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Al Sideen - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaWhen they are unable to articulate words, children are able to communicate by drawing the things they see in their imagination and in the world around them.  Putting pen (or crayon) to paper comes naturally to them.  Over time, most of us lose this instinct and replace it with self doubt; drawing is a skill many wish they had, yet are afraid to pursue.  

From an early age, Alan Sideen has been fascinated with ink, paper and the magic that happens when they come together in the right hands.  He taught himself to draw, learning from books and cartoons, and in 2000 started his art business.

Alan has been asked to teach art classes by many clubs and organizations; most notably Artists Emporium, one of the largest art store retailers in Western Canada.  Seizing an opportunity to pursue the activity he loved, Alan has now taught close to 2,000 fellow art enthusiasts of various ages and skill levels.

Al believes that the key to effective teaching is the ability to maintain the original sense of enthusiasm for “first timers” of the art world.  He finds this helps students develop not only their hands-on skills, but confidence in their abilities.  Many of his students have gone on to pursue their talents in different art mediums as a result of their re-established confidence.

Always looking to further his skills, and help others along the way, Al maintains a blog, updated almost daily with insights, tips and cartoons.  In addition to this, he recently published his own series of Learn to Draw Books, and offers his services as a portrait and caricature artist.   



HD Petroleum - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaFood on the table, a warm bed and a roof over your head; those are the things people often refer to as the bare necessities.  But what do you do when that treasured roof begins to leak?  You may find yourself banging your head against the table rather than enjoying a meal at it, and that bed likely isn’t quite as warm anymore,  Where do you turn when you need a trusted roofing contractor?   

Established in 1975, The Manitoba Shingling Contractors Association (MSCA) is here to help.  For almost 40 years the MSCA has helped homeowners find trusted roofing contractors, and has helped companies build their positive reputation in the industry.  The ultimate goal of the MSCA is to provide homeowners and construction companies a way to pre-qualify roofing and shingling contractors.  

Homeowners requiring roofing work can complete a simple form and select three MSCA members to provide a quote for their future project.  All MSCA members must be highly qualified and trustworthy.  As an independently regulated organization, the MSCA stands behind their standards, principles and ethics and expects each member to do the same.   

Companies interested in joining the MSCA must meet minimum requirements, including being COR or SECOR certified.  They must also have been actively in business for a minimum of two years.  This ensures the highest standard of quality and safety is upheld, both for homeowners and contractors.


The MSCA Board of Directors understands how important it is to hire the right contractor for the job.  The board hopes that by supporting their members they will continue to provide quality work to homeowners, which will elevate the the Manitoba Shingling industry as a whole.  Because in the end, the roof over your head protects the home you’ve made under it.

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