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In offices of any size, the security and reliability of your network can be critical to your day to day business. Making sure your systems are running exactly as they should is important – though finding affordable expertise can be difficult for smaller businesses.

365 Technologies supports small businesses by building customized IT management solutions in a pro-active way. Their 365Care+ technology management solutions make IT worry-free for small and medium business owners. From email security to offsite backuptelecommunications systems and advisory services, 365 Tech has you covered with complete small business IT solutions.

Visit the new 365 Technologies website to request your free Network Health Check today!

The 365 Technologies website was built on Modern Earth's search engine optimization best practices, and features a fully integrated social media marketing platform.


Stress is an unavoidable part of life for all of us – from the workplace or the home, the pressure to succeed in all of our endeavours is heavy. None of us want to be overwhelmed by stress, or face the burnout that can happen when we are overwhelmed. Thankfully, tools are available to help us weather the storms of our personal and professional lives, and keep the sailing smooth.

Award winning Toastmaster and professional speaker Bev Doern works to help people and businesses weather these storms, and keep their own stress under control. Her presentation, The Plimsoll Line, is designed to provide the tools we need to prevent burnout, and keep moving towards our goals.

Visit A Thought Worth Sharing today, and get in touch with Bev to see how she can help you, and your business, weather your storms better.

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Businesses of all sizes often struggle with matching their equipment to their needs. What kind of printer to buy, how to address the needs of the entire office in an efficient way -whether making these choices for an office of ten or one hundred, having an experienced partner can help.

Milne Office Systems has been serving its clients in Winnipeg for over 15 years with cost-effective and efficient office equipment from RicohNeopost and other suppliers. Their dedication to providing effective solutions to businesses of many sizes has made Milne Office an award-winning dealer, and allowed them to support many local businesses through both office equipment sales, and leasing services.

Visit their new website today and get in touch to see how Milne Office Systems can help you.

Milne Office Systems' new website features a flash animation on the front page, an integrated Modern Blog system, and has been search engine optimized by Modern Earth.

Since the early 1900’s, the Assiniboine Park has been one of Winnipeg’s greatest cultural attractions. Its internationally renowned gardens have long been a leading innovator in horticulture and botanical preservation. The Assiniboine Park Conservancy in particular has been key in building the vision of preservation for Winnipeg’s horticultural society.

The Friends of the Assiniboine Park Conservatory are working to expand this vision by creating awareness of the conservatory, its history, and its aims. By creating volunteering opportunities, organizing events, and offering a Master Gardener program, the Friends of the Conservatory are working toward expanding the facility itself, and raising funds to build a Butterfly Conservatory as part of the new, expanded facility.

Register for one of the many City Wide Garden Tours, or get in touch today!


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