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Vogt Building Construction Inc. - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO WinnipegYour mind’s eye sees your dream home. You have scoured real estate listings, and nothing matches your idea. You would love to have a custom built home and have even found the ideal property. But, what to do now with that vision? Contact Vogt Building Construction Inc.

Vogt Building Construction Inc. provides “turn-key” service. They complete your project from start to finish, from foundation work to finishing work. When they are finished, your home will be 100% ready. You just have to move in

Vogt Building Construction Inc. prides itself in their ability to tailor to the needs of the customer, whether you are building a custom home or addition, no matter what size of a project, Vogt provides each customer with fixed, bottom line costs for the entire project and honest and upfront conversations concerning these costs.

Vogt Building Construction Inc. provides General Contracting, Construction Management, Design-Build and Pre-Construction Services for the residential market.  They have a diverse knowledge of the residential construction industry and can custom tailor their services to meet your individual needs through a number of different project delivery methods. 

Their experience as a proven local contractor for over 50 years, backed by their commitment to quality and integrity makes Vogt Building Construction Inc. a great partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints and helping to meet the financial, functional and aesthetic goals of your project.  As a reliable partner from the start of the project through construction, the VBC team works hard and delivers what is promised on time, on budget, and with the highest level of quality.

Vogt building services include both Ready-To-Move homes and On-Site homes

For over 50 years, Vogt has been delivering Ready-To-Move homes (RTM’s) throughout the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and the states of Minnesota and North Dakota.

Unlike modular homes, which are delivered in multiple pieces, these houses are delivered as single units and set down on a foundation.  All details of the delivery are looked after by Vogt Building Construction Inc. Even moving costs are included in your estimate.

For your On-Site home, Vogt Building Construction Inc. will complete your custom built project at your building site from excavation to final finishing, making them the only stop necessary to complete your project.

Regardless of the size or type of project you have in mind, Vogt strives to give their customers peace of mind by taking care of all necessary components of the construction process. Contact them today and build your dream home.


Milne Well Dressed Homes - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg Web DesignFor most of us, redecorating our homes can be a daunting project. There are a budget and a vague idea of what we want, but it is overwhelming putting it all together. Making a home look as beautiful as possible when selling can be an equally daunting task. Milne Well Dressed Homes is the answer to transforming your home into the perfect space you had in your mind’s eye.

Milne Well Dressed Homes is a full-service home staging and interior decorating company servicing Winnipeg, Manitoba, and surrounding areas. Whether you are a realtor, homeowner, builder or developer, they have what it takes to transform your property into a visually enhanced marketable product that is sure to stand out.

If you are buying a newly built home, selecting the right finishes for a new home can be stressful and time-consuming and the list of fixed elements to pick from is overwhelming. Milne Well Dressed Homes can help you select everything. From the flooring, trim, countertops, cabinets, paint colours, trim colours, ceiling colours and paint finishes, to the correct undertones that will achieve the ultimate professional look, your new home will have that entirely aesthetic flow you had hoped for.

If you are planning on modifying your existing home, Milne Well Dressed Homes can help you achieve your vision. Working with your ideas and their expertise, they will transform your space into a space that reflects your personal style

Are you planning on selling your home? Milne Well Dressed Homes can stage your home. Working with any budget and time constraint, they will redesign your rooms with one thing in mind – Staging your home to help you merchandise your property for the fastest sale and the best price.

If you are a builder or a developer, let Milne Well Dressed Homes select the hard fixtures for your new builds. They offer several new build packages tailored to your specific needs and budget and specialize in both interior and exterior selections. Their touches will make your building project stand out amongst the competition.

If you need your model home or condominium staged, they can do that for you also. And whether you choose to rent furniture from a 3rd party or buy furniture for your model home, Milne Well Dressed Homes can source everything for you. They will not just stage your property, they will transform your real estate project into the dream home buyers desire, helping you get a higher return on your investment.

