they determine which provider best meets your needs?  Where do they get all the forms and product information for your policy?  

Those in the know go to Trans Canada Insurance Marketing Inc. (TCIM) as their one stop shop for wholesale insurance.  Trans Canada Insurance Marketing Inc. is an insurance wholesaler and managing general agent that provides a wide range of General Insurance products to Canadian insurance brokers. 

TCIM provides insurance from over 25 companies, from intellectual property to aviation, and their website is a plethora of information for every type of insurance coverage needed. They also provide an incredibly in-depth library of resources and links to anything that is insurance related, and links to many of the brokers who work with them. They also provide online quotes

Trans Canada Insurance Marketing Inc has representatives all over Canada, and in Quebec are known as Trans Canada Assurance et Marketing (TCAM).  They also work with their sister company – Profescau assurance spécialisée inc.  Whether you wish to become a broker for TCIM, or are simply curious about the various insurance products that are available, their website provides virtually endless amounts of information.

Insurance is a necessary investment for everyone. Whether it is for your home, your business or your life, being properly insured ensures a piece of mind where, for most of us, we want to purchase and forget and hope we never need to use it. But, finding the right insurance is often overwhelming.  You don’t want to find out the insurance policy you’ve been paying faithfully falls short of your needs when you need to use it.

At ONE Insurance Group, they want to alleviate any apprehensions you may have and want you to feel welcomed the moment you walk through the door of one of their locations. With over 60 years in the insurance industry, ONE, a family owned and family managed company, has proudly earned the trust of their many clients due to their professionalism and outstanding customer service looking after families from one generation to the next.

ONE Insurance Group offers home insurance for every type of home owner. ONE’s program combinesvarious personal insurance protections for houses, condominiums, cottages and rental properties, tenant insurance and protection coverage for building a house. They deal with several different insurance companies to provide the coverage that is right for you.

ONE Insurance group also specializes in all types of Farm insurance. From hobby farms to large scale grain operations, ONE Insurance offers a wide array of programs, providing coverage for your principal dwelling and personal property, along with farm buildings, produce, livestock, machinery and equipment, and liability. This extends to all the property used for farming. There is also specific coverage for specialty farms, such as equine, poultry, hog and dairy operations, including machinery breakdown.

For your business insurance needs, ONE Insurance brokers are committed to identifying the best coverage for your business.

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