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Regent Avenue Dental - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaWhile a regular dental hygiene practice is the cornerstone of dental health some issues require the attention of dental care professionals - both for diagnosis and treatment. It’s not always obvious when a cavity forms, and not every toothache requires a root canal. That’s a big part of why regular visits to your dentist are important.

The team at Regent Avenue Dental Centre is dedicated to helping you keep your smile bright. The centre’s experienced team of dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants provide basic oral health treatment and cosmetic dental treatment to new and existing patients. If you need emergency dental care or restorative treatment for ongoing dental concerns such as root canals, fillings, crowns or bridges - Regent Avenue Dental Centre is happy to help.

Visit the new Regent Avenue Dental Centre website today!

Regent Avenue Dental Centre’s new website features a custom web design, our Point & Edit website editing software, and was built using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

Cubresa - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg Manitoba

The first step in treating any illness - especially serious illness - is detection and diagnosis. This is especially true of cancer in all its forms - including one of the most common; breast cancer. Accounting for 26% of cancer diagnoses in Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society predicts nearly 23,000 cases of breast cancer will be found or treated in 2012 alone. One of the many key factors in both the rise in diagnosis numbers, and the increased survival rate for those diagnosed, is the improvement of early detection technology.

Cubresa, a Manitoba enterprise, has taken yet another step toward better early detection, by developing a new tool to be used in the diagnosis process. Their new device works with existing MRI machines to add Gamma camera imaging, which increases accuracy and provides an immediate “second opinion,” to be combined with the MRI image itself during the screening process. Traditional gamma camera units create their own images of examined areas, so any comparison between those images and others such as MRI must be made afterwards. One of the greatest advantages to Cubresa's new device is its immediate, time of test integration with MRI machines. Its compact form also means the device doesn’t need its own area within a clinic.

Check out the new Cubresa website to learn more today!

Cubresa's new website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, and was constructed with our Point & Edit website editing software.

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Astro Parade Floats - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaEveryone loves a parade, and for businesses that participate in them, the visibility a parade provides is second to none in being seen as a dynamic, vibrant member of the local community. A well crafted parade float gives any organization the ability to be creative – dramatic – humorous – but ultimately visually engaging. A striking, well designed float can help your organization stand out crowd, and be seen!

Astro Parade Float Materials has been creating moving displays for parades and processions for more than forty years. Whether its float materials like vinyl fringe and floral sheeting - or even a fully built custom float - Astro Parade can help you make your event visible with colour and style. Not sure what kind of display you want? Astro Parade has a gallery of their unique float designs, right on their website.

Visit the new Astro Parade Floats website today!

The new Astro Parade Floats website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, a custom programmed blog system, and was built using our Winnipeg SEO best practices.

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