Contact Milne Well Dressed Homes and be guaranteed to transform your home into the perfect space you want.


Tenderloin Meat & Sausage - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO WinnipegBuying food today usually means going to the large grocery store and buying packaged food produced by large companies. Deli counters are teeming with cold cuts and meats that are, for the most part, mass produced. Not so, if you are lucky to live in the Winnipeg area where the incredible Tenderloin Meat & Sausage is located. It is here where you will find a tradition of quality and craftsmanship that is beyond exceptional.

Tenderloin Meat & Sausage started in 1985 producing kobassa (garlic sausage) and deli meat specialties. Their kobassa recipe has been passed down through the generations. They use time honoured craftsmanship, such as hand cutting and trimming their meat, and the majority of the products they sell are made in-house. Products contain only the freshest ingredients using fresh garlic, not powdered, and only the finest quality spices. No MSG, gluten, or milk products are in their deli products.

Although they are famous for their award winning kobassa, their other products are equally incredible. Their cold cuts are beyond comparison.  Homemade defines freshness with each product having its own unique taste and appearance. All are delicious, and all are milk product, gluten, and MSG free.

Tenderloin Meat & Sausage also sells Certified Angus Beef that is AAA Canadian. 

If you need catering for any occasion, Tenderloin Meat & Sausage Catering Services can accommodate any size of function with incredible deli trays and they can even supply you with products for your next fundraising event. 

Tenderloin Meat & Sausage has become a “must visit” site for tourists and a weekly shopping destination for Winnipeggers. But, if you can’t make it to them, there are select retailers in Winnipeg who carry their product. They also deliver their products to retail outlets around the province, including Brandon, the Interlake region, Beausejour, and Oakbank to name a few. 

Their products are world travelers in their own right as customers have taken vacuum packed products, particularly their famous kobassa, with them virtually around the globe.

If Tenderloin Meat & Sausage isn’t already your favourite deli and butcher shop, make sure to visit soon. They are located at 1483 Main Street, in the commercial district of Winnipeg’s historic “North End”.

While picking up your favorite cuts of meat or stopping by for a ring or two of kobassa, be sure to check out their extensive selection of specialty products including gluten and MSG free barbecue sauce and steak spice, and jerky.

Manitoba Parent Zone

Modern Earth


Manitoba Parent Zone - Modern Earth Web Design - Web Design WinnipegParenting is a tough job. Parenting is probably one of the most difficult jobs you will ever have. It would be nice if kids came with an instruction manual but, unfortunately, that is not the case. Of course, there is always the advice of others, sometimes wanted and sometimes unwanted and often conflicting. Fortunately, there is one online resource where parents can turn to at any time for everything about children and parenting: The Manitoba Parent Zone.

ManitobaParentZone.ca is a made in Manitoba website designed to provide parents with trusted resources and information to help them with parenting. They provide parents with child development information that reflects current best practices in health and child and adolescent development. It also included important links to Manitoba-based public education and public health campaigns.

From the early stages of pregnancy right through to the teen years, you will find a plethora of parenting and child development information that is well organized and easy to navigate.

ManitobaParentZone.ca also lists the programs and supports, and strategies available to you in your community through community partners and the province of Manitoba.

The Parent-Child coalitions are community-based resource centres established to bring together community strengths and resources within an individual neighbourhood. The coalitions are made possible through partnerships with a variety of child, family and community programs, close to home. Programs focus on the early years of childhood with each Parent-Child Coalition striving to meet the unique needs of the community it serves. Through the ManitobaParentZone.ca you will find the parent-child coalition in your area.

Another excellent resource offered through ManitobaParentZone.ca is their interactive "Ask an Expert" feature where parents can ask specific questions, and experts provide answers. Select "Ask an Expert" questions and answers will be posted on the site, searchable and easily accessible, for all site visitors in need of parenting and child development information.

Visit the Manitoba Parent Zone for the latest in parenting and child development resources.

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