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Client Website Launches and Features from the Modern Earth Team

We are all part of many communities, based on where we live, where we work, and what we do for fun. DASCH Inc. believes in the power of community, by advocating for and enriching the lives of the people it supports – those members of our community that are youth and adults dealing with the challenge of living with intellectual disabilities.

DASCH provides a number of programs and services that demonstrate their vision and commitment to help their residents and program participants to reach their full potential. Want to work with DASCH? Visit their Careers page for more information.

On their new site, you can visit the DASCH Store – to purchase original art prints done by Dasch residents and staff. Get the latest news from their blog and their events calendar, or sign up for the DASCH newsletter. With 50 beautiful homes throughout Winnipeg, DASCH is a vital part of our community and continues to find innovative and progressive ways to encourage and support their client’s participation in the vibrant life of our city.

Visitors to the new DASCH website can purchase DASCH merchandise or artwork through the site's ecommerce system, or support the DASCH foundation using a custom programmed paypal donation system. DASCH keeps their supporters informed using the ModernBlog publishing system, and email marketing through greatBIGnews. The website was search engine optimized, and integrates social media marketing best practices.

For animals, just like people, nutrition is key to good health. Creating a strong dietary plan for livestock - including high quality feed - means better quality meat when livestock is processed for the consumer market, and better lifetime production from dairy animals.

Manitoba’s own East-Man Feeds has been developing quality livestock feed for more than 40 years. With a network of dealers throughout Western Canada and the Mid-west United States, East-Man Feeds supports farmers and animal growers by producing innovative livestock, beef, dairy and poultry feed and top-dress products.

Check out the new East-Man Feeds website today!

East-Man Feeds features an integrated blog system developed by Modern Earth, and an animated flash banner. The site has been search engine optimized using Modern Earth’s SEO best practices.

Every person’s quality of life is impacted by the health of their eyes. Eye health affects children at various stages of learning, and adults in their day to day work. Increased risk of illness and disease also changes our experience of ageing. Ensuring your eyes are cared for properly is important.

The Manitoba Association of Optometrists has been helping make sure Manitoba’s eyes for over a century. By acting as the licensing and regulatory body for Manitoba’s Optometrists, the Association governs ongoing work to improve the legislation involving subjects such as therapeutic drugs.

The association also helps Manitobans search for optometrists near them with a new online Find an Optometrist page.

See the new MAO website today!

The Manitoba Association of Optometrists website features a custom programmed optometrist search with interactive listings using Google Maps, as well as an administrative area for the Association’s members.


Building a business takes time, hard work, and a commitment to constant improvement – no matter the industry. Whether you are creating a product or providing a service, establishing your business as a leader in your industry requires demonstrating continuing excellence.

QNET creates networking opportunities for Manitoba businesses by establishing frameworks for excellence and facilitating training across a wide range of topics. From leadership and management training, to providing resources for innovation, QNET encourages the pursuit of continuous improvement toward excellence.

The network regularly hosts events, such as their yearly Excellence Conference coming up in May, to put the spotlight on progressive business practices. This year’s conference features influential communications visionary Mitch Joel, president of Canadian digital marketing agency Twist Image and author of Six Pixels of Separation. Mitch’s keynote will focus on Exploring Next Practices for business.

Check out the new QNET website and register for an event today!

The QNET website features member registration and an event calendar system custom programmed by Modern Earth. The Modern Earth Tweet Team will be covering the Excellence Conference on Twitter – watch for more information on our blog coming soon.

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