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Churchill Northern Studies Centre - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaThe Arctic may seem like a cold, barren place to those who have only seen pictures of its vast expanse covered in snow and ice.  The Churchill Northern Studies Center aims to prove that the Arctic is vibrant and full of life by providing a year round destination for scientists, researchers and tourists alike.    

The motto of the Center is "To Understand and Sustain the North" and great advances have been made towards this goal; CNSC’s dedicated team has published a large variety of academic research papers as a result of their hard work.  There are several ongoing projects taking place and funding opportunities are in place for future researchers.  Founded in 1976, The CNSC has provided accommodation, meals, equipment rentals and logistical support to scientists and researchers since its inception.    

The Churchill Northern Studies Center is located along the coast of the Hudson Bay, strategically positioned at the meeting place of three major biomes: marine, northern boreal forest and tundra.  To the east of the Center visitors will find Wapusk National Park, which includes a protected denning area for the polar bear.  The Center’s location creates the perfect setting for students of all ages to learn about the History of Churchill, its wildlife and flora.  The Center also offers learning vacations and university courses.

Visit the new Churchill Northern Studies Center website today!

The new Churchill Northern Studies Center website features custom web design and a custom programmed blog.

Best Choice Foods - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg Manitoba

We’ve all been there, it’s the end of a busy work day you’re feeling worn out and stressed.  You know you should eat healthy but don’t have the time or energy to prepare a large dinner.  How can you solve this problem without falling back on boxed meals or over-processed fast “food”? Best Choice Foods is the answer you are looking for!

Best Choice Foods specializes in the distribution of high quality, hand prepared frozen foods.  From appetizers to full entrees, they are your one stop online shop for all your pre-planned meal needs.  Their product lineup has recently expanded to include vegetarian options, fresh ground spices and a variety of gluten free products, including pizza crusts and brownies.   

Best Choice Foods currently has authorized dealers located in Flin Flon, Thompson, Portage la Prairie and Snow Lake, as well as Winnipeg.  They are always looking to expand their service area and hope to service areas such as Dauphin, Winkler, Stonewall and Beausejour in the future.  The company motto is “Quality is Everything” and that doesn’t just apply to their products; they are focused on customer service, offering monthly specials and providing free delivery for all online orders.  Best Choice Foods strives to add convenience, quality and dependability to the lives of their customers.   

Check out the new Best Choice Foods website today!

The new Best Choice Foods website features custom web design and a custom developed online store.

Safety First

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Rolling Rhino Safety Services - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg Manitoba

It’s hard to worry about what may seem like a minor safety concern when you’re focused on the bigger task at hand, and sometimes staff members are too close to the “problem” to see a solution.  Different job settings have different safety concerns, from carpal tunnel for desk workers to improper use of heavy machinery for construction companies.  That’s where Rolling Rhino Safety Services steps in. 

The specially trained and certified team of construction safety officers at Rolling Rhino is dedicated to creating the best possible health and safety program for your needs.  Their services range from custom designed manuals, to incident and near miss investigations and audit preparations.  They can perform their services on a monthly scheduled basis or on demand, and will work to suit your needs.

Rolling Rhino has worked with a variety of clients under a range of circumstances.  They have come in and taken over when other companies were in over their heads, and even cleaned up the mess they left behind.  Each company Rolling Rhino has worked with has successfully completed the COR/SECOR audit instrument with scores above and beyond the 80’s within 6-18 months of their work. 

Check out the new Rolling Rhino Safety Services website today!   

The new Rolling Rhino Safety Services website features custom web design.

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Kildonan Business Club - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaTwo heads are better than one, many hands make light work, there’s no I in team.  They may be cliché, but they are also true.  The Kildonan Business Club is a perfect example of these thoughts in action.

The Kildonan Business Club meets weekly on Thursday mornings at the Winnipeg Winter Club; members are always welcome to bring guests and potential future members.  The club offers its members more than breakfast meetings though, they hold annual events such as golf tournaments and bowling nights

As a group all members and executives of the club work together to advance the leads of their fellow members, providing new business opportunities and referrals.  During the weekly meetings existing members are given a chance to speak in detail about their business and what services or products they offer.  A rotation is used so that each member is given a chance to speak throughout the year.  Other members are later given the opportunity to network and discuss potential leads or connections that could be beneficial to their fellow members.

Check out the new Kildonan Business Club website today!

The new Kildonan Business Club website features custom web design.

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