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Client Website Launches and Features from the Modern Earth Team

Road safety is more than just air bags and seatbelts. Staying safe in all weather conditions means making sure every component in your vehicle does its job exactly as it should, every time it’s needed. This means, beyond just keeping your gas tank full and your oil fresh, safe drivers make sure their vehicles are in good working order from top to tires.

For more than 50 years, West End Tire has helped to keep Manitoba drivers safe. By bringing new life to old tires with a unique tire retreading process, providing auto inspections, and offering a wide range of automotive maintenance services, West End Tire demonstrates a long history of commitment to road safety. 

Check out the new West End Tire website today!

West End Tire’s new website features marketing content developed by Modern Earth, and was constructed on search engine optimization best practices.


Keeping informed of changes in the financial world is growing more important as concern over the state of the global economy rises. Beyond just holding your finances, your financial institution of choice has the opportunity to provide information which can help you better plan your future.

The new Carpathia Credit Union website provides numerous resources for Credit Union members.  Online banking tools like the mortgage calculator and loan calculator help visitors take a glance at their options, while Carpathia’s broad library of information on personal banking and business banking can provide some perspective on how financial decisions are made. Their deep knowledge of the country’s financial landscape, when coupled with their full service insurance and investment solutions, makes it easy to see why Manitobans have trusted Carpathia for more than 70 years.

Stop by the new Carpathia Credit Union website and find out how they can help you today!

Carpathia Credit Union’s new site features a jQuery animated banner on the main page which is compatible with mobile devices. The site also has a number of custom programmed web applications to make online banking easy.


Keeping your belongings safe is important, especially when you need more room than your home or office provides. No matter the reason – moving from one home to another, changing the location of your business, or keeping a permanent storage space off site, security and convenience are always top of mind.

North Star Mini-Storage is the largest self-storage provider in the Yukon. With three locations in the Whitehorse area, North Star offers a variety of on site storage and off site storage solutions, as well as providing moving supplies to make the job easier. Each of North Star’s easy to access locations are kept secure and well-maintained at all times. Whether you have personal belongings which need heated storage, or things like office files and artwork for which cold storage units would suffice, North Star Mini-Storage has you covered.

The new North Star Mini-Storage website features an animated flash banner on its front page, and an imbedded Google Map to display the company’s three locations. The site also has marketing content developed by Modern Earth, and was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.

Keeping people and property safe is one of the top concerns of any business owner. Many safety hazards can be avoided – but being prepared is key to minimizing damage to both physical property, and injury to anyone involved.  Whether in a big city, rural location or fly-in remote or isolated community accessible only by plane – Bison fire can be there to help identify risks and install solutions to prevent tragedy from striking.

For ten years, Bison Fire Protection has helped keep businesses in Winnipeg and southern Manitoba prepared for unexpected emergencies by providing comprehensive fire protection solutions. The company now has three locations, in Winnipeg, Thompson, and now Regina, as well as an online presence on Facebook, Twitter and soon, LinkedIn.   Their fire demonstrations and training are among the most comprehensive and thorough in Manitoba.

Bison Fire’s protection systems can be found in a wide range of applications, including mining vehicles, commercial kitchens, and high sensitivity areas such as labs and IT installations. Whether you need fire alarm systems and sprinklers, or industrial fire suppression systems and fire extinguisher training – if there’s a chance it can burn, Bison Fire can help you put it out.

Check out the new Bison Fire website today!

Bison Fire Protection’s new website features an integrated Modern Blog system which has been configured to publish their new blog entries to a number of social networks including the company’s Twitter account, @bison_fire and their Facebook Page.The site also has marketing content and a social media strategy developed by Modern Earth, and was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.

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