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Castle Rock Enterprises - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaThere are just some jobs that need to be done where you know you have to call in the professionals.  For more than a decade, Castle Rock Enterprises has received those very calls from fellow residents of the Yukon when a contracting job needed to be done, and done well.  Their goal is to provide quality, value and perfection on each and every job, and their growth from a “father-son” team to a family of 30+ employees says that they deliver what they promise.

If you are in the Yukon, and have a lot that needs clearing, or a site that needs excavating and preparation for construction, Castle Rock is interested in hearing from you.  They also provide trucking, snow clearing, dozer & grader services, and site sweeping.  A subsidiary of Dakwakada Corporation, Castle Rock Enterprises has established a firm foundation as a significant member of the Yukon construction industry.

Visit the new Castle Rock Enterprises site today!

Castle Rock Enterprises' new website features a custom web design.

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Popp Chocolates - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg Manitoba

There are your everyday chocolates, factory-made in huge batches, pre-boxed, and found everywhere.  Doesn’t your sweet tooth or your sweetheart deserve something “more”?  Then there are Artisan Chocolates – recipes inspired by beautiful and exotic ingredients, lovingly made by hand, carefully wrapped or packaged, and found in a few special places, known to true connoisseurs of the best treats life has to offer.  A joy to receive, a delight to give. 

Chocolatier Constance Popp produces award winning artisanal chocolate, using the finest ingredients, with an eye to both social and environmental responsibility, as well as a commitment to using Made in Manitoba products wherever possible.   If you’ve ever visited their Portage Avenue shop you’ll already know about their diverse selection of bon-bons, chocolate barks, bars, and seasonal treats highlighted in their intro video.  Every piece tastes as wonderful as it is beautiful.

Now you can share the delicious beauty of Chocolatier Constance Popp’s Artisanal Chocoloate through their new online ordering page, where you can make your selection and pay online.  Sweeten the day for someone special! 

Visit Constance Popp’s new website today.  

Chocolatier Constance Popp’s new ecommerce website features a custom web design and Shopify integration.


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Workplace Engineering Solutions - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg Manitoba

The average person doesn’t give much thought to all the steps involved in the making of “things” – all those appliances, machines, toys –  all the items that we use every day.  Those who are involved in the manufacturing process are deeply aware that every step of manufacturing items big or small needs to be functional, efficient, and safe for the worker, and that produces a product that fulfills its intended function and operates safely for the end user.

Workplace Engineering Solutions provides solutions oriented consulting that helps manufacturers maximize their productivity and ensure workplace safety.  They are dedicated to creating long-term solutions rather than quick or short term fixes that can inhibit a business from reaching its goals over time, and have a variety of resources at hand within the workplace health and safety community.

Workplace Engineering Solutions has a 7 Step Process that focusses on successful resolution of your manufacturing problem, and they have the testimonials to back up their promise of “work well done.” 

Visit the new Workplace Engineering website today or sign up for their blog, or connect to them via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Workplace Engineering’s website features a custom web design and a blog


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Bressanté - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg Manitoba

When you look good, you feel better, the saying goes.  For women who have experienced life-saving surgeries that result in alterations to their physical appearance, such as mastectomies, feeling good about their appearance is a key part of their healing journey. 

Wendy Smith has devoted her professional life to building the prosthetics that help return a normal appearance to people who have lost hands, fingers, ears, noses and breasts through her practice at Lifeart Prosthetics.  Bressanté was created to address the particular needs of women with breast cancer or other breast health issues who require a comfortable, attractive custom breast prosthetic.

The discussion begins with the question “What’s Right For You”  to help each client determine their requirements.  If a visit to a Bressanté professional is not convenient, then an “at home” casting kit can be mail ordered and sent to a client’s home.  The website features a wide range of Frequently Asked Questions to make the process as easy as possible.  While not everyone will need Bressanté’s services, for those who do, the opportunity to both look good and feel better is a key part of their health and well-being.

Visit the new Bressanté website today or sign up for their newsletter!

Bressanté’s website features custom web design, a blog, and a custom web form.


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