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It’s easy to think we've overcome the challenge of ensuring equal rights in our country, but how can we be sure? Examining how our efforts in maintaining human rights on a regular basis, along with the rest of our cultural growth, is key to making sure we know where we stand - and if we’re reaching out destination.

Every year, the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) holds a national conference to examine the progress made for human rights in Canada and around the world. This June, CASHRA’s conference is being held right here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This year’s conference features a three-day program, examining the history of human rights in Canada - and looking at how far we’ve come in the last hundred years. More than a dozen speakers have already been confirmed, and the program still in progress. The theme, “Are we there yet?,” is a fitting follow up to last year’s conference - which focused on the new directions, and new realities of human rights in Canada.

Visit the CASHRA 2012 website to learn more about the conference and program today!

The CASHRA 2012 website features custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, and is available in both English and Francais.

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Manitoba Ringette Association - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design Winnipeg SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaTeam sports are a great way to get out and be active, no matter your age. Winter sports like ringette are growing in popularity as alternatives to the more well-known sports. Like hockey, Ringette is played on ice rinks - and uses the same markings. The differences lie in the straight sticks used to play the game, and its signature hollow blue ring rather than a puck. These two changes create a great rink game that requires a different set of skills to skate – shoot – score!

The Manitoba Ringette Association aims to bring more Manitobans into the Ringette circle, by promoting events and raising awareness of the sport in the province. Their new website is a valuable source of information about the sport for players, coaches, and officials as well as fans of the sport. The Association publicizes tournament and championship dates, news from teams and local associations - and even covers games by way of social media tools like Twitter. Even if you don’t want to play – you can always become a fan and come out to cheer on your favourite team.

Check out the new Manitoba Ringette Association website and learn more about this exciting, fast-paced sport today!

The Manitoba Ringette Association website features a custom web design by Modern Earth, and was built using our Point & Edit website editing software.


We don’t always get to choose how we feel about things - but, with help, we can choose how we react to feelings that don’t help us make progress in our lives.

Brian Theriault, the voice behind Luminous Awakenings, helps people find peace within challenge. Brian uses a specialized form of counselling called “nondual-transpersonal therapy”, which integrates Western psychology with contemplative wisdom and self-study. This form of therapy helps the patient recognize cues for change in behaviour or perspective.

Brian works with patients to find opportunities to live better and appreciate their circumstances they otherwise may not have had. The website also provides some perspective on the nondual thought process through Brian’s blog posts, and a set of resources in the form of published articles available for download.

Learn more about Brian Theriault at Luminous Awakenings today!

Luminous Awakenings features a custom web site design by Modern Earth, and was constructed using our Winnipeg SEO best practices.

Choosing where to make your long term home is about so much more than the size of the lot, or the floor plan of the house or condo you’re looking at calling home. You’re making a decision about the kind of community you want to live in. What will your neighbors be like? Which conveniences are nearby? Are there are kid-friendly parks, or schools easily accessible?

David Unruh has been helping Winnipeg families find great homes for nearly twenty years - and his son, Chris Unruh, has done the same for the last five. As members of the Century 21 Bachman & Associates group, the Unruhs help people across the city sell their homes, or find the perfect new home in a community that matches their needs.

Check out the new Unruh Real Estate website today, and see their Currently for Sale listings.

The Unruh Real Estate website features a custom web site design by Modern Earth, using our Point & Edit website editing system. The site was also constructed using our Winnipeg SEO best practices.

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