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If you have a passion for film – whether you’re want to get in front of the camera or behind it – getting started can be difficult. Finding the right projects, and getting answers to important questions, can make the different between building great experience, and suffering long-lasting setbacks.

Artists in Media was created to help answer these questions – and to help new artists in the Manitoba media community get into the spotlight. The site has links to resources for performers, as well as calendars of media-related events, and workshops to help artists improve their craft.

The AIM Winnipeg website also serves as a place where media-savvy artists can share their experiences. On the site’s News section, AIM’s founder Karen Mitchell shares perspective on the first steps she and her son (one of the site’s Spotlight actors) took when getting into acting. In the Success Stories section, AIM highlights the work of successful local artists

The new Artists in Media website features a customized Modern Earth Blog system, using different blog groups for News and Success Stories, allowing AIM to add new content to the website easily through a single blog administrative section. The AIM website also has integrated Google Calendars for both the Workshops and Events Calendar sections.

Part of Canada’s strength comes from our strong multicultural awareness, and the diversity of skill, art, and tradition of the many unique groups that call this nation home.  Canada has long been a leader in developing and maintaining progressive human rights environments in legislation, and ensuring the inclusion of many voices on the national stage.

The Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA) is the national body charged with administering federal, provincial and territorial human rights legislation. Through inter-agency communication and collaboration, CASHRA ensures the ongoing progress of human rights in Canada. One of the key events CASHRA holds each year is its national conference.

Held in a different jurisdiction each year, the CASHRA national conference for 2011 will be held in Calgary Alberta. The theme of this year’s conference is “New Realities, New Directions” for human rights in Canada.

The conference program will include 4 plenary keynote addresses and 22 breakout sessions over its 3-day program, divided into 4 concurrent streams to examine the year’s theme. Conference participants, representing a broad range of interests and cultural groups, will exchange information and learn about new developments in the Canadian human rights environment, and have the chance to network and engage with people from across Canada.

Registration for the CASHRA national conference opens January 31st, 2011.

The CASHRA 2011 website contains a large library of information about the national conference, and is available in both English and Francais.

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Being prepared often means more than just knowing what do to when facing a crisis. Having support in place for every eventuality can be crucial to weathering financial and emotional storms when the worst happens.

Guild Insurance Brokers in Brandon Manitoba works with the southern Manitoba community to provide comprehensive home insurance coverage, business insurance, and is a full-service Autopac dealer. Guild also supports their clients by providing resources such as insurance tips, financing, and auto insurance tools.

Guild Insurance meets the needs of their region with specialized programs for CFB Shilo residents through their DND military program. From insurance for farmers to marine insurance and seasonal insurance for cottage owners, Guild creates customized coverage packages for families with diverse needs. They are also one of the few full-service insurance brokerages in Manitoba to offer railroad insurance.

The new Guild Insurance website features an integrated insurance quote request form, as well as a customer feedback form. These two forms allow clients and potential customers to request the information they need quickly and easily. The site was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.


Anyone can appreciate a well-maintained green space – from large provincial parks, to the simplest home gardens, bringing a nature back into our lives has many benefits. However, maintaining your green spaces means more than just filling them with flowers and trees.

From landscaping to hobby gardens, Jensen Nursery has the tools any homeowner could need to keep their environment green and beautiful.Whether you’re looking for gifts, landscaping supplies, or expert design services, Jensen Nursery can help you plant the seeds needed to create an outdoor space tailored just for you.

Check out the new Jensen Nursery website today!

The new Jensen Nursery website features an integrated Modern Earth Blog system, which allows Jensen staff to share news easily with their visitors. The site also features a plant search system, which Modern Earth customized to look and feel identical to the rest of the new Jensen website.


If you give a kid a theatre, they can learn about the performing arts. It’s important to provide young people with space to express themselves – and the opportunity to learn how to do so in constructive ways. Whether through visual arts, creative writing, or performance – encouraging enthusiasm for the arts in young people is an investment in their future.

Manitoba Theatre for Young People has been making memories for kids and parents alike since 1982. Through a combination of programs for educators, their theatre school, and a diverse program of plays and presentations, MTYP encourages young people to explore the performing arts.

Check out the new MTYP website and order your tickets for one of their productions today!

The new MTYP website features two interactive spaces on its front page: a rotating image slider to show off upcoming shows and events, and an information grid which changes to display information about each grid section when a section is clicked on. An integrated Modern Earth Blog System allows MTYP to keep visitors to their website up to date with news on the organization.

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