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Third Quarter - Custom Programming - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaNo matter your field, your value in the workplace increases over time. Dedicated people, with two or three decades of real work experience, have a lot to offer potential employers in any industry. However, for many of these workers, the job search environment has changed significantly since they last explored it. Between individual company websites offering job applications, online classified ad systems, and larger job banks - the job search process can be labour-intensive, and uncomfortable.

So why not create a tool exclusively designed for connecting those with deep experience with potential employers looking for experienced workers?

Originally a pilot project involving a small list of communities, Third Quarter has been relaunched as an open platform for employers in select urban centres across Canada to match employers with experienced workers. In addition to providing information and resources for Canadian employers and workers over 50, the ThirdQuarter website makes the job matching process easy with a selection of specially developed tools for both employers and workers.

Check out the redesigned Third Quarter website today!

Third Quarter’s original and redesigned websites feature custom web designs by Modern Earth Web Design, extensive custom application programming, and multimedia creation.

Investing in the details for your home can make a big difference over time. Upgrades for interior fixtures, roofing, and windows often mean a home is more efficient, and can improve property values. Some areas are quite obvious, even necessary, such as replacing broken windows, or fixing gaps under doors where heating and cooling may be escaping. One of the less obvious upgrades, however, is the largest entrance to most houses; the garage door.

A+ Standard Doors supplies high quality garage doors to home builders and renovators in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. Their exclusive offering, the Glasgow PR Series garage door, features a high insulation rating, weather stripping, and durable construction - making it a great long-term investment for any home. Not to mention, the simple, clean design of the door, mean an A+ Standard Door will match any home design.

Check out the new A+ Standard Door website today!


The A+ Standard Doors website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design.


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Communication is essential in everything we do. Being able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people, in many situations, lets us get our work done more easily. Learning a second language helps you communicate more easily with more people. Being multilingual can mean finding new friends, and better job opportunities in a number of fields.

French for Life is a program focused on increasing awareness of opportunities to learn French as a second language. Working with public schools, and a variety of independent educational bodies such as Canadian Parents for French-MB (CPF-MB), the program provides learning materials, additional coaching, tutoring, and other services which compliment formal learning curriculums. FFL even facilitates games in French for students currently learning the language! C’est magnifique!

Check out the new French for Life website today!

The French for Life website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, has a custom programmed blog system, and was constructed using our Winnipeg search engine optimization best practices.

Mantario Door Control - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg ManitobaA lot of planning, work, and detail go into creating the spaces go to - such as malls, theatres, and other public venues. Making these spaces accessible and comfortable for everyone includes, among other things, making sure everyone can enter and exit easily - whether they’re walking, or require assistance from a cane or wheelchair.

For over 20 years, Mantario Door Control has made industrial buildings and public spaces in Manitoba and Northern Ontario more accessible and efficient. As the region’s leading installer of automatic doors, they work with builders and building managers to make buildings accessible to all regardless of physical disability. Mantario also installs and services a range of air barriers, used by industrial buildings and public spaces such as malls to keep environmental control efficient.

Check out the new Mantario Door Control website today!

Mantario Door Control’s website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, and was constructed using our search engine optimization best practices.

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