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Danie Botha Author WebsiteReading and writing are an escape for many from the stresses of the day to day.  It gives you a chance to be somewhere else, experience things you wouldn’t normally, and in some rare cases become someone else entirely.


Aspiring author, Danie Botha was born in Chipata, Zambia in 1957.  He spent his youth there with his parents, who had been commissioned by the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa to support the indigenous Church of Zambia.  


His family returned to South Africa in 1965; just two years before military service was made compulsory for all white males over the age of 16.  Deferral was granted only for the completion of school or a University Degree.  So, after completing his Medical Degree from the University of the Free Orange State in 1981, Danie completed two years of conscripted military service.


Danie draws from real life experiences to find the inspiration for his first novel The Earth Cries Out. Quickly growing a large following on Facebook, anticipation is high for the piece.    


A work of fiction, the novel takes place in South Africa during the time of the unrest between 1966 and 1989.  All historical facts and dates are described by the author as accurately as possible.  At the same time the story is one of family, and a reflection on aging, illness, loss and mercy.  The protagonist, Wilhelm Henning, provides a piercing look at the political turmoil of South Africa in a time of crisis and war.  Although Wilhelm is a fictional character, his experiences are very real.

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