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SMS Engineering - Custom Website Design - Custom Programming - by Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaThe structures we create to house our lives, our businesses, and everything we do plays a big role in building both the economy, and the culture of our province. Sometimes, these buildings become landmarks like the new Winnipeg Blue Bombers stadium currently in planning. More often, however, it’s structures like the Health Sciences Centre, or the new airport terminal which have an impact on our day to day lives. Making sure these structures will stand up to ongoing use, as well as being appealing places to work, is an important part of building our province.

Using their broad experience and history, Manitoba’s own SMS Engineering has been helping build the province since 1965. Projects of all sized, from personal care homes to the currently in-construction James Armstrong Richardson airport terminal. SMS Engineering’s highly qualified team of mechanical and electrical engineers participates in projects at all stages, through advisory services, design and construction.

Check out the new SMS Engineering website and see some of their work today!

SMS Engineering’s custom designed website features an interactive Flash banner on its main page and a custom programmed menu system for the site’s Projects section.

BOMA Manitoba - Web Design & Custom Programming by Modern Earth Web DesignThere are a lot of considerations to be made when looking at real estate development – especially commercial buildings such as office complexes and shopping centres. Coordinating the efforts of everyone from Architects to Waste Management and Recycling facilitators is a difficult job, whether creating a new building or updating and renovating an existing complex.

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Manitoba – also known as BOMA – helps those involved in the development and continued improvement of buildings work together to make the most of each building’s potential. Through educational efforts and awards such as the BOMA BESt Program, BOMA helps make our working lives better by providing incentives and support for real estate developers.

You can see a full list of BOMA buildings in the site’s Building Directory, and view a list of commercial building service providers related to the association in their Service Directory. Check out the new BOMA website today!

BOMA Manitoba’s new website was developed on the WordPress platform, with components for directories and events custom programmed by Modern Earth Web Design.

Keith G. Collins - Web Design and SEO by Modern Earth Web DesignEveryone has times of financial stress, some of which force us to consider difficult options such as bankruptcy. Whether it’s due to dramatic and unexpected events, or positive life changes such as having children, not knowing where you stand – or what your options are – places unnecessary pressure on you and your family.

Keith G Collins Ltd. has been helping Manitobans understand the risks and benefits of different debt management solutions. From credit counselling to the different kinds of consumer proposals, and personal bankruptcy options, Keith G. Collins Ltd. believes that understanding the full range of options available in each unique situation helps their clients make the best decisions for their greatest long-term benefits.

If you have questions, call Keith G. Collins or fill out the quick First Step form so we can help you begin regaining financial security today.

The new Keith G. Collins website features an interactive form custom programmed by Modern Earth, as well as a Modern Earth Blog system. The site was constructed using our search engine optimization best practices.


Winnipeg Elevator - Web Design, SEO - Modern Earth Web DesignNot many people relish the idea of climbing stairs for dozens of storeys to access our homes or offices – and for some, even one flight of stairs isn’t an option. Modern buildings have needed elevators and other systems to help people get around for over a century – and as buildings get taller, the need for well maintained elevators and lifts is growing as well.

Winnipeg Elevator has installed and serviced lifting equipment for more than thirty years. From elevators for apartment buildings and office towers, to wheelchair and accessibility lifts for schools and public buildings, Winnipeg Elevator helps people get where they need to be, with reliability and style. They also perform elevator cab upgrades and modernization, to help building services keep up with changes in decoration as well as advancing safety standards.

Check out the new Winnipeg Elevator website today!

The new Winnipeg Elevator website features a javascript-powered contact form on each page, and was constructed using Modern Earth’s SEO (search engine optimization) best practices.

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