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Manitoba Chamber of Commerce - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg Search Engine OptimizationChambers of commerce have been around for hundreds of years and regardless of the size of your business - start-up, small business, large enterprise – A chamber of commerce can be a gold mine of support and information to help you with your business goals.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce MCC provides a wide range of services and benefits to help their members develop strong networks, promote their business, stay informed, save on business expenses, collectively advocate and to foster economic development.  The priority of the chamber is to help businesses grow by building connections and providing relevant support, information and tools.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC), established in 1931, is the umbrella organization for Manitoba’s chamber movement. With a membership comprised of Local Chambers of Commerce as well direct Corporate Members, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is Manitoba’s largest business lobby, representing over 10,000 businesses and community leaders. The MCC serves as the collective unified voice of business – promoting and protecting the interests of businesses of all sizes, in all sectors and communities across the province.

Membership in the Chambers has many benefits. A few of these include:
The Mbiz Magazine that is published twice a year with a circulation of 250,000 and in conjunction with the Winnipeg Free Press. The magazine showcases company success stories and shares provincial issues with organizations who want to gain a better understanding of issues affecting the economy.

The Mbiz E-Weekly Newsletter keeps members informed, on a weekly basis, of what’s happening in and around the chamber along with provincial career opportunities. Chambers and corporate members are encouraged to submit information to the communications department in order to promote local business and economic growth.

The MCC website is the central hub of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and is a plethora of news, policy updates, events and success stories relevant to Manitoba business. Advertising opportunities are available to members looking to further promote their company's brand.

There are several other benefits to being a member of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce including a very active social media presence. This includes Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Membership gives you reduced rates to specific MCC events giving you opportunity to capitalize on networking and professional development opportunities.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce membership represents some of Manitoba’s most important and influential corporate leaders, mid-level managers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, young professionals, educators, political figures as well as representatives from the 66 chambers across the province.

Regardless of the size of your business, membership in the MCC provides the most beneficial professional networking opportunity. 

Mantario Lock & Key

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Mantario Lock & Key - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg Search Engine OptimizationWhether you are a large business or a residential customer, there will be a time when you need a locksmith. Working with locks is not a DIY project and when you do need a locksmith, the company should be reputable with all installers being certified. Mantario Lock and Key has been serving the province of Manitoba for over 25 years and has earned a reputation for being the best lock and key installation and service company in the province.
Mantario Lock and Key sells, installs, and repairs mechanical and keyless entry locking systems and specializes in commercial, industrial and institutional lock systems.

Understanding that security is the vital function of all locking systems, Mantario Lock and Key ensures that all locks are securely installed and properly maintained every time. Mantario also understands that when issues arise it is imperative that your locks are secure. Offering same day service, their technicians call each customer to determine the urgency of the request and to arrange the most convenient time for the service call.

They also offer key cutting services and can cut keys for all mechanical locks. They specialize in key cutting for use in commercial, industrial and institutional settings.

Mantario Lock and Key stocks inventory and service parts for all lock systems they sell. Their experienced staff are able to identify and order required parts for service with rapid turnaround time keeping your premises secure. They also carry a full range of locks from the most reliable manufacturers, and, in addition to the locking mechanism themselves they carry and service the door closers and reinforcers, wrap plates, pull handles and push plates, hinges, and strike plates.

Mantario Lock and Key specializes in keyless entry systems and can install and service most manufacturer's independent punch code battery operated systems. Their staff share a vast knowledge of keyless entry system installation, including card access stand alone units.

Regardless of the size of your project, Mantario Lock and Key will ensure your establishment is secure.

Rakowski Recycling

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Rakowski Recycling - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing WinnipegAt some point, most people will have large materials to get rid of. Maybe an old appliance, wood material from a renovation project or concrete from a demolition. Often this will end up in the landfill and it will cost you to dispose of it. Rather than ending up in a landfill, consider disposing of your wood, metal and concrete with Rakowski Recycling.

Rakowski Recycling has been the city of Winnipeg for 50 years. They have many years of combined experience in the Demolition, Environmental and Scrap Metal Recycling where you can be assured of being treated honestly and fairly along with being paid the most current market pricing.

Rakowski Recycling supplies raw materials for new production to steel mills, foundries, and traders locally and with shipments by truck, rail, and sea container. They are committed to providing customers with quality service and great pricing on your scrap metal, copper, brass, stainless steel and many more commodities. They have invested in proven modern equipment and great staff to assure the greatest levels of customer service.

Rakowski Metal Recycling is open to the public and accepts both small and large loads. They also recycle appliances containing metal including fridges, stoves, washers and dryers. If you need scrap picked up, they will do that also.

Rakowski’s wood recycling plant processes construction and demolition waste wood into materials suitable for boiler fuel (biomass) and landscape mulch. They accept waste wood including framing material, plywood, pallets, cut offs, decks, fences, mouldings, and forming material. Nails, screws, bolts and other small metal fasteners attached to the wood is acceptable as they are removed during the recycling process.

Rakowski’s Concrete Recycling is also open to the general public. For nearly two decades Rakowski has been recycling concrete rubble into reusable aggregates suitable for road and parking lot development. They accept all types of concrete material at no cost, including: concrete with wire mesh, Bricks, Sidewalk Slabs, Hollow Core Slabs, Concrete with Rebar, Patio Stones, Concrete, Cinder Blocks, Concrete Slabs, and Curbs.

If you wish to purchase recycled aggregate material their recycled concrete products include: 4 inch down recycled crushed concrete aggregate, ¾ inch down recycled crushed concrete aggregate, 4 inch clean recycled crushed concrete aggregate, ¾ inch down recycled asphalt aggregate.

Rakowski has 2 locations. Their metal recycling plant is at 454 Archibald St. Winnipeg. Phone (204) 231-4050. The wood and concrete recycling plant is located at 1227 Redonda St. Transcona.  Phone  (204) 781-8769

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