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In much of Canada, the only sure way in and out of remote sites is a helicopter, and Fireweed Helicopters is one of the best, serving the mining and seismic industry in Northern BC and the Yukon. Don’t take our word for it – go scope out their services at their crisp, simple new website, where every aspect of their business is right at your fingertips, including weather updates.

Even if you don’t need a helicopter just this moment, you’re sure to enjoy the stunning photo gallery of pristine snowfields, rugged mountains, northern lights and more. Usually there’s a Fireweed ‘copter in there somewhere, loaded with fuel and supplies, or in one picture hoisting a house!

In the summer season, Fireweed Helicopters are out over wild country working on forest fire suppression and wildlife management, and when things aren’t too busy they might be available for a swing around Dawson, maybe taking in the Klondike Goldfields or Tombstone Park, over some of the most amazing landscape in the world.Whether you want industrial travel or a glimpse of pure mountain beauty, you can easily check ahead by clicking their contact link

Happy flying!

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We have Ignition!

Modern Earth


In business, people need energy and confidence. Enter Business Life, where committed business people get the energy edge for team building and for their personal ambitions.

Leading the way is BL owner Marlene Loeppky, who combines experience and education with her own brand of cheerful toughness in offering public workshops, in-depth analysis, and customized training, helping people use their talents abundantly, and thrive in every part of their lives. Marlene’s fresh new website makes it easy to find just the BL resources you need.

For businesses, Ignite offers structured workshops, evaluation and custom solutions so client companies can build lasting strength. Marlene knows employee satisfaction is the key to retaining exceptional people.Communication and other training modules use proven methods to make this happen.

On the other hand, Thrive encourages personal strength and achievement in business women, offering a series of workshops and retreats where extraordinary women are encouraged and equipped to reach their potential, while still enjoying the spheres of home, faith and friendship.

Professional and personal development ignites your business and lets you thrive in life. Business Life’s comprehensive website puts these resources right at your fingertips.

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Urban Reductions provides solutions for sustainable living - helping the average home owner to reduce their water bill by up to 40% through the installation of a grey water recycling system. This fascinating technology allows rainwater or "slightly used" water from your shower to be filtered and recycled into your toilet tank - giving water a "second life" before it goes into the sewage system - making it do "double duty! Located in Tyndall, MB, Urban Reductions is committed to providing Manitobans with a sustainable future!

The first goal of their website is to inform - and the information and navigation is laid out in a simple easy to follow fashion. The second goal of the website is to invite either the home owner or building contractor to call - and if you click on the "Contact" link - we've done something different! Check out our integrated contact form bar - soon all the best dressed websites will want one!

Recycling our precious natural resources makes good environmental sense. Urban Reductions new website will help Manitobans (and others) find the solution to lowering water bills and using our water resources more effectively

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Who You Gonna Call?

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Telexperts is Winnipeg's specialist in managed business voice solutions, and needed a website that clearly communicates the features and benefits of choosing their company and their product lines. Their new crisp clean website presents all the information you need to move you towards having Telexperts consult on your next communication system installation.

With over 20 years of technology experience, Telexperts continually updates their knowledge base and hardware options to keep their industry solutions at the forefront of the business communication needs, carrying respected brand names such as Mitel, Toshiba, Nortel and Active Voice . Download the specs in PDF form, learn about their service plans, or just contact Telexperts on how they can provide you with the communication solution you need.
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