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Creating and maintaining a dialogue among the different faiths and practices of our multicultural country is important to many Canadians. Even among those of Christian faith, the differing practices between Churches can cause some confusion.

The Canadian Council of Churches has been working to foster healthy and constructive dialogue among Christians as well as Islamic and Jewish traditions. The Council acts as a forum for the 22 denominations in its constituency to discuss many of the issues before their community today, such as biotechnology and social justice, as well as providing resources to the public, in order to increase understanding between all traditions.

To learn more about the Council, its committees and members, visit the Canadian Council of Churches new website today.


With so many distractions available these days – from so many options for entertainment to the demands of modern work life – it can be hard for many of us to find the time we need to keep fit and be active. We often miss many chances to include physical activity in our daily routine. Every community has low cost family friendly resources available, especially through well known national organizations such as theYM/YWCA.

Get Movin’, a new program from the YM/YWCA of Snohomish County, Washington [link], provides resources for kids, teens and adults to get active – and stay active throughout the year. People of all ages can attend events, learn about fun games to play outdoors, and find simple ways to keep active with their family, or on their own.

Check out the new Get Movin’ website, and get moving today!


Multiculturalism has been a staple of Canadian identity for as long as Canada has been a country. As our country grows, maintaining an equal voice among all of our many cultures remains an important part of what Canada is, and will remain a part of the national ideal far into the future.

The Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies, known collectively as CASHRA, works to collect information about human rights legislation, details about events and conferences, and resources for those interested in learning more

To learn more about CASHRA or its member agencies, visit the website and get in touch with your local Human Rights Commission today.

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