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With 45 years of commercial insurance experience, Cox Morris Insurance Brokers knows insurance - residential,automobile, travel, as well ascommercial. They wanted a website that highlighted their experience, and their very up-to-date capabilities to meet your insurance needs. 

The information presented on their site is clear, concise, and the Blog will keep you up to date on new products or services that are timely - like Spring Break Travel Insurance. Their customized "Request a Quote" Form makes getting started so easy! 

When experience counts, you can count on Cox Morris Insurance. 


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From Wagon to Website

Modern Earth

When Samuel "Happy" Finkleman started selling horseradish, and other tasty treats from his wagon, he could never have dreamed that 70 years later, the company he founded would be on the World Wide Web.
The Story of Elmans Foods is a true Winnipeg success story.  From these humble beginnings, Elmans now has a full range of kosher deli food products that they sell to retailers, and thefood services industry.  Their "new products" section includes platters and gift baskets.
Elmans needed a website designed that would tell their story, and showcase their full range of products.  Modern Earth Web Design created a site that speaks to their heritage, and the quality of their fine food products.    
Pass the mustard - and the pickled eggs - and the herring - and ...

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In a town with many pizza options, Winnipeggers now have a bold new choice - Wild Wedge Pizza is 100% Winnipeg owned and operated, and specializes in gourmet thin crust pizza. Their updated site includes an easy to navigate menu system to help you make the right choice for pickup or delivery!
Explore the site to discover Why Wild Wedge is your new best pizza choice, and what other delicious and adventurous menu choices await the gourmet pizza "and more" diner. Pulled Pork and Mango Pizza? Root Beer or Cola flavoured chicken wings? (they're delicious!)

Their hours and delivery times are easy to find, with a map of their (flexible) delivery area. Located downtown - they are a great option for an office lunch - they deliver during the lunch hour!

Is it lunchtime yet?

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A good website captures the client's Unique Value Proposition. A great website also captures the client's Unique Personality - and our site for Senior Financial Planning Advisor David Bardal tells you a lot about David, his team and his philosophy in financial planning. 

His office is full of photos - the perfect metaphor - as explained on his webpage devoted to explaining his "process" of advising his clients. From the exploratory meetings through the complete cycle to the annual review - David presents a clear vision of how he and his team work with his clients.

A dedicated client log-in portal allows David's clients' a secure way to access their personal financial information, and the page of Links and Resources provides a wealth of information, and the News & Events keeps prospects and clients well-informed. 

David Bardal and his team believe in developing a full-color client relationship, moving beyond a 'black and white" understanding of numbers to help their clients achieve their goals and have a picture perfect retirement. Their website captures that warmth, and the focus and expertise that is the heart of their very successful practice. 


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