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LJ Baron Realty - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaBuying a home is one of the largest decisions you will make in your lifetime.  Whether you are shopping for a new home in your current neighborhood, or are looking for a total change of scenery, having trusted friends to help guide you through the transition is extremely important. 

Founded by Leo J. Baron in Teulon, MB in 1953, the team at L.J Baron Realty has been helping families move from the city to the country and vice versa, by finding the perfect home.  As a second generation family business now run by Leo’s daughter Claudette they are dedicated to assisting buyers and sellers with the purchase and sale of rural and residential properties, commercial properties, vacant land and building lots in the Interlake and Winnipeg area.     

Urbanites may not realize the large number of growing communities in the rural areas of Manitoba.  The decision to give country living a try presents a different set of needs to a buyer.  With no prior knowledge, many people enter into the process without knowing what to look for in a rural or country urban home.  Claudette and her team focus on helping people with their real estate needs, as well as finding a community that fits them.     

This is a company with a true commitment to their community.  As the chairperson of the Liliane Baron South Interlake Breast Cancer Support Group Claudette hosts meetings at L.J Baron’s office each month.  The group assists women with breast cancer by providing them with emotional support and assistance in coping with the physical changes they experience.   The group also helps absorb some of the costs associated with the illness by providing transportation to and from treatments, alterations to clothing, childcare, meals and house cleaning.  Having lost her mother, Liliane to breast cancer in 2001, and as a survivor of breast cancer herself Claudette fully understands the need for members of the community to rally around and support each other in times of illness. 

Over the past 60 years the L.J Baron offices have been in three different locations along Main Street; Claudette designed their current office herself.  As a solid fixture in the community the company name and the staff associated with it have come to be known for the high level of professionalism, knowledge and customer service that they provide.  

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Home Away from Home

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A Port in the Storm - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaIt is estimated that by the year 2025, more than 60,000 individuals in Manitoba will be living with cancer.  Many of these individuals will need extensive testing and treatment that can only be offered in major urban centers.  The financial burden of this kind of care is immense.  Coupled with the need to be away from home, friends and family for extended periods of time the stress can take a great toll on an already weakened individual and their resolve.

A Port in the Storm is a residence that provides an affordable alternative to hotels for rural and northern residents.  Their aim is to provide a safe, home-like place to stay for patients and their family who must remain away from home for medical testing and treatment.  By reducing an aspect of the financial burden associated with long-term serious illness their service allows patients to focus on the important thing: their health.   

Perfectly located in the heart of St. Boniface, A Port in the Storm is a mere two minutes away from the St. Boniface Hospital and Cancer Care Tache location.  Being so close to downtown, it is also within fifteen minutes of the Health Sciences Centre and Cancer Care Manitoba locations.   

Guests at A Port in the Storm can rent a suite for the first time when referred by a health care professional by contacting by phone or e-mail.  One and two bedroom suites are available and include bedroom(s) with queen sized bed, private washroom with tub and shower and an open concept kitchen/living room with a futon that sleeps two.  Telephone, cable, wifi and shared free laundry facilities are also included.  To keep costs low guests are responsible for keeping their own room clean, vacuuming and putting all used linens and towels into the laundry, just like at home.  This independence helps many people feel less like they are staying in someone else’s home and more like they are a part of a community.   


To raise funds for the construction of a new location A Port in the Storm is running a Capital Campaign.  The vision of the board is to expand the residence in order to accommodate the growing number of people who need a service like theirs.  With the help of many volunteers, supporters and donors, great strides have been made towards the goal, but quite some distance remains.  By uniting together to bring their fundraising goals to fruition, they will reach their dream of building a House of Hope.

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 Melrose Park Community Centre -  - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaAlthough we hear it often, few people know the origins of the word “community”.  Originally derived from the Latin word “communitas” (com, “with/together” and munus, “gift”) it can have many meanings in this day and age.  As an individual you can be a member of an online community, or a workspace community; a sense of community can even be felt between a group of drivers not letting in the car that tried to cut ahead of the traffic jam.  Ultimately, it boils down to a social unit that shares a set of values.

Located in the Elmwood area the Melrose Park Community Centre provides a central location for individuals and families in the neighborhood to convene.  The Centre has the capacity to host your upcoming family reunion or birthday party.  For Weddings and socials they have a special rental package that includes the use of their large kitchen, tables and chairs, bartenders, and the added benefit of staff assistance for event setup and take down.  They also have more than enough space available for craft sales and exercise classes. 

A variety of sports programs for kids of all ages and experience levels are offered by The Centre.  In summer they offer recreational soccer to children ranging in age from 3-18.  Additional sports open to children in the area include volleyball and all-star competitive cheerleading.  In the winter months they currently offer hockey practices twice a week on top of league games to children aged 5-16 and are working on starting a ringette program.   For those who are feeling lucky Bingo is hosted year round, every Wednesday at 6:00 pm.

Social interaction is important from the time we are a small child.  We are shaped by the people around us and the experiences we share.  Taking part in activities or attending events at a community club is an important aspect of any social community.  By providing a meeting place and a hub for the community centered around them, Melrose Park Community Centre truly lives up to their name and its origins.  

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