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Kelwin Management Consulting - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg ManitobaIn the way a second opinion is often needed before a decision can be reached, being too close to a situation can make it seem as though there is no solution to the problems at hand.  Where do you turn when your organization needs restructuring?  What if you’re starting up and don’t know how to structure your business, or if it is a feasible venture?

Kelwin Management Consulting is a boutique consulting firm undertaking each project individually and tailors it to the circumstances of the client.  Both principals, Brian Kelly and Randy Baldwin, work closely on each project to ensure every client gets the best possible approach to meet their needs.  They have provided their services to clients in the public, private and non-profit sector for the past 20 years.  This includes companies in a wide range of industry sectors, including academic institutions, bio-products companies and business startups.

Kelwin’s approach with each project is to ensure the client’s investment, whether it is time, money or energy, will be a valuable and meaningful one.  Brian and Randy accomplish this by providing the client with what they need to hear; not only what they want to hear.  The research and analysis process developed by Kelwin is designed to determine the viability of a project in all aspects.  Always keeping the client in mind, Brian and Randy are flexible in their consulting through all stages of the project and allow clients to refine subsequent phases should circumstances change.  If it should become apparent at any stage of the process that there is no value to the client in proceeding, the project can be terminated, representing financial savings for the client.      

Not only do Brian and Randy each hold the designation of FCMC (Fellow, Certified Management Consultant), they both previously ran their own business and have advised and served on numerous boards of directors.  Brian and Randy have extensive private sector management experience in finance and marketing, respectively, and this expertise, combined with their experience in replicating business success gives Kelwin’s clients a distinct advantage.



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No Nose, No Problem!

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Spiderflex - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaBased on real world experience and medical research, cycling is recognized as providing numerous health benefits.  Not only is it great cardiovascular exercise, it’s also used extensively for individuals undergoing rehabilitation for a past injury due to the fact that it is a non weight-bearing activity.  However many cyclists complain of lower back and other types of pain while cycling, specifically pain in the seat area.  This by and large stems from typical bicycle seats, specifically the horn.

Spiderflex hornless bike seats are ergonomically designed to cradle the ischial tuberosity or “sit bones” (literally the bones under the flesh of your bottom that you sit on), rather than apply excess pressure on them.  The saddle is designed to relieve the lower back pain and groin pressure experienced by cyclists using traditional bike seats by properly distributing the rider’s body weight.

Spiderflex - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaThere is a brief adaptation period for new users, as getting used to a hornless bike seat can seem awkward, but it is well worth the short learning curve.  Male and female riders alike have found that Spiderflex bike seats provide relief from genital area pain that is commonly associated with cycling.  This is because Spiderflex seats are designed to be used by riders of either gender – one of the few genuinely unisex bike seats available.  Their vented ergonomic design is capable of accommodating a range of distances between sit bones – allowing almost all riders to cycle in comfort, regardless of gender, body type, or “butt size”.

Who uses Spiderflex? The majority of Spiderflex riders (known as “Spider Riders”) are recreational cyclists looking for a comfortable bicycle saddle.  Road bike riders who have chosen a Spiderflex bike seat for long distance rides due to the high level of comfort offered by its ergonomic design.  Members of the Chicago Police Department also use the seat when assigned to the bicycle patrol team.     

Spiderflex is a proud independently owned Manitoba company, with manufacturing facilities right here in Manitoba.  Bike seats can be ordered online and are distributed from shipping facilities in Pembina, North Dakota throughout Canada and the United States; some seats have been shipped as far as Israel and France!  Each bike seat comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Biking as a form of transportation is well known for its positive environmental impact.  Many cities encourage this by supporting “bike to work” days and providing bike lanes or paths for cyclists to utilize.  While it is easy to make excuses not to ride a bike, with the added comfort of a Spiderflex bike seat, there’s no reason not to get out and ride!

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River East Transcona School Division - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaWith 42 schools serving close to 16,300 students from kindergarten to grade 12, the River East Transcona School Division is the second largest public school division in the province of Manitoba.  Their International Education Program welcomes students in junior high and high school to attend one of their many campuses

The wide range of innovative, challenging and internationally accredited programs, both academic and technical, ensures international students are able to find a vocational program that suits their goals and interests.  In addition to the many courses available to students there are several recreational opportunities

While in Canada international students are placed with a homestay family that has undergone screening and been deemed capable of providing an appropriate and healthy environment for the student.  Homestay families must be English speaking, have a home within or near the school division and be able to provide the student with a private bedroom with a window. 

Students are welcomed upon their arrival at the airport by their homestay family and staff members of the International Education program.  Throughout the duration of their stay international students are given the support they need to successfully make the transition by the divisions teaches, counselors and International Education Program staff. 

Students can choose to attend the program for a term length that suits their needs.  They can enroll for one complete school year (two semesters) or for a single semester, either beginning in September at the start of the Canadian school year or in February.  The full year term doesn’t necessarily have to begin in September and can run from February through the summer break and end in January.  Students can benefit greatly from the full year term as it gives them more time to adjust to the Canadian lifestyle and integrate themselves more fully into our culture and educational system.

Not only does the RETSD International Education Program offer great benefit to its students, but it offers great promise.  Parents will be pleased to learn many of the programs past students consistently rank in the top 2% in various physics and mathematics competitions at the provincial, national and even international level. 

The division is known throughout the province of Manitoba for taking great pride in the achievement of their students and being educational leaders.  With international students making up less than 5% of the total enrolled student population it is guaranteed that international students will have the greatest opportunity possible to interact with Canadian students.    

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