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Taking care of your smile has more benefits than most of us realize. Oral hygiene and preventative dental care are a big part of maintaining your overall health. As any of us who have had to deal with “big deal” procedures like root canals know, working with a dentist you trust to keep the process as pain-free as possible makes all the difference.

Archibald Dental Centre has been keeping Winnipeg’s smiles bright with a pain-free dentistry approach for more than 20 years. No matter what your teeth need, Archibald Dental can help. As a full service dental clinic, they offer everything from cleanings and regular check-ups to root canals and cosmetic dentistry. The clinic’s staff will be happy to work with you to keep on top of your oral health, whether it’s filling a cavity on short notice, or building an ongoing relationship with you based on preventative care.

Check out the new Archibald Dental website today!

Archibald Dental Centre’s new site features a custom web site design and is constructed using Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices.


Manitoba Naturopathic Association - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Site Design - Custom Programming - Winnipeg ManitobaOur health, just like every other part of our lives, needs unique attention. Whether it’s because of chronic illness, spiritual concerns, or personal preference - many people seek out holistic or alternative forms of treatment, or ways to maintain their health other than the allopathic western medical system. Practitioners of eastern healing techniques, massage therapy, acupuncture and other disciplines can address concerns in significantly different ways than medical doctors can.

For more than fifty years, the Manitoba Naturopathic Association has worked to raise awareness of alternative medicines in Manitoba. The MNA acts as a regulatory body for naturopathic doctors in the province, seeking to maintain and deliver the highest standards for personal care possible using natural systems of illness and injury treatment. Association member clinics can be found in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba - reaching as far north as The Pas.

Check out the new Manitoba Naturopathic Association to find a member clinic near you today!

The Manitoba Naturopathic Association website features a custom programmed blog system, and custom web site design by Modern Earth.

As part of a well balanced diet, fruits and vegetables have some excellent benefits to your health. But the common choices - such as citrus fruits, berries, and legumes - aren’t the only healthy plants. Edible flowers, especially some of those common in Africa, provide some of the most exciting health benefits in any single food - and what’s more, they taste great!

Yomm Beverages brings the great taste and health benefits of African Hibiscus teas to Manitoba. With their variety of flavoured hibiscus flower drinks, loose teas, and individually packaged hibiscus tea bags, it’s easy to make sure you have a refreshing drink right at hand. Whether you like hot tea, or a cold drink, you’ll enjoy Yomm’s hibiscus teas.

Check out the new Yomm Beverages website today!

The Yomm Beverages website features a design updated by Modern Earth to match the company’s product packaging, as well as a jQuery powered banner on the home page, and a custom programmed contact form.

Camping is a great way to make friends, learn new skills, and spend some time doing something fun and different. For kids, it’s an exotic escape from routine. For parents and other adults, getting involved in a camp - either attending or acting as a coordinator or counselor - can be a highly rewarding experience. No matter your age, a summer camping experience can build memories and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Since 1937, the Manitoba Camping Association has helped make summers memorable by organizing children’s and family camps. The Association’s broad range of camps include retreats, bible camps, even day camps both within Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba - adhering to an accreditation process to make sure these special events are safe and fun for all those involved.

Check out the camps available this summer on the new Manitoba Camping Association website today!

The new custom designed Manitoba Camping Association website features a custom programmed blog system.


Quality Life Services - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Programming - SEO - Winnipeg Manitoba

Most of us have experienced periods of illness that keep us from doing what we want to do. Whether it’s a cold keeping us bedridden for a week, or an injury that limits our mobility, we all know how frustrating it can be, feeling trapped in our homes by a condition. For some people, however, conditions such as incontinence aren’t temporary. These kinds of conditions mean changing one’s lifestyle and limiting one’s activities - sometimes severely - for much longer period of time. It can be difficult to keep a sense of pride and purpose, managing a chronic condition.

For more than twenty years, Quality Life Services has been helping those dealing with incontinence maintain their dignity and live without limitations due to their condition. From locations in Winnipeg and Ottawa, Quality Life Services supplies hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions with a selection of leading disposable briefs including Tranquility and Tena products. Beyond acting solely as an institutional supplier, QLS also provides products and guidance for individuals managing their condition on their own. Products available for the general public can be found at the company’s QLS Medical website.

Visit the new  Quality Life Services website today!

The Quality Life Services website was built on Modern Earth’s Winnipeg SEO best practices, and features a custom programmed secure log-in area for the company’s customers to access detailed information.

